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Andy of the Prydonian Academy has, bless his ever-patient heart, just reminded me that, gawsh, we were intending to collaborate and put up a massive online archive of Doctor Who costuming pics, reference and recreation advice. We'd gotten as far as agreeing on who would do what, general site layout, pace of rolling out material, etc, etc, and then I got smacked with the Being A Supposed Adult bat and completely lost track of the whole thing. Oops!

We're talking again, the project is back online and this is your heads-up if you'd like to help!

I'm hoping to map the site out and code the essential pages over the holiday weekend. The site is going to be very, very simple because I believe in short load times and code that a complete stranger can understand and manage, in case Andy or I fall under a bus. My site at gives you an idea of how simple I like to keep things.

I'll be creating a template page and instructions for subject-matter experts - I'm looking at you, [ profile] honorarydoctor, etc - so they can easily share all their information and resources on a given costume and then pass the pre-filled page on to us for editing and uploading. If folks are willing to volunteer their time and brain cells, it could mean getting a lot more information onto the site a lot more quickly than previously anticipated.

If you'd like to help, let me know!

(The site will also include an "About the Contributors" page, so your efforts will not go unrecognized.)

I'll crosspost this to [ profile] dw_cosplay once the site's skeleton is actually online and we're a bit more ready to accept user-generated content - with luck, in a week or so. This project has been languishing since Xmas, so it's time to get cracking.

Crafting a bit of HTML will suit me down to the ground. It's too bloody hot to sew and, even as the house gets packed up around me, the computer will be pretty much the last thing to be put away - and the first thing unpacked!
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[ profile] honorarydoctor and I have been talking about re-creating the Voc robots from Robots of Death. With that in mind, I found a bargain-priced copy of the DVD at Fry's and I'm watching it at the moment.

Holy cow! Forget the robots, I want to re-create the miners' gear!

I've not seen the story in at least 20 years, so I'm not surprised that I'd forgotten about the sheer fabulousness of the design. Even the little things, like the makeup on the humans mimicking the painted pattern on the robots' faces (or vice versa). Utterly awesome.

The story's great, of course. I'm going to re-read Corpse Marker tomorrow. Re-listening to the Kaldor City audios is, of course, inevitable.
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Oh, alright....

I'll put Mercy Hartigan on the someday list.

There are several reasons.

1) I already have the patterns I'd need to create the dress. Indeed, I've already done something in the same general shape although the bodice is going to require much better tailoring

2) I already have the steel reinforced underthings for said costuming, although I will have to make a much better petticoat to go over the cage crinoline.

3) Once completed, it can do double duty at the local Dickens fair and any Victoriana events in the vicinity, of which there are usually a couple every year.


I'm not touching it during the first half of the year because:

1) Dosh. That ensemble's going to require something like ten yards of silk dupioni. Plus a lot of incidental bits such as better materials for the petticoat, and the fluffy trim for the bodice sleeves and neckline (color matching is going to be a bitch)

2) Time. I'm still not done with the extremely-tardy-Dickensian-commission-of-doom. I ain't touching a personal Victoriana project until that's done.

3) Time. There's other stuff I want to complete first, in addition to the ETDCoD.

4) As I'm thinking of it as possible Dickens' Faire dress, there's really no point in thinking about starting it until summer rolls around. Naturally, I'm also thinking it could go to Chicago TARDIS but the logistical issues of trying to pack/ship a cage crinoline (even the extremely clever "collapsible" sort that I have, thanks to some very smart folks at Truly Victorian) make me shudder, even at this distance.

5) Consideration for the roomie. When I first saw that dress in the preview aired at SDCC, I remember texting said roomie and saying I've just seen a dress you HAVE to make, because she's petite and slim and looks really fab in red. She's locally known for her fabness in red, in fact. So if she wants to call first dibs - so to speak - I'll gladly let her. Meanwhile, if I really, really want to do it, I don't think I'd have to worry about her being at Chicago TARDIS. (I know, there aren't any rules about costumers duplicating their efforts but it's also kinda like making sure that you and your pal don't wear the same dress at a friend's wedding or something...)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to obsessively hitting refresh on the BBC News website...
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(It occurs to me that this journal needs a costuming icon. Any suggestions?)

