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Title: Everyone Needs A Hobby
Summary: When faced with a captive Jack Harkness, Harry Saxon decides that the traditional methods of torture just won't do...
Rating: R (violence, sexual content)
Pairing: None. It's a bit subtexty, I s'pose but I wouldn't call this a pairing. But it's not genfic, either. Just read the dam' thing.
Spoilers: Very minor for Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last Time Lord
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the BBC, not me.
Further notes: a prequel for the setup to the reboot (whew!) of my toppy!Ianto series. And this one's been beta'd, btw.

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Title: One Week Later.
Rating: NC-17. Violence and sexual content (non-con).
Featured characters: Jack Harkness, Harry Saxon, Lucy Saxon.
Summary: A follow up to Emotional Politics... and my general rummaging through Jack's year in hell on the Valiant. One week after a failed escape attempt, Jack gives in to the temptation to do something very stupid during a conversation with Harry Saxon.
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Harry Saxon
Additional warning: This might hit some bad buttons for readers. If you couldn't sit through a certain scene in Marathon Man, you might want to give this a miss. And, again, it's unbeta'd.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the BBC. They're not mine, and they're probably quite relieved about it.

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Title: Emotional Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows
Summary: Despite being in captivity, Jack does his best to make new friends while aboard the Valiant. Unfortunately, Lucy Saxon has a strange idea of what constitutes 'friendship'.
Pairing: none (genfic)
Featured characters: Lucy Saxon, Jack Harkness
Rating: 15, for violence and language.
Spoilers: Sound of Drums/Last Time Lord, but only if you squint and have been living under a rock, DW-wise.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the BBC, not me. This is all homage.
Additional warning: Unbeta'd. Spellchecked, yes, but not beta'd as this is another one of those 'Desperately written to get it out of my head' fics. Another in this month's (apparent) theme of being generally nasty to Jack Harkness.

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