Oct. 24th, 2007 05:58 pm
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I just got me a copy of The Gallifrey Chronicles (er, the correct book, this time, not the 1980s non-fic thing by John Peel, oops) for far less than the $1801 wanted by a US seller. Thank heavens for Ebay International.

1 - Yes. $180 - for a used copy. And someone else was asking $260 for a new copy. Geeze, louise, guys. I can get Lungbarrow for less. Not that I have to
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Alright, so I just finished War of the Daleks, the EDA which, if I recall correctly, made the entire Internet1 melt down.

Cut for spoilery - just in case )

1 - or at least the DW Usenet newsgroup, a not-insignificant part of the 'net, at the time
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As you might already know, I've embarked on reading the EDAs, more or less in order.

Thoughts, Such As They Are )

Meanwhile, d'oh! Guess who found out there are two books entitled The Gallifrey Chronicles and promptly bought the wrong one? Fortunately, it didn't cost too much and it's an okay book, as such things go. I'm currently trying to find a copy of the Lance Parkin novel for less than $180 (the cheapest price I could find outside of resorting to an auction) but I'm not optimistic. I know, I know, the novel apparently sucks, but it's the only one of the run I don't have and you know what us SF geeks are like when it comes to wanting a complete set of things...

(In other news, I finally got my Seal of Rassilon tattoo touched up (the tattoo is nearly eight years' old). It looks great, but I really hope this is the last touch-up for a while, 'cause, ouch, it hurt!)


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