It's not like I'm ever going to make it - no, seriously, I'm not - but the mental noodling has been fun.

What mental noodling is that, oh fangrrl? I hear you ask.

It's the create a costume for You know which character I'm talking about... )
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First of all:

Happy birthday, [ profile] jigglykat!


I really want to drag the soapbox out about this, but today is crazy at work and my computer at home is fried (hopefully not irretrievably so) so here's the short version.

As prompted by the topic coming up on [ profile] dw_cosplay - albeit indirectly - we see an awful lot of female folks 'crossplaying' as male characters, but hardly ever see folks dressing up as female characters. In fact, I can think of only one instance that I've encountered - discounting tongue-in-cheek pisstakes like some Sailor Moon costuming I've seen out there.

I know that there's a long-established tradition of crossplay in the anime community and I think it's finally creeping into the SF community at large. Combine that with the fact that female fashion has been co-opting male ditto for centuries (but not vice versa, else no-one would give a stuff about Eddie Izzard's wardrobe and "metrosexuals") and it shouldn't be much of a surprise, really.

But some folks seem uncomfortable with crossplay, for whatever reason.

Me? I think it's great. If you want to cosplay as a character, go for it and damn the torpedoes - but I know that practice is rarely as easy as theory.

What are your thoughts on crossplay, dear reader? I'm particularly interested to hear of any serious (well, as serious as it gets) male-player-to-female-character crossplay, as it's such a bloody rarity. But any and all thoughts are welcome.

I bet I'm going to have some interesting reading when I get done with my day from heck...

PS - I did not just think of creating a community called dw_crossplay. No. Really. I didn't.

PPS - Okay. I did. I might do it, if it wasn't for the fact that I think it would create a division that doesn't need to exist. I would prefer that the costumers/cosplayers be one big bunch o'fun-loving folks...
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Instead of working on the oh gods, did I forget about it again? badly overdue costuming commission that's been lurking in my sewing room for the past, um, *mumblemumble*, I bashed out most of that shirt, today.

It's too bloody big across the shoulders (story of my life) and an attempted last-minute fix wasn't (ditto) but it still looks moderately fabulous. The combination of the black/silver taffeta and the black-on-black paisley came together far better than I had hoped. Finding the correct weight of interfacing so that the collar has a lot of body to it but doesn't cross the line to Ming The Merciless was a stroke of luck. Whether or not that interfacing actually lasts is another matter. I hope it does, as nothing says egomaniac like a funky collar - and nothing says pathetic costumer like a droopy one.

I changed out the damfool ruffle-cuff for a French cuff because a) I love French cuffs and b) I thought it would suit the garment better than the damfool ruffle, and I believe I'm right, if I say so myself.

Costuming purposes aside, it's a fuckin' fabulous shirt. The cut, the flamboyance... it's far niftier than anything by Butterick has a right to be. If I can figure out how to adjust the pattern to fix the issue across the shoulders - and I think I could, if I attacked the pattern paper before cutting another one - I'm going to make a dozen of these things and wear them every day.

So, yes, I'm quite pleased with it. It's a mix of retro and modern, simple style and Hey! Look at this! which I think suits the concept - meglomaniac Time Lord - quite well.

I've been wavering back and forth about the whole trousers vs. skirt thing and have decided to go with a pair of wide-legged (but not palazzo-scaled) trousers in red crepe satin, with a black chiffon overlay - again, a big streak of pay attention to me! going on there. I've worn a skirt in that style and it never fails to be eye-catching... Alas, no chiffon remains in my stash, so the pants will have to wait, for now. When the time comes, I might cut the pants on the bias, although with the crepe the weight that it is, that might be unnecessary. Could be fun, though. I've not done nearly enough stuff on the bias.

