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*rolls up sleeves*

Alright, blame a convergence of circumstances for knocking this one loose. It might ramble a bit - alright, more than usual - so bear with me.

I don't think gender should matter to a Time Lord.

Granted, there are apparently two genders in Time Lord society but, given that they can't reproduce sexually (ref: the whole genetic loom / cursed into sterility thing explained elsewhere on many fine reference sites) the notion of physical gender could be considered a relic from the pre-sterile society. The notion of blending two genders into one by whatever means would have no doubt been psychologically quite upsetting to the newly-sterile Time Lords - and a lot of work, besides - and so the two genders remained in place. I've got to admit, if I were in a similar situation, I'd probably want to hang on to tradition, so to speak.

But I like to believe that a Time Lord could change gender at regeneration, if they wanted to. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that there'd be the same incidence of transgenderism in that fictional society as there is in the real world. It could even be higher, simply because of the relative ease of the changeover - no years of hormone replacement, expensive surgery and lots and lots of time convincing folks who've never had a transgender thought in their life that no, really, you've been born in a body into which your mind doesn't fit.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've spent far too much time thinking about sexual mores in Time Lord society and the possible irrelevancy of gender amongst ditto. It's all a bit utopian of me, I know - folks on certain filters on my regular LJ know that I've lately bemoaned what a pain in the ass all this socialization-by/of-gender can be, at times. But I'd hardly be the first fan guilty of projecting their own opinions onto a show.

Practical upshot: let the Doctor be played by a woman. Let The Rani's return be played by a guy. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, I'd be delighted.

Of course, with Steven Moffat taking over, we'd end up with a female Doctor, a female Master and Lesbian Spank Inferno on the TARDIS but, heck, it wouldn't be that much of a change - says the woman who perhaps dug that phone conversation between Saxon!Master and the Doctor a little too much...

PS - and for my next entry, I'll treat you to the tail-chasing stream of questions provoked by the whole Lucy Saxon as The Master costume idea thing. It's, um, well, it's probably incredibly boring to anyone who isn't me, really...
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I wake up with the strangest ideas, sometimes.

This is somewhat related to a post I made a while ago, hypothesizin' about Time Lord sexual mores. So, I suppose this is a follow-up, of sorts.

If you accept the whole "genetic loom" thing1, would this mean that the gender of the parents is irrelevant?

For that matter, why limit the parental contributions of genetic material to two people? Why not one? Why not three? I know, that's straying close to some of the sillier bits of Heinlein's Future History, but it's one of those thoughts that crosses one's mind.

For that matter, is gender even relevant to Time Lords?

I know that, in the post mentioned above, I made a bit of a palaver about Time Lords needing certain glands (ahem) if they don't want to be physical children for the entire duration of their existence, but my husband just made an interesting point as he peered over my shoulder at the LJ (and shook his head a bit ruefully, I might add). When Romana II was choosing her new body, one of the discarded choices was apparently male. Yes, yes, one could do a bit of handwaving and suggest that a form that is apparently male to one person is apparently something else entirely to another, but that could be considered a copout.

Never mind the implications for non-traditional-by-my-paltry-standards-styles-of-parenting, I think the gender question is rather interesting. Granted, I'm looking at it from my own POV. When you have a few transgendered friends, you can't help speculating along certain lines. Not to be dismissive of what's a very important issue to many folks, but I wonder what the Time Lord take would be on gender. Is it a social construct? Does the concept even exist?

I suppose the concept of gender could be a carryover from the pre-cursed-to-sterility days (fair point) but Time Lords have been reliant on the Looms for how long? Given how quickly social customs come and go in Western society - some more quickly than others - why should we believe that the concept of gender would linger overlong on Gallifrey?

There's a fic idea in this somewhere, I know there is...

PS. Meanwhile, an obvious upside to a dependency on the looms: I rather doubt there's such a thing as an unwanted child or unplanned pregnancy in that society.

1 - Time Lords don't reproduce in what we'd consider the usual fashion but are apparently created via genetic manipulation - although there's no word on if a fetus has to be carried by a host mother, or is grown in a bottle and decanted, Brave-New-World style...
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I bet that title got your attention, didn't it? We geeks have filthy minds, you should know that by now. You think all that slash and torridly-shippy fic writes itself? On to the matter at hand...

Way Back When, Omega had a snit fit and cursed the Time Lords with sterility. I forget what he was having a fit about, but Omega didn't do anything by half measures, 'cos he's a vengeful bastard.

(or was it Rassilon who did the cursing? Bloody hell, I can't remember. Well, I'm saying Omega for now and will gleefully accept corrections later)

At the very end of the classic TV continuity, and here and there in the books - about which I know the is it canon or not arguments will never fade, alas - there was much mention of the "Genetic Looms" and a few raised eyebrows because a certain Time Lord of renown has (gasp!) a bellybutton, which apparently isn't the done thing in Time Lord circles1.

I have a problem with the bellybutton thing, actually. Even if Gallifreyans are grown in vats, surely some sort of placental arrangement is necessary in order to nourish the fetus, in which case, they resulting beings would have bellybuttons, regardless of what sort of "uterus" they grew in, right? So I'm going to ignore that whole "The Doctor has a bellybutton" fuss.

Gotta love fanon - ignore the bits that get in the way. That doesn't mean I don't think about them, however.

Furthermore, it's a bit unclear to me if Omega cursed the entire planet full of Gallifreyans, or only the Time Lords, when it came to smacking them with the Big Stick of Sterility. If one were to make a decision based on pre-Seven continuity, one could make a case for it just being the Time Lords suffering the curse. Don't try to tell me that Leela was going to settle down with some fella who wouldn't provide her with some healthy babies, y'know?

Contraiwise, there's the matter that the entire society seems a bit, er, prudish - and various hints and implications in the post-classic continuity suggests that all Gallifreyans rely on the genetic looms for reproduction. So, it's not terribly clear. Again, my gut instinct suggests that Omega cursed every-bloody-one, not just the Time Lord sect/class of society.

However, despite the temptation to perhaps make everyone into sexless beings whilst at the Loom - because hormones cause half the world's problems, donchaknow? - the naughty bits are still needed, unless one fancies the idea of being pre-adolescent for the entirety of one's existence. Ugh. So, never mind how prudish some Time Lords seem to be, those bits are still vital to physical development and are going to be standard issue for everyone.Further noodlings behind the cut-tag )
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I'm working on a probably far-too-overthought entry about sexual mores in a society that doesn't reproduce in the usual humanoid manner - yep, I'm thinking about what Time Lords do for fun. It'll be something for my non-extant readers to look forward to. Watch this space!


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