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I bounced some ideas off Alex, and his eyes didn't completely glaze over, so I guess I'm on the right track - or, at least, not the completely wrong one.

I'm trying to create some (ha!) internal consistencies re: time travel for the Time Agents to be lumped with follow - not that the Whoniverse has ever worried about such consistency, but I want a couple of boundaries in place, else I'll regret it in the long run. Besides, if there aren't rules, how can they be broken, later on? Heh.

Expanding on the Blinovitch Limitation Effect was great fun. I've come up with a few twists on the idea which are, I hope, somewhat plausible - in so far as such things can be.

And I created cute, mostly-harmless time-eating "canaries" (more like large, furry slugs), 'cos I've had enough of Vortisaurs, Reapers and creepy-freaking-statues. So what if they were probably created by the Daleks. No-one's really sure, you see... Heh.

I don't really expect to get anything substantial done until the weekend. But the ideas for the second eps are firming up, as are a few notions of what's to happen further down the line.

The placeholder names will continue to read like Seinfeld episodes - "In which things get better, for a certain value of better." - until further notice.
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*glares at fanfic outline*

Christ. I'm so fucking formulaic.

Then again, if it wasn't for my exceedingly pedestrian approach, I'd never get anything done.

As it is, I've the major themes identified, and very rough ideas as to how the stories are to unfold. Well, the first one is almost completely sketched out (just gotta figure out some niggling hows to go with the whats) and I've written a general outline for the second. Eps 3 - 6 remain very much at the "Our heroes learn that they have, with wanton if unintended stupidity, put most of the universe - past and present - in danger, and must now fix things while they're still fixable."

It's rather how I write LARPs, honestly. Thing is I'm a bit worried that this formulaic1 approach, whilst it has proven pretty successful for one-shot LARPs, might result in utterly boring drivel for a six-part audio miniseries.

It doesn't help that my little darlings characters still feel a bit on the flat-and-cardboard-y side. Maybe I should give up plotting to work on them some more. I dunno. I'm making up far too much of this as I go along. I think.


Days like this, I think us fanficcers should be chased offline until we learn how to write properly, or promise to give it up in favor of something more productive, like piranha herding...

1 - if I were feeling kinder, I'd say workmanlike, but I'm not.


May. 31st, 2009 04:47 pm
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Churned out about 3,500 words which isn't much but what really matters is that the huge mess of scattered bits of information has been retrieved from various sources - my paper journal, my memory and assorted bits of paper - organized and recorded in a much more sensible fashion, so now I can actually make use of those ideas without spending twenty minutes trying to find/remember them.

Characters, backstory and setting are now done-enough to make with the actual plotting. Naturally, I can feel myself getting the fanficcer's equivalent of drymouth at the very idea.

Although, as my husband has mentioned, if nothing else, I've got material for a dynamite tabletop RPG - just add players!
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Just caught myself massively copping out on something with the Time Agency fanfic of dooooom.

But, then again, I think it makes sense for them all to be single. Going at it like rabbits in the background, maybe, but deliberately avoidant of emotional entanglements.

I'm actually more worried about how all of the male characters seem to have the same overcame some bad decisions, but fundamentally alright, now background, whilst the women are showing a worrying streak of being "nice" girls and disempowered as all fuck. Fortunately, this is all fixable. Dreary, but fixable.

Also still tapdancing on the dreaded After School Special landmine. Sigh.
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Did some more world-setting stuff for the unnamed Time Agency foolishness, today. Y'know, scrawled down a bit more about the setting, did some character outlining, dumped a couple of plot notes onto paper before they slipped my mind.

And then I determined the main characters' Myers Briggs types.


I don't know if I should be amused or ashamed.

It's something I always mean to do for the characters in the LARPs I write and run, but never get around to - or decide that it's unnecessary information overload and the player already has enough to deal with.

This only reinforces the feeling that what I'm really doing is writing an RPG. Still, there are worse things to spend one's time on...


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