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The squee prepatory to Chicago TARDIS is starting to reach epic levels.

I'm very, very happy, actually, to have something to look forward to and to take my mind off Much More Important (And Horrible) Things. I can't wait to see my con-pals again and be generally dorky without fear of embarassment - especially with this whole newfound-sobriety1 thing going on...

Latest development: a particular LJer has suggested that she dress up as the cover girl (now nicknamed Verity) from Chicks Dig Time Lords - and she has since been deafened by the enthusiastic encouragement from various folks - several of them contributors to the book, such as my humble self (Coming, March 2010 from Mad Norwegian Press! Pre-order your copy from Amazon, now! Makes a great, erm... Easter gift!)

Because, you know, Doctor Who is, amongst many other things, about moments of silly whimsy like that.

There are some GREAT panels on the CT schedule - moving the adult-themed panels to the second programming track in the evening is a really good idea, imho, as it's a good alternative to the usual lobby-schmoozing - and, of course, I'm gibbering with glee about the guest list, even if I have been too broke to buy more than two BFAs this year.

My pop has agreed to loan me his point-and-shoot camera, so I won't be lugging the Nikon around, phew! So expect a LOT more pictures from me, this time around.

So, yeah, hoping I I don't burn myself out on anticipatory GLEE before the holiday rolls around. And praying for NO SNOW in the entire state of Illinois, either. Flying out last year was a major pain the behind. I damn near didn't make it back to San Francisco, thanks to bloody American Eagle *grumblemutter*

1 - Life gave me a choice: be sane and (relatively) stable, or be able to drink more than one glass of wine per evening. I chose the former.
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