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Right. I've finished up with The Boy That Time Forgot by Paul Magrs. My opinion is behind the cut.

Big, fat, spoilers )
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I must proffer a public apology to the blogosphere in general, and Alan W. Lear and Gary Russell, in particular.

Why? I gave Minuet In Hell another chance.

It's still definitely a bit on the silly side, but the story is better than I remember it being and, honestly, the accents not nearly so annoying as I first thought. I'm sorry I roundly condemned it as utter tripe. I was wrong.

Don't toss it aside in the first five minutes, as I once did, but stick with it. Thanks to the new-ish Big Finish download service, you can try the first eps for only a dollar and judge for yourself, dear reader!

(Alas, no kickbacks are forthcoming. A shame, as I could use the money...)


In related news, I gave The Death Collectors (the Seventh Doctor) another go and, nope, it still didn't quite fly for me. I'm disappointed, as I thought the acting and production values were great, but the actual story itself, with all the blather about Decay didn't impress me. The notion of the Death Collectors, themselves was interesting, but the Big Bad of the story? Not so much. Oh well, they can't all be winners.
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I've got a fair bit of fannishness going on at the moment, albeit of the at-home/online variety. Brace yerselves, luvs.


I've an invitation to collaborate on a monthly Prisoner podcast. As it happens, it's at the "Hey, let's do a Prisoner podcast!" stage of production, so there's, er, room to develop ideas.

There are so many excellent guides out there - online and on paper - that doing something new could be a bit of a challenge. I don't see much point in doing any episode-review type content, as I think it's fair to assume that anyone who downloads the 'cast is going to have a certain familiarity with the show - and opinons, ditto.

Myself and the two other fellas are going to brainstorm for a bit, but I'm not above asking the denizens of the 'net what they'd like to see.

I'm sure that, at the very least, there will be reviews/discussion of the more-recently-released novels and guides - such as Andrew Cartmel's Miss Freedom and Fall Out: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide To The Prisoner by Fiona Moore & Alan Stevens, and whatever news happens to be floating around - although I'm sure we've all heard about the Ian McKellan casting.

Poking around the 'net, I've identified a couple of websites that might be worth befriending/arranging a bit of mutual support with. Hm. Hm...

Anyway, as I said, I'm not above asking y'all for what you'd like to see - and what you think is tired old hat, for that matter.


Readers of my regular journal might have seen my recent posts asking for suggestions re: RPG systems for a one-shot game featuring a handful o'motifs. I might as well admit that I'm kicking around an idea for a Sapphire and Steel tabletop game. It would definitely a one-shot-at-a-convention sort of thing, though, as such a thing wouild be completely unsustainable as a long-term campaign and players at conventions are generally willing to take more risks and/or try something new.

It, too, as at the "Wouldn't it be neat, if..." stage of development. As I do more reading and jot down ideas, I'll no-doubt discuss it on the gaming filter of my regular journal. If it comes together, I'll no-doubt be running it at ConQuest/PacifiCon in September 2009.


I've been listening to a fair whack of BF's Doctor Who audios, of late, and belatedly stumbled across the BF podcasts.

(I really must work on this being-the-last-to-find-out habit of mine. Bad fan! No biscuit!)

They're clever little lads at Big Finish, and no mistake. The "Top 5" lists are marketing research and promotional gimmick in one tidy package - I admit, it's worked to its intended purpose in my case, as I've just added a couple of the older DW stories on my to-purchase list... Meanwhile, the same clever chaps are allowing 'casters to use BF's trailers in their podcasts. Free advertising for them, and a slickly produced nubbin for the 'casters. Win-win - which is a bit of a rarity in many promotion schemes, I've noticed. Kudos to all involved and no, I'm not being sarcastic. Most marketing campaigns drive me mad - it's why I'll give up my DVR when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands - and so to see it done with a bit of tact and with a bit of give-and-take with the target audience, I'm pleasantly surprised.


I've just realized that if I'm going to manage Chicago (I hope so!) I need to start thinking about any costuming projects, now. Aside from Ms. Evangelista's mourning garb in The Forest of the Dead - which would be a bitch to take on a plane, as it would take up most of one suitcase by itself - I'm rather short on inspiration at the moment. Given that I'm flat, stony broke, though, it's probably for the best. *grumble* I'm sure I'll think of something, three weeks out from the convention, as I usually do...
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Cuddlesome was, overall, entertainingly silly, with a rather disturbing undercurrent to it. There's nothing like mucking about with childhood tropes for a horror/thriller story. If I have a nightmare featuring the Cuddlesome jingle, tonight, someone is getting a very stern note.

I might have to add Nigel Fairs to my list of favorite BFA contributors. He's directed several of the Sapphire and Steel audios which I count amongst my favorites: Daisy Chain, The Lighthouse, The School. I haven't gotten around to listening to Water Like A Stone, which he's written. I'm looking forward to it, though.