Alas, any notions of a coat have been ditched because I absolutely and utterly don't have the money to do it - even with JoAnn's desperately sending 50%-off coupons the house twice a week. Besides, I think a coat might end up fighting with the shirt.

That said, I have a coat made in the same fabric I used for the contrast on the shirt so I could certainly throw it on top, if it still fits me, but I think that might look a little too coordinated. Control freak, yes, but a crazy control freak. Can't neglect the crazy part. ;)

Given how long I've been hemming and hawing about the costume idea, it's a little surprising how quickly this has come together. A shame it breaks my No more costumes that require explanation rule but I think I can live with that.

Now, can someone please loan me a cricket bat to deal with all the goddamn plot-bunnies that have started swarming around me? A shame none of them cared about the Kaldor City fanscript, as I got precisely sod-all done on that, this weekend. Oops...
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I started work on this shirt. The 'bodice' and sleeves are a silver/black crossweave poly tafetta - a dark gumetal grey, which catches the light without being shiny - and the contrast is a very subtle black-on-black paisley upholstery fabric of which I had a scrap in my stash. The pattern's even more subtle because even merely using the steamer had a detrimental effect on it (how it was supposed to be upholstery fabric, I don't know) but the pattern is still discernable and I kinda like it all the more for being a bit sneaky. Insofar as fabric can be sneaky. I've got the front all together and hanging on Barbarella (my sewing form) and damme if it doesn't look better than I had anticipated!

God only knows if I'll find the money to put the rest of it together. The coat is almost certainly a non-starter, as is anything involving the phrases "seven yards of fabric" and "probable cost of $10/yard, even on sale". Ah, well.

And I'd need to borrow a wig from someone (looks beseechingly in [ profile] praedestinatio's direction)

Still... we'll see how it goes, right?


Dec. 5th, 2008 01:41 pm
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...or I could just pillage Dior's so-called New Look.


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*rolls up sleeves, again*

This is partially about costuming, partially about gender and partially about fangrrl being the sort of person who overthinks things on a regular basis.

I've been muttering, off-and-on, about the Lucy Saxon As The Master costume for, oh gods, it must be over a year. But there are challenges. A lot of them. And not just ones like oh my god, that coat's going to require 7 yards of fine wool sort of challenges.

Further burblings. )


Oct. 4th, 2008 06:36 pm
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The coat (center picture) from Vogue 1290 - minus the silly-frilly cuffs - in a patterned, dark-colored velvet/velveteen, either sapphire blue or dark burgundy, lined in an iridescent poly-taffeta. EDIT: or maybe I should use this as a lining. Heheh.

Folkwear 250's Hollywood pants - moleskin/microfiber in some complimentary color (I'd rather not default to black but I will if I must). I've made this pattern before, as well as the coat, above, and they're both eminently suited for running down corridors.

This basque shirt - upper right on the line drawing - with that ever-so amusing collar. Cream-colored silk (or something similarly luscious) with the contrast panels in some crazy jewel-tone patchwork type pattern, in whatever fabric I can lay my hands on. Batik-dyed silk would be a bit much although, man oh man, I like this, although I think this is a bit too nebula-like. But you get the idea - a splash of crazy-color to peek out from under the coat.

And some very smart boots, with just a hint of a heel, I think.

Alas, I completely lack the funds to make this and it violates my no more making costumes that I have to explain rule but, oh boy, I'm tempted... It'd be just so dam' dashing. Or something.


Apr. 9th, 2007 09:38 pm
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Hm, they're not perfect, but the price can't be beat. Potential boots for the Femmy Tenth Doctor Costume Of Doooooom1.

I might as well buy 'em right now and if something I like better turns up, then so be it, but I'll have these in the meantime... Many thanks to [ profile] squeakydalek for spotting the shoes in the first place. ETA: to hell with it, the shipping was cheap too, so I've bought 'em.

