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Two years to the day - the very day - of my chucking it in the bin and saying "That's it. Begone!" the bloody Kaldor City fanscript not only came back from the dead, but returned with suggestions for fixing the plot and enough vim and vigor for me to actually finish a first draft.

I didn't notice the anniversary until after I'd committed to the reanimation project. Bit spooky if you ask me. Aaaaanyways.

(TBH, it turns out I had jotted down more notes than I thought, although the plot still had some Gordian-knotty issues which took me about six hours to untangle while at work. Did I mention that my boss has been on vacation for nearly two weeks? It's been lovely and quiet at the office...)

It's not without its flaws - c'mon, it's fanfic - but it's got a beginning, a middle and an end. I hope that I can now put a stake through its heart and not be forced to think about it every time I'm in the mood for some scenery-chewing and cue up the MB plays on the iPod.

I've called it Revenge because calling it Johanna kills out some characters who she thinks richly deserve it and no I've never heard of 'Storm Mine', LALALA I can't hear you! was a bit unwieldly.

ETA: Here it is.
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The Kaldor City fanwriting idea isn't giving up without a fight, bless its little cotton socks. It's still fanwanky crap, but it's not as bad as it was. I'm still not writing it down until the "And then something occurs!" bit in the middle of the first act resolves itself.

This hobby can be a bit of a bloody millstone about the neck, can't it?


In the meantime, I've added another costume on to the someday list, although I will admit that if I happen to find ideal fabric for it, it might be moved up the schedule, as I know of at least two events at Gally for which it would be suitable. Sybilline Sister.

What's driving me bonkers - more so than usual, I mean - is that I'm ready to swear that I had some fabric that would be a great match for the original in my hot little hands at *some* point. Unfortunately, that covers everything from "It's buried in my sewing room" to "I saw it in the fabric store three years ago."



On a related note, I'm waiting to hear back from the organizer of the Gally masquerade. God knows what I'm letting myself in for...


Jan. 4th, 2009 02:42 pm
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I have officially chucked the Kaldor City fanscript into the bin.

It's fanwank and not very good fanwank, either.

I might try to tackle the notion of Kaldor City fanwriting again once I get the urge to be a complete idiot out of my system, but I suspect that'll never happen.

I'm rather irritated about the wasted effort and the fact that I can't seem to pull myself out of the mire that is the aforementioned wankery. But the best thing I can do right now is admit that it's a failed idea and try to leave it behind.

At least the experience introduced me to CeltX which I otherwise wouldn't have known about, so it wasn't a complete waste of time...
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The Kaldor City fanscript just swallowed it's own tail to the point of... well, it's coming out of its own ass, to say the least.

The ideas that have come out of it are good. I just need to find the energy to rewrite, er, most of it. The outline and the theme hasn't changed, really, but how the story is going to be told - and the big looming thing (which had been lacking, much to my chagrin) - has changed. I can salvage about half of the 15 scenes. The rest are heading for the dumpster. Oy vey.

Remind me why I think this is fun?



Oct. 19th, 2008 09:06 am
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Outlines that pull themselves to pieces and then encourage those pieces to chase their own tails, ad infinitum are asking to be shoved into the back of the metaphorical drawer and ignored.

Meh. I've got something cobbled together, but it looks a bit dull and pedestrian. But shouting at myself that there must be something better I can be doing with it isn't doing me any good and I hate leaving fics unfinished. So I'll plod through it and hope I can work out a way to unstodge it before I really do shove it into the junk-drawer of my harddrive.

Y'know, for a hobby that's supposed to be fun and is, honestly, more than a bit silly, it can certainly be a pain in the ass, at times.


Oct. 15th, 2008 08:36 pm
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Yep, the second half of the outline has imploded.


That was pretty impressive, in a rather horrifying way.

Time to sift the wreckage and see what's salvageable.
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I've reviewed the draft-so-far and had a couple of cluebats manifest, as I hoped they would. Ow.

The opening's weak and lacking the traditional 'teaser'. However, having just said that, scene six is squeaking at me that it might be happier as an opening scene - although it's not a 'teaser', really - not yet, at least. There's an insufficiency of things going *boom*.

Indeed, looking at the outline, there is an overall insufficiency of things going *kaboom*. Well, now's the time to notice, forsooth.

My tendency to over-refine the already-written bits before the project is finished is a bad one. I get all caught up in the editing when I should be bloody writing.

...and, then, over lunch, vast, painful issues with the second half of the outline made themselves manifest. At least I hadn't gotten anywhere near scripting 'em, yet.

I've got an idea on how to fix it and pick things up, story-wise, but fixing one issue has brought up three others. Whee!