(PS: I'll get you, if I have to chase you to Worthing! Oh, lawks)
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The BFA Cuddlesome came with Doctor Who Magazine #393, a couple of months ago. I'd ripped it to iTunes and promptly forgot to listen to it. Yay for pleasant surprises on the hard drive!

Eleven minutes into it and the author - Nigel Fairs - cheerfully throws in a local joke which betrays his origins.

The Doctor: "It's not something you'd expect (catches himself) in Brighton"
Angela: (tartly) "Hove."

Naturally, I had to go looking up the author's biography at that point. Sure enough, the lad's from my old hometown, Brighton.

Non-fannish tangent )

PS - FWIW, I'm with Turvey, as messed up as he was, on this one...

1 - The city of Brighton and Hove, I might add. I wonder how many backs that put up. [ profile] albion_fan? Can you shed any light on that?
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Don't try to use Big Finish's download service with Mozilla. The two, they do not play well together.

However, it seems to work fine in IE. The download speed for the zip file is quite fast and the purchasing process is only slightly aggravating, which is an improvement over some transatlantic shopping I've done in the past.

I treated myself to the latest Eighth Doctor/Lucie nubbin, Grand Theft Cosmos. If the budget allows, I might go back and buy the others that I'm missing, too (ie, all of them except Max Warp and Dead London). I've heard all of the season so far, already, thanks to some lucky timing with BBC7 Listen Again and a couple of purchases at G1. But my conscience, she grinds on me so, eventually, I'll no doubt pay for the bits I heard on BBC7.

In the meantime, please excuse me as I do the Happy Fangrrl Dance...

(Edited to add: When I have a job again, I'm so switching to the download your subscription model for the monthly Doctor Who stories - I'll save something like $10/month! I'll still get my shiny mags from Alien Entertainment, though...

Furthermore, I might have just converted my husband to Big Finish luv, as he didn't know about the Stargate series.)
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Prompted by a a comment made elsewhere, it occurs to me to do a quick update to my BFA Doctor Who reccs list.

Rather than editing that post - and because I'm in a bit of a tizzy, today - I'm just going to mention the stories released over the past year that I think are worth listening to:

Cut for politeness' sake - minor spoilers )
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I've just finished the first half of The Dark Husband by David Quantick and, damn, it's good fun. I lost count of the Doctor Who/general sci-fi tropes that got skewered in the first 15 minutes, but it was a lot.

I also winced a bit, as I heard a few of my dearly-held plot devices (cheerfully employed in LARPs and mediocre fic since 1986!) deftly torn to shreds - all in a very loving and amusing way but, still... It does rather make one want to quietly remove one's entire on-line archive and pretend it never happened.

The writing is strong, the pacing's good and the talent seem to be having a hoot - ever a good sign.

I'm still getting used to Hex though. He's very, erm... Scouse, isn't he? Not that there's anything wrong with that (she adds, bearing in mind her Merseyside family) it just wasn't quite what I expected. Still, there's a good dynamic between him and Ace and god knows, Ace needs someone to bounce off other than the Doctor, some times.

So, yes, jolly good fun. Looking forward to finding time for the second half and will, hopefully, write a somewhat more coherent review then.
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Lock up your daughters, darlings. I've been listening to The Natural History of Fear, again. Yes, again.

Is it a bit much when a BFA turns up on one's most frequently played list on the iPod?

(For comparison's sake, that means I've listened to it at least, erm, eight times... Should I worry?)

On a completely unrelated note - honestly! - I just bought the 40th anniversary box-set of The Prisoner from Amazon...
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Right then, just some quick thoughts on the latest BFA DW story, Bride of Peladon by Barnaby Edwards (Fifth Doctor, Peri, Erimem)

Spoilers, ahoy! )
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I did not just hear the Eighth Doctor say "You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment" in the third track of Max Warp, did I?

Yes, I bloody did. Jesus Motherf*cking Christ!


I'm fine. Really. Stellar, in fact. Please excuse me for a moment...

*fans self*

(this post brought to you by yet another of fangrrl's mad fandoms, namely House of Cards. I used to make my Vampire players watch it once a year to see how the game should be played.)
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I'm really enjoying the I, Davros series - good writing, fab talent, solid production values, etc, etc. Everything that makes a BFA worth listening to.

But did Davros have to have mommy issues? Methinks someone clung a little too much to the Psychopath 101 primer.

(and guys, I love you. But Calcula? Why not call her Cruella DeVille and have done with it?)

I promise coherent whittering when I've finished the run.
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I'd forgotten how much I love slightly-crazy/disassociated seventh Doctor. He's rife with fabulousness, in that way that sorta-broken characters are appealing to us occasionally-overwrought fangirls. (Trust me, that makes sense to that particular demographic. Both of us.)

Frozen Time is another Nicholas Briggs story that I've rather enjoyed. Methinks I need to pay more attention to the chap as a writer.

And, on another note entirely, the pre-Gallifrey squee has reached a new level. Hee!
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Whilst cleaning up the computer room, I stumbled across a couple of BFAs that, for some damfool reason, I'd not ripped to iTunes: I.D./Frantic Calls, Frozen Time and Renaissance of the Daleks. 'tis like a belated Xmas present!

