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(It occurs to me that this journal needs a costuming icon. Any suggestions?)

It's not like I'm ever going to make it - no, seriously, I'm not - but the mental noodling has been fun.

What mental noodling is that, oh fangrrl? I hear you ask.

It's the create a costume for You know which character I'm talking about... )

Oh Dear...

Sep. 24th, 2008 10:03 pm
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My dear husband has told me that if I start talking the fic in my sleep, he's smothering me with a pillow.

Fair warning, I suppose.
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Quite by accident (ie, I put in a lowball bid and figured it'd be blown out the water) I now have a copy of Corpse Marker on its way to me. There's something to be said for being willing to accept that used books are going to look, gosh, used. Collectors who want that out-of-print-for-fifteen-years paperback to be in mint condition? They must have a lot more in the way of disposable income than I do. ;)

Watch. The book will frustrate me even more. But it's a fourth Doctor and Leela story, so I'll probably enjoy it to one degree or another.

In the meantime, the Kaldor City fanfic continues to fall apart on me at key points, no matter how I approach it. burble, burble )
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Really, there's nothing wrong with writing fanfic. I need to learn to forgive myself for the habit. Right now, I feel like it's the moral equivalent of signing my name on someone else's canvas.

What's wrong with the bloody hobby is when one stops in the middle of traffic with an out-loud exclamation of "Wait a minute! The structure is completely fucked That (plot thingy) needs to be at the end, not the beginning!" Complete with melodramatic emphasis, I might add, and a bit of hand-waving for good measure.

And why is this wrong? Because one stands a very good chance of being mown down by some minivan-driving mom at the corner of Ocean & Plymouth, that's why.

Obviously, that didn't happen to me on my walk to the train station, this afternoon - but it was a near thing.

I really gotta stop thinking about plot during my commute, but it's about the only I have for it, right now. At home, I'm too busy or tired and at work I'm - gosh - working. Or trying to work, I should say...
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(Cross-posted from my mundane journal)

If a thing is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
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Apparently I have nothing better to do at work today than to dust off old fanfic ideas for one of my very guilty pleasures: the Kaldor City audios...

In lieu of content, a pile of meta, with some brainstorming )
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Two things.

1. I just found a whole lovely slew of Welsh webcams. Take a look here for the list. I've got the Cardiff Bay one on my desktop right now and blimey, I'd forgotten how long the daylight lasts in the summer, over there.

2. There is all sorts of awesome, silly fun to be had over at [ profile] saxonvoters - icons, the occasional macro, a fair whack of fic - and not all of it is slashy, I'll have you know. It seems that I'm not the only ficcer strangely fascinated by the Lucy/Saxon relationship.

Meanwhile, I'm about one third into the outline for the latest TW fic and, of course, have hit a wall. However, it's of the type I think I can clamber over, write the final third of said outline and then come back to it and figure out how the beginning led to the end - if that makes any sense. But I've decided not to reinvent the Sontarans for the story. Honestly? They'd kick Torchwood's ass all over the landscape. So I'll just create something a bit more fitting from whole cloth...
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Damn. Trying to drag my brain away from Saxon et al and back on to the Torchwood genfic is proving more difficult than anticipated.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, really. Still, I'd like to start bashing out the outline for the Torchwood fic this week. Given how long it took me to get The Harkness Supremacy where I wanted it, this might become a summer project. Ow.

With luck, the Doctor Who madness will die down a bit after the series finale. At least I bloody hope it does, or else it's going to be a looooong time until the next round...
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Really big huge plotbunny just ran off with my forebrain.

It's a straight-up genfic Torchwood idea. In fact, I think I want to write it as a screenplay because, frankly, I need the practice.

I would say Where the fuck did this come from? but I must admit that the idea is the culmination of some bits that have been bubbling around my brain since the first draft of The Harkness Supremacy. but the way they all came together was a bit startling, like...
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Right then, it's still rough around the edges (ie, I haven't picked a style for it, I'm still finessing the profile) but here it is:

[ profile] torchwoodgenfic - a 'ship-free Torchwood fanfic community.

I'll x-post on [ profile] torch_wood, shortly. In the meantime, I'm cheerfully accepting suggestions re: guidelines, tagging system, etc.


