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I finished listening to the first box set of The Liberator Chronicles, this morning. Overall, jolly good fun. I'd give 'em 8 out of 10, overall. Totally worth the $20 for the download (wish I'd known about that before I plunked $40 on the CDs at Gally!)

Properly speaking, they're audiobooks, rather than plays. One or two actors, and the story is told from the first person POV and are all set during the first season of the show.

Once I got used to the character POV - it was a bit disconcerting at first, as I live on a steady diet of BFA's Doctor Who plays - I rapidly chewed through the set.

Further whitterings and very minor spoilery behind the cut-tag )
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Two years to the day - the very day - of my chucking it in the bin and saying "That's it. Begone!" the bloody Kaldor City fanscript not only came back from the dead, but returned with suggestions for fixing the plot and enough vim and vigor for me to actually finish a first draft.

I didn't notice the anniversary until after I'd committed to the reanimation project. Bit spooky if you ask me. Aaaaanyways.

(TBH, it turns out I had jotted down more notes than I thought, although the plot still had some Gordian-knotty issues which took me about six hours to untangle while at work. Did I mention that my boss has been on vacation for nearly two weeks? It's been lovely and quiet at the office...)

It's not without its flaws - c'mon, it's fanfic - but it's got a beginning, a middle and an end. I hope that I can now put a stake through its heart and not be forced to think about it every time I'm in the mood for some scenery-chewing and cue up the MB plays on the iPod.

I've called it Revenge because calling it Johanna kills out some characters who she thinks richly deserve it and no I've never heard of 'Storm Mine', LALALA I can't hear you! was a bit unwieldly.

ETA: Here it is.
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(x-posted to my regular journal)

I'm releasing the Doctor Who and The Locusts of Time* fanscript into the wild, as I'm never going to do anything with it.

If you want to do anything with it, feel free - just grant credit where it's due (including Auntie Beeb and Big Finish Audio) if you do.

Eighth Doctor story. Vid script, but featuring an audio character - Lucie Miller.


*The cheesy name is deliberate.
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Is this thing on?

Long story short: I did not cope well with my husband's death. 18 months and an extended nervous breakdown later, and I'm starting to rejoin the human race.

More the point, I'm feeling ready to get back into fandom - to some small degree, at least.

As I'm a season behind on Doctor Who, two seasons behind on Torchwood and have only just been introduced to the fabulosity that is Connie Willis, my work is cut out for me.

Next up (most likely) my thoughts on Matt Smith.


Oct. 7th, 2010 03:28 am
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I will be at Chicago TARDIS this year. Now I've just got to figure out if I'm going to offer to judge the masquerade, or enter it...

It is my hope that whatever used to pass for normal around here will resume shortly. It's been a sucky year.
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A chum of mine just sent me some pix from Chicago TARDIS 2009 - y'know, the one where I turned into a puff of PURE SQUEE whenever Paul McGann was within 100 ft.

As I suspected, I'm an utter, utter goober. But some of the pix aren't completely embarrassing - only moderately so.

Yes, I'll share 'em, later. I'm actually going to make a very, very belated con report on Chicago TARDIS, Gallifrey One and TimeQuest at some point in the near future. It's part of a project to catch up on a year which I mostly blocked y'all out of (it wasn't you, darlings, it was me)
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I'm going to release a chunk of fanfic outline into the wild. It's intended as a followup to The Harkness Supremacy crackfic but I'm damned if I can remember where I was going with it. I vaguely remember some notion about the alien antagonist being addicted to snorting opals. Damned if I can remember why it's killing humans and what the tie-in with the bio-terror group was. I think the Big Bad was looking to have something nasty tailored to sell to a third (offworld) party, and was actually being somewhat smart about covering his tracks.

It goes to say that this was all jotted down long before Children of Earth...

Read on, if you dare )
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(the guilty party knows who he is...)

CDTL crackfic.

God help me, I think something really (and deliberately) hilarious could come out of that...

(Oh, yes. Hello. Still alive, dealing with Big Grownup Things such as changing careers, learning how to live on my own (rather than merely careening from one moment to the next) and no, I've hardly seen any of the Eleventh Doctor yet because, dammit, I want to watch it with my husband. Am hoping to find the nerve to fix that latter issue before summer ends...)
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(x-posted to [ profile] britgeekgrrl)

It might not sound like much to you, dear reader, but today I did something that I haven't done in, oh, nearly a year...

I grabbed a Doctor Who novel to read on the train and cued up Orbis - an Eight/Lucie story that has been languishing on my iPod since I bought it.