In other news, I tried scaring off a zombie plot bunny with another listening-to of The Natural History of Fear. It worked, sort of. That plot bunny lumbered off, but a whole slew of others came scampering in. I've really got to learn not to listen to Paul McGann when my hormones are carbonating...

1 - That's not the costume's official name, of course, but it might as well be.


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:11 am
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Presenting the St. George's Spirits Tactical Alcohol Consumption Team at the 18th Amendment of Gallifrey One.

Unofficial motto: We take our drinking so seriously, we have a uniform for it!

However, I had forgotten that trying to keep up drink-for-drink with a bunch of British folk - especially a gang of actors and writers - is pretty much deadly. Ow...
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Dude, Super Sculpey is totally strong enough for the computer part of the wristband, as evinced by the fact that I dropped the damn thing on the kitchen floor twice after I pulled it out of the oven and no harm was done. Out of curiosity, I subjected it to a bit of abuse and it's clear the stuff will break, eventually, but it's much closer to a plastic in terms of tensile strength, than the clay it impersonates. The shape of the test bit isn't ideal and I don't know what would be more aggro - sanding it into an ideal shape, or ditto a poly resin casting of same...

*shrug* I'll try making a better version of the "lozenge" - as I have taken to calling it - in Sculpey and bake that up, as it'll be needed either way. Sculpey is sure to be a hell of a damn sight easier to paint, I suspect, so I'm inclined to try as hard as poss to make that work. I'd probably have an easier time shaping it if I had more than a craft knife and my fingers for shaping purposes. Today's discovery: a full soda can makes an excellent mini-rolling pin.
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Dear Diary,

Today, Fangrrl remembered why costumers and prop-builders often hate designers - because they sometimes forget that what looks good isn't always ideally functional. The concept drawing looks fabulous. However, unless one has a forearm of constant diameter from wrist to elbow (I certainly don't!) then a plain rectangle doesn't look so hot, particularly when the piece is so wide.

Granted, the above is a minor quibble but it led directly to fangrrl also remembering that she should have paid more attention in geometry class.

And finally, she realized that she was a fool to have not used Super Sculpey before now.

Further details for the curious )

In other news entirely, a completely pointless meeting ate 90 minutes of my life which I really needed for doing month-end on the books (did I mention that I'm not an accountant?) but, lo, the meeting produced one tangible result. I managed to smack the last bit of the Jack/Ianto d/s intro story into shape - managed to articulate what needs articulating and explained to Jack that, sorry, it's not going to be quite what he's hoping for. Furthermore, I think I've figured out the actual, y'know, smutty bits (so Jack won't be entirely disappointed, but I think he's going to be surprised). The current expectation is a three part story, with the second part written as an IM log, as is increasingly popular amongst TW fic circles these days.

Watch this space, etc, etc.
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(feel free to insert your own smutty follow-up to the subject line)

I think I'm going to have a go at making a repro of Jack Harkness' wristband/computer thingy. Clearly, a void has been left since I completed the MPWP. Going on about prop-making. Of limited interest. )
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I usually post costume ideas on my not-very-fannish journal, but this one had to be shared here.

Let's see. I know I've got a side of heavyweight distressed leather at home, and a sizable bit of more traditional mid-weight leather (shiny, water-resistant finish, unlike the distressed), quite a few smooth rivets from some damfool craft project, some sheet-plastic left from MPWP, and grey primer spray paint...

Son of a gun, as long as I could find a buckle and figure out how I'd want to do the detailing on that center, I could put that together in a weekend.

My only quibble, doesn't the dam' thing have a flap over it, now? Hm. I'd like a pic of that, too.

What would I do with it? I don't know. Give it to someone who wants to cosplay Jack, probably. Or keep it for a random SF-costume persona and only smile knowingly when someone asks about where I got it. :)

ETA: Other images of the prop itself - it's just to the upper right of the printed-out headshot of Jack - suggest something quite different, which is a bit of a shame, as I like the concept drawing, more. It'd be easier to make, too.

Then again, I might be looking at quite the wrong thing.


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