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Dear Owen,


No Love,
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It's Shameless Story Sunday!

To keep it brief: I wrote some Torchwood/Original Character crossover fic a few days back, and posted it on my regular journal. The OCs are from an rpg/running joke called Code Black - globe-trotting espionage meets comedy of errors. To paraphrase Jason Fox, Code Black's successes are rarely as spectacular as their failures. The urge to cross 'em over was just too much - I think it's because both outfits seem to succeed despite themselves... (Torchwood team: I love you, but damn, you're dumb sometimes). Then, irresistibly, I wrote a sequel.

Since they're Torchwood-ish pieces I'm going to repost the first piece here and the second bit is being aired for the first time online. The first is a bit of comedy, the second is an Owen/OC PWP which, frankly, I had to do to keep my membership current in Mary Sue Anonymous. You have been warned! But if Owen PWP is your thing, the second part might be worth reading, as I think the Mary-Sue-ness is tolerable, and the first piece is an immediate prologue, so you might appreciate the context. Besides, it's short. :)

Part The First: Tough Crowd
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Pairing: Technically, None.
Length: 1200 words.
Summary: What happens when two secretive, slightly paranoid organizations meet for a 'friendly chat'?

Tough Crowd )


Part The Second: Driven to Distraction
Rating: 18 (PWP. Car!porn, of a sort. Wee bit of fetish.)
Pairing: Owen/Original character
Length: 2100 words
Summary: Andrea Smith offers an apology to Owen Harper for certain things said - or rather done - during the first meeting between Code Black and Torchwood.

Thanks to my evil twin, [ profile] moviegrrl, for the beta - and for dragging me down with her with the whole illogically-mad-for-Owen thing in the first place. :)

Apology )
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Right then. Now that I've caved in, what the bloody hell do I do with him?

*rummages around LJ for opportunities*
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Alright, so I might have been a little harsh on PMG when discussing Blood of the Daleks, earlier. Minor spoilers )

Mmm, angry PMG. *happy place*

As might be guessed, I've caught up with a large chunk of fandom and finally knocked The Doctor off the chaste pedestal upon which he had been hoisted, years ago. Between the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, it was an increasingly ridiculous position for the character to be in.

*Ahem* Anyways, so yeah, I think I was a bit quick to judge, earlier. And people say I can't admit when I'm wrong.


On another topic entirely, only of interest if you're going to Gallifrey One )


Oh. Bugger.

I just caught myself scrawling an in-character LJ. That in itself is no surprise. The fact that it was for Owen Bloody Harper is.

No. No. No. I do not need another Torchwood muse. Really. I don't. Not even a strangelytasty!angsty!angry!muse.

I guess the parcel just started ticking again with a veangance, [ profile] moviegrrl - only it seems to be cemented onto my desk!

I'm doomed.

EDIT: Really doomed. Seven Eight Ten Thirteen (admittedly short) entries done... Maybe I can just slap them up in [ profile] jugglingmercury and hope it's out of my system. Yeah. Right.
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Big Fat Spoilers Ahead )

I really enjoyed this one. 8.5 out of 10. I'd give it 9, but I didn't care for the montage at the end. It's better than a homily, but still a bit irritating.

Granted that it was yet-another not much to do with the original premise of the show eps, and suffered a serious shortage of Tosh, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.


Nov. 27th, 2006 10:40 pm
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[ profile] moviegrrl,

It's your turn. The ticking parcel is on your doorstep - I hope. I need the break!


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Bloody hell, I hope this phase fizzles out soon, as I'm not sure how much of it I can take. [ profile] moviegrrl? You might not want to read this before work.

Title: None, unless you lot suggest one, because I'm so frackin' lazy.
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: NC-17, I guess, although I think it's a rather mild NC-17
Summary: Jack/Owen PWP, discarded from the outline for the sequel to User Friendly because I'm trying to write a farce for that, goddamnit.

Follow the Cut Tag )

I'm giving some serious thought to making the above canon over on [ profile] jack_harkness_, btw. He's been so angsty in the Torchwood continuity, and the boy really needs to get laid. Although, if one were to go by the signs-so-far in canon, I should be readying the reams of Jack/Ianto stuff I've been scribbling. They've been verbally sparring for (looks at document) five pages now, and haven't gotten past one smooch and a fade to black. Geeze, guys, what's it going to take? Blood? *thinks* Ew...


Nov. 27th, 2006 11:53 am
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[ profile] moviegrrl? I think I jinxed us (well, me) with that ticking time-bomb comment of mine, elsewhere.

I've got tons of work on my desk. I've got other, better, fics to think about. So what the hell has been eating my brain since about 11PM last night? Jack/Owen PWP. So very, very NSFW - NC17ish but only because slash doesn't play in Peoria )


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