It's been almost a year since I've done either of those things. sure, I saw an eps or two at conventions but, at home, the books and DVDs were getting quite dusty.

You would think that, during massive upheavals, Doctor Who would be a welcome distraction but, strangely enough, it wasn't. Indeed, I found myself feeling being quite avoidant of the whole thing - fan conventions aside.

I think it was displaced anger. I didn't want to hear about worlds being saved while mine was falling apart. Usually, I'm a sucker for the (generally) optimistic world-view put about by DW stories but that has not been the case over the past year.

It certainly wasn't fair of me to take out my anger on a fictional character but, then again, I've lashed out at pretty much everything within range, so why should it have been any different with fandom.

Orbis was silly fun - I think I've heard it before, but it was such a long time ago that it makes sense to start the series over again. Much better, though, was my actual enjoyment of the recording.

Maybe a (small) corner has just been turned.
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Apologies for the long silence to anyone still reading this journal. Long story short: husband dying + nervous breakdown = not much inclination for fannish blogging.

But I'm doing a lot better now, so am willing to fire this old gal up again. I will post more substantial material, later but here's a summary for now:

Chicago TARDIS - Oh. My. God. Best time at a convention ever - and I'm not just saying that 'cos of Paul McGann. (I was a complete and UTTER goober in his presence. Fortunately, he's used to dealing with fangirls melting into a puddle of goo in his vicinity). The masquerade went beautifully - I think it represented a wonderful cross section of everything that's fab within costumed fandom. I participated in some great panels, one of which - - caused me to a) admit being a kink person to a room of approximately 100 strangers (oops!) and b) laugh up a lung. I'm still going to create the Doctor/Master Angry Sex Facebook fan page, you know...

Gallifrey One - kicked much ass, even if the actors I wanted to see had to cancel (but have now been rescheduled for 2011, hooray!). The Masquerade came off with nary a hitch, mostly thanks to [ profile] iamradar's cool head and generally a lot of patience on [ profile] friendlypinet's and [ profile] strollerman's parts. Apparently the programming director got some good feedback from participants and the audience and I've agreed to do it again, next year. Even if I move to Blighty this summer, I'd make a point of attending Gallifrey One. Also met Louise Page who is an ABSOLUTE SAINT and I'm not saying that just 'cos she gave me swatches from the Mercy Hartigan dress (cue: squealing costumegasm...). She was generally lovely and made the weekend for a lot of us costume-wonks. More about that in a longer entry...

(Oh, yeah, am thinking about moving back to the UK. But it's all very amorphous right now. Suffice it to say that midsummer would be an ideal time, for a variety of reasons, so I need to get cracking on the whole career-changing thing, but that's fodder for the regular journal)

Chicks Dig Time Lords has been released, and I giggled like a schoolgirl every time I signed a copy at Gallifrey. I don't know what the sales have been like, but some very nice reviews have been popping up on the blogosphere and this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, inside. And wondering if I can get in on any follow-up volume... ;)

I attended Time Quest 2, a Tenth Planet event north of London, primarily because it was probably my only chance to see Tom Baker speak. It was awesome. It would have been more awesome if my goddamn IRS refund had posted 48 hours earlier so I could have afforded a photo/autograph (it was one of those events) but, oh well. There was some other awkwardness that occurred - like, my being included in the programming, but not actually scheduled to do anything - but it was nothing insurmountable. I met some really great people, cooed over Nick Briggs' baby (the resemblance is uncanny) and was not threatened with a restraining order by any of the folks I ran into at Gallifrey/Chicago TARDIS. Gotta admit, I'd be a little worried if the same fan popped up at three different conventions, in three very different time-zones, in the course of four months...

It's a bit disconcerting, really. November - March has been absolutely mad for Doctor Who conventioneering, and now I'm staring at a long dry spell until it picks up again, hopefully at the end of the year. (With the possibility of moving to the UK, the fall-season US cons could be out of reach). I feel like I'm suffering a sort of fandom equivalent of jet-lag.

CANNOT WAIT FOR EASTER. Mind you, I've already pre-ordered the first three eps of S5 (or S31, if you like) from the UK. The previews have me squealing in glee and, given my initial doubts about Matt Smith, that's no mean feat...

(And the fans who still can't accept the fact that Change Happens in Doctor Who? Need to get over it. Particularly if this isn't the first regeneration they've sat through. You're allowed to be awkward the first time you deal with it - I wasn't the only wee fan who was deeply dubious about Peter Davison, way back when - but after that, methinks folks should try a little harder to embrace the dynamic nature of the character, rather than whine and complain about wanting "their" Doctor back... But maybe I'm just being intolerant.)