Jan. 11th, 2007 12:15 pm
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Bloody hell.

I've got the followup to Aftermath roughed out. It's a Jack/Ten conversation (entirely smut free, sorry kids) and dammit, I'm finding myself intimidated by writing for a certain Time Lord, dammit...

This is what I get for being a characterization fiend. I have a hard enough time keeping my speech patterns out of Jack's mouth.

(oh dear, I realize what a straight line I just fed you all, but I'm too busy at work to edit...)
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The below was written yesterday, but I'm only just now getting around to posting it. A thousand apologies, etc.

I had a thought, and I'd put a poll together, but I'm writing this on a client that can't do the poll language - yes, I'm in another meeting and I'm not ready to write my first meeting between Jack and the Tenth Doctor bit yet (my filthy side keeps trying to make the scene far, far sweatier than it needs to be) so you get LJ-fun, instead.

A comment on Aftermath got me thinking. There's an awful lot of 'shippy Torchwood fic out there, and I don't know about y'all but, occasional filthy moments aside, shipiness is not a major attraction of that particular setting, for me at least.

Is there a call for, and could LJ support, a 'ship-free Torchwood-fic community? What if the boundaries were increased to include any Doctor Who continuity?

No PWP, no angsty!relationship talks, no hurt/comfort (unless it's, y'know, Platonic hurt/comfort), just ol' fashioned fic. God forbid we churn out a few stories about, mysterious murderous aliens, space/time rifts getting the hiccups, or what really happened to Dangling Plot Point X.

Hand!pron would, of course, be allowable, along with sidelong glances and all the entendres and innuendo the author cares to shovel out. But no Nine/Rose first time fics, no Jack/Hand luv (after all, there's already a community for that - two, in fact), and certainly no Dalek/Cyberman PWP. I haven't actually encountered the latter but, in keeping with Shrodinger's Theory of Fiction, I bet it's out there...

Whaddya think?


In the meantime, I finished listening to 'Blood of the Daleks' )


I've been pleasantly surprised by reactions to the latest fic - some spoilers for Torchwood 1x13 )
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Inspired by this post on [ profile] torch_wood.

A couple of years ago, I finally admitted that all I really like to write is angsty fic, concerned (mostly) with UST and control issues, with the occasional explosion or whatever to liven it up. What the hell, find your niche and hang up some curtains, right? The following paragraph has minor spoilers for Torchwood up through 1x06, Countrycide )

Oops, the cynical voice got out. Sorry.

Happyfluffy is alright in small doses, I suppose, although it's rarely all that plausible for a given 'ship.

To quote (or possibly misquote) Henry Rollins: if there were a movie out, called 'The Happy Guy', and it's about a happy guy, with a happy marriage to a happy wife, with some happy kids and a happy dog, who go through some happy little problems, but nothing too bad, no one would go to see it. But down the street, there's another movie called 'Fucked-Up Depresso Guy', who lives in a smog-filled city with gangs and crime and hookers, and he almost gets killed walking to work every day because his car is broke down, and he works in a factory putting spindles in boxes, and girls avoid him like the plague, and one day he can't take it any more and just starts punching random people in the face on the street -- we'd all go see that movie! there'd be a line around the block!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm watching the second film. I've got a pretty good life. Seeing a movie (or reading a story) about someone else's pretty good life isn't going to be all that interesting, or new.

I should admit that I still get sniffly at the end of "Love, Actually", so I'm not a total cynic.

But, in general, I'm going to write about the things that interest me, that I enjoy writing about, and that provide a break from my pretty-good life - hence PWP, strong (negative) emotions, UST, control issues, angst, insanity (check out my V:tM archive for that) and, okay, maybe the occasional hurt-comfort bit. Maybe.

So, er, aside from the occasional light-hearted bit - because sometimes a joke is too good to resist sharing - don't expect much in the way of hearts-and-flowers around here. Just sayin'.

My blood sugar just crashed. I have no idea if this entry makes sense.
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As I'm listening to an audio that could charitably be described as "Cheeze in Chee-zee Sauce", I'm starting to wonder if I might not be taking the B7 fic too seriously.

Awk, heck, I wouldn't be the first person to do that.

But really... "The Sevenfold Crown" is shamelessly camp.

I need more icons. Time to troll Livejournal again...


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