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The production values for kids' shows have gone way up since I was a we'en, haven't they?

Even for all its melodrama and cute widdle tentacled monsters, I'll take the first eps of The Sarah Jane Adventures over the fourth eps of Torchwood, any day.

Particular kudos to whoever cast the gal playing Maria - a young actor who isn't horribly precocious, twee or generally annoying. What a relief.

(and, yes, I squee'd at all the little references and nods - although I, for one, could have skipped some of the sillier tech)
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Mental note: never buy CD-Rs on special at Fry's. I've had four out of six disks turn out to be defective. I wish I had the receipt, as I'd return the things but, oh well, I'm only out about $10.

Never mind my woes: Torchwood Thoughts - Spoilers )

And, thank god, now I can go read all of my friends' thoughts on the show, too. Whew.

EDIT: And I knew it wouldn't last. I caved and bought myself a couple months' worth of paid subscription. If I keep using the journal, I'll keep it up. The ads just got to me...
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This is written under the influence of a head cold, so it's probably a bit more scatterbrained than usual...

I'd always been a bit dismissive of the first season of B7. The costumes were painfully 1970s (and let's not even mention Paul Darrow's hair) and the effects were at their cheesiest. You know your budget's tight when you can only present two-dee animations for the spaceship sequences. But, if I'm going to re-acquaint myself with a fandom, then I should go whole hog- that's my feeling. I acquired the first season (legitimately!) and I'm making a focused effort to watch all of it - rather than just cherrypicking my way through the fourth season, as I've been doing over the past few days.

In some ways, it's just as cheesy as I remembered (I swear, it sounds like a wurlitzer was being used for incidental music at one point) but in others, I'm being pleasantly surprised...

As the title says - further thoughts )


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