A friend of mine is prodding my brain re: fandom writing, whether I like it or not. Actually, I quite like it. I just hope I can keep up with him as he's a very, very smart dude and I'm slightly in awe. Indeed, I think that when I finally start bashing the keyboard again - in a fanficcy way, I mean - I'll feel like I've made a major step in recovering from Alex's death. Life-changing stress tends to kill the creative impulse, and I'm reaching the point where I'm starting to miss it - the creative impulse, I mean, not the life-changing stress. But enough of that. I save the morbid stuff for my personal journal.


Feb. 10th, 2010 12:02 am
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Happy birthday [ profile] robshearman!

ps, am crawling out my personal pit of despair, talk to me about it at G1, if you're so inclined.
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I will get around to my Chicago TARDIS report at some point in the next few days.

For the two or three of you not reading my regular journal, my husband died less then 24 hours after I got home (news of him moving into end-stage was why I was like Banquo's ghost at the dead-dog party) so, go figure, my mind has been on other things.

As I said at the time, it was all horribly ironic, as I had an absolutely fantastic time at the convention - until Sunday night, obviously. Sigh.

I will be in the UK, visiting family and friends, in early March - going there straight after Gallifrey One. If you'd like to catch up with me, let me know.
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I have my schedule for Chicago TARDIS.

I guess all my whining about "The Panel Death March" of last year softened [ profile] renn's heart, as I've only two on Friday and then two on Saturday. Heh.

So, feel free to find me/say hello at:

Costuming 101
Sexuality in the Whoniverse
Costuming 210
Chicks Dig Timelords - gettin' pimped in the main ballroom, booyah!

I'm really looking forward to all of them, obviously.

Otherwise, I'll be at the Thursday night social (I paid enough for the turbo registration, I'm going to use the hell out of it!), the Masquerade (duh), the brunch on Sunday and otherwise haunting various writer panels and trying to figure out how to slip my treatment for the post-Harkness Time Agency audio series into Jason Haigh-Ellery's luggage on the sly...
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The squee prepatory to Chicago TARDIS is starting to reach epic levels.

I'm very, very happy, actually, to have something to look forward to and to take my mind off Much More Important (And Horrible) Things. I can't wait to see my con-pals again and be generally dorky without fear of embarassment - especially with this whole newfound-sobriety1 thing going on...

Latest development: a particular LJer has suggested that she dress up as the cover girl (now nicknamed Verity) from Chicks Dig Time Lords - and she has since been deafened by the enthusiastic encouragement from various folks - several of them contributors to the book, such as my humble self (Coming, March 2010 from Mad Norwegian Press! Pre-order your copy from Amazon, now! Makes a great, erm... Easter gift!)

Because, you know, Doctor Who is, amongst many other things, about moments of silly whimsy like that. Further squeeings )
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Had a dream this morning that I had to get up at oh-dark-thirty to go to some PR event for something and John Barrowman was in my kitchen - part of the group for said PR thing - insisting that he knew how to make tea properly.

Where the heck did that come from?

PS. I have kazoos!
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Blatant plug! Hear me whittering on about Doctor Who costuming & cosplay in Bridging The Rift's latest episode -
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I think the meds are definitely doing something silly to my brain.


Because I just envisioned a dozen or so folks performing the Doctor Who theme on kazoos.

Maybe at "LobbyCon" at CT or G1...
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If the universe hadn't been generous beyond words on my behalf several times in the past 12 months, I'd be putting out the begging bowl to raise money for a plane ticket to Chicago TARDIS.

*shakes fist at the heavens*

Curse you, um, generosity!

Wait, that doesn't sound right, at all.

More correctly: curse what little tact and common sense I still have! To pass the hat now, two weeks after a hundred or so folks gave me their hard-earned dosh so that I could apply for citizenship (far more important than going to SF conventions), would be asking to be struck by a bolt of lightning, and rightly so!
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Just found a lovely fare for Chicago TARDIS. Direct flight, SFO - ORD, $334 r/t with taxes.

Naturally, I'm broke.

*shakes fist at heavens*
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x-posted from my regular journal

Chicks Dig Time Lords is available for pre-order via Amazon.

(That's [ profile] jigglykat's awesome work on the cover, btw.)

It looks like it's going to be all sorts of awesome - I feel like my contribution is strictly incidental but, heck, who cares. I'm just glad it's got a publication date set, finally. :)

(...and ignore the foolishness on the about the authors section - Amazon has been told of the screwup and a fix is en-route.)

Once again, awesomemegathanks to [ profile] matociquala for shoving me in [ profile] rarelylynne's direction and convincing her (and me!) that I could contribute.


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