Oct. 14th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Even when done just for fun, this writing malarkey can be hard work. can't it? Being out of practice doesn't help.

Thanks to a kick in the ass from [ profile] dungeoneer, the secondary-plot pixies came by this evening and sprinkled their magic dust all over the outline. It's 'only' six more scenes, but that's a net increase of 40% and another 15 minutes running time, I think. My guesstimate is that the finished script will come in between 40 and 45 minutes and I'm quite happy with that.

B plots rock.

More to the point, Rull matters, Iago has an opportunity to be a rat bastard (and he's nothing without that, y'know?) and I made myself write something I never thought I'd have the nerve to write. Oh, it's nothing icky, dear reader. I'm just sometimes a bit too respectful of the sacred cows, dig? So I had to make hamburger...

And now, I'm going to faceplant for eight hours. As said before: whew.


Oct. 13th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Today's little learning experience: a page of audio script is about 30 seconds' running time.

Guess who's gotten used to the 1 page = 1 minute ratio?

I think this fan project is going to be a lot shorter than I anticipated. Then again, what did I expect for something that's all 'A' plot? Maybe the secondary plot pixies will visit me in the next week or so. I still think I could be doing more with Rull, for a start...

Still, 14 pages of pretty-good dialog hammered out in, hrm, four hours. That's 14 pages more than I've written in the past (*gulp*) year or so. More than a year, in fact. The last bit I actually finished was in August, 2007. Blimey.
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Before I divulge the reason for the giggles, allow me to introduce y'all to celtx - a freeware script formatting thingummy. Just as I thought I was going to have to resort to MS Word...

The program's not perfect but it's free and, by gum, I can overlook quite a lot in exchange for that. Honestly, my complaints are teeny-tiny and more a result of my being so rusty, rather than any lack within the software. Fangrrl says check it out!

On to the giggling )
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I had intended to spend the day sewing the trousers for the Androids of Tara rig.

I think I'll be able to get started, now - now that I've gotten the outline for the Kaldor City fanfic down.

God help me.

I just need to sort out the details of a particular thingummy and make a decision re: another plot thingummy and I'll be ready to actually start writing the thing. Then maybe it'll finally stay out of my system. The challenge of writing an audio script should be fun, though...
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Hm. So only three years between Corpse Marker and Hidden Persuaders, huh?

Good to know.

Minor spoilers )


Oct. 8th, 2008 09:02 am
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My reading of the Timewyrm series has been put off by my copy of Corpse Marker arriving in the mail.

I cracked it open in the car on the way home from the train station. I started giggling maniacally almost immediately. Alex was amused. Of course, it won't do the fanfic plotbunnies any good.

I should tear through Corpse Marker in a day or so, and I'll no-doubt have an opinion to share, afterwards. Chris Boucher usually drives me beserk, so I can't guarantee that it'll be a good opinion.

I've also got the most recent DW BFA, Kingdom of Silver, sitting on my iPod, patiently awaiting a listen. I tried starting it the other day but I wasn't in the right mood to pay attention to it.
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Quite by accident (ie, I put in a lowball bid and figured it'd be blown out the water) I now have a copy of Corpse Marker on its way to me. There's something to be said for being willing to accept that used books are going to look, gosh, used. Collectors who want that out-of-print-for-fifteen-years paperback to be in mint condition? They must have a lot more in the way of disposable income than I do. ;)

Watch. The book will frustrate me even more. But it's a fourth Doctor and Leela story, so I'll probably enjoy it to one degree or another.

In the meantime, the Kaldor City fanfic continues to fall apart on me at key points, no matter how I approach it. burble, burble )
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I should be working, but I just bashed out a snippet of Blayes/Uvanov dialog whilst I was stuck on hold and, oh my god, that was fun.

Silly, over the top and slightly outrageous, but fun. It's a shame it probably won't make it to the final draft.

PS - and, yes, I'm writing it as an audio script. Might as well go whole-hawg.
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Inevitably, I have an idea for a short Kaldor City fic, but to write it means going into AU territory, which is something I generally shy away from for, that way, major, inexcusable silliness lies. All too often, it's a thin end of the wedge situation. Ugh.

But it might be the only way to get it out of my head, dammit. I couldn't bloody sleep, last night, for dialog in my head.
fangrrl_squees: (kaldor city)'s hard to stop.

Right then, I've been meaning to write down and compare the chess moves in Taren Capel and Storm Mine. As I'm not a chess player, writing it down is the only way I could keep track of it. Long. Of Even More Limited Interest Than The Previous Entry )
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When I'm in a rut - er, groove - I'm going to flow with it. My life's stressful enough as it is for me to muck about with change and disorder and such. So, with that in mind: WTF is up with the timeline in Kaldor City? Some spoilers. )


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