And I received The Girl Who Never Was and the two subscriber-bonus BFAs - Return to the Web Planet and Return of the Daleks - in the mail, yesterday.

That's a lot of listening material. I'll see y'all in a few days.

PS. Of course, I'll be listening to The Girl Who Never Was, first. ;)
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I just started listening to the Excelis series (Excelis Dawns by Paul Magrs) and, oh dear, it's hilarious.

I say oh dear because I wasn't quite expecting comedy, you see, and, at first, I thought "Oh god, am I not listening to this properly?" but, nope, I don't think it's me.

(I just hope it's all intentional, y'know? Nothing more crushing than discovering you've inadvertantly written a comedy, I'm guessing)

I have since realized, upon closer reading of the back cover, that it couldn't be a serious tale, not with Iris Wildthyme in it, but I wasn't quite prepared for the sheer manic giggling it provoked whilst I rode the train the other day. It's practically a panto - and I'm only about 15 minutes into the thing.

Right then, now that my thresholds recalibrated. I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest.

The story has a bonus in that it's letting me give Iris another chance. Leavened with the presence of other strong characters, I think I might find her a bit more palatable than I have previously. I love her to bits in the EDAs, mind you, so I'm generally inclined to enjoy the character. But Iris At Large was a bit...much.

I'm off to the big bad city and will be listening to the rest of the audio on the way. ;)
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Absolution arrived in the mail, yesterday, so - despite the fact that it was past midnight and I was well into my cups, I immediately copied it to my iPod so that I could listen to it today.

Unfortunately, I was sewing up a corset as I listened, so I'll admit that it wasn't getting 100% of my attenion - further reviews upon further listening.

But for now, an initial opinion: Major Spoilers )
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Right then. I've listened to the third story in the new B7 audios - Liberator and the latest Doctor Who offering from BFA, 100

Liberator - some spoilers )


100 - again, spoilers )
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I'm picking up approximately 100 DW novels (mostly, but not entirely, EDAs - and spare me your grief, dear reader) from an acquaintance who's clearing out her collection.

I've got a dozen NAs on the unread pile, including the Cat's Cradle series - haven't been able to hunt down the Timewyrm run, yet. And a pal of mine gave me a couple of Missing Adventures that were cluttering up her space.

Guess who got tired of feeling really, really confused when folks talked about the books at Gallifrey One and I'm all "Er, I've read four of them. I think.". Fortunately, [ profile] squeakydalek is letting me go through her sooper-complete collection of NAs, so I don't have to worry about finding the super-rare volumes in that run, oy...

And there's a new Eighth Doctor BFA on the way from Alien Entertainment. Whew. If I've read the promo material aright, it's the end of C'rizz's run, so I'm curious to see how that's handled. As I've mentioned before, I think C'rizz's potential was wasted almost continuously through the series (Other Lives being one exception to that) so I fear that the character's departure will be more of the same. I'm assuming that Charlie's departure will be some sort of angst-fest. *rolls eyes*. I used to like her, but it was all downhill after Scherzo...

Must dash. That Risen Mitten won't make itself...
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Did I just listen to James Purefoy chew on the scenery for two hours?

Um, yeah, I did.

Honestly? The story suffered because, er, I've read enough history to know that the writer was taking a few more liberties than one might expect but, er, okay, that's why this is entertainment and not documentary. That, I can accept.

So, within the realm of taking liberties with history, the story itself was okay. I liked the idea of tackling the historical Dracula, but the Doctor et al's excuses as for why they stuck around beyond the instant they realized their situation ("Er, we came here to learn about this place and time...") just didn't hold water and came across as very much a case of "Oh shit, we need to keep the story going...". Granted, that's been an excuse in a lot of DW stories, but they're not usually as thin as this one...


Peri was just about as annoying as I've heard her in my experience (making wisecracks and whining about being patronized for being a woman who can look after herself, dammit, whilst simultaneously whining that ohmigod, we need to find The Doctor to get out of this) and I've never warmed up to Erimem. I don't care if she and Peri are supposed to be ain't-it-ironic foils to each other, I don't like her and, hell, Peri is only tolerable at the best of times.

So, yeah, despite my lifelong soft-spot for the Fifth Doctor, and my desperate love of James Purefoy (doing the aforementioned scenery-chewing as Dracula) this story was very much middle of the road for me. Not the worst, but definitely not the best, either. Sigh. On top of the severe disappointment that was The Wishing Beast, I'm feeling a bit demoralized.

Dear god, I'm waiting for the next two releases and the exit of C'rizz and Charlie. Is it too much to hope that Charlie dies a terribly stupid, pointless death? Given the title of her final story - The Girl Who Never Was - I guess not. Ah well...
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I finally listened to the most recent Doctor Who BFA, Valhalla. Seventh Doctor, no companion.

minor spoilery )


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