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Two years to the day - the very day - of my chucking it in the bin and saying "That's it. Begone!" the bloody Kaldor City fanscript not only came back from the dead, but returned with suggestions for fixing the plot and enough vim and vigor for me to actually finish a first draft.

I didn't notice the anniversary until after I'd committed to the reanimation project. Bit spooky if you ask me. Aaaaanyways.

(TBH, it turns out I had jotted down more notes than I thought, although the plot still had some Gordian-knotty issues which took me about six hours to untangle while at work. Did I mention that my boss has been on vacation for nearly two weeks? It's been lovely and quiet at the office...)

It's not without its flaws - c'mon, it's fanfic - but it's got a beginning, a middle and an end. I hope that I can now put a stake through its heart and not be forced to think about it every time I'm in the mood for some scenery-chewing and cue up the MB plays on the iPod.

I've called it Revenge because calling it Johanna kills out some characters who she thinks richly deserve it and no I've never heard of 'Storm Mine', LALALA I can't hear you! was a bit unwieldly.

ETA: Here it is.
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