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Happy birthday, [ profile] iko!


Meanwhile, the fanfic that wouldn't die hit me across the nose with an idea, this morning. Just a tiny little refinement to one of the characters, to better explain why she and her buddy are, um, buddies.

Terminally bored? You'd have to be, to read this. )
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Best goddamn laugh I've had in a couple of days: anti-fanfic bingo!

Coincidentally enough, I just found my long-lost jump drive with my notes for a moderately ambitious Torchwood fanfic. Yep, I'm going to do what many of my friends think I'm incapable of: write a genfic1. Worse yet, I'm still intending to tackle it as a screenplay. I'm mad, I tell you. Quite, quite mad.

And please, oh please, don't leave a comment asking me if I've seen Torchwood 2x01/telling me how awesome it is. I haven't seen it and I'm sure it is awesome, but my husband is already badly distracted by my sobbing into the keyboard and moaning that life was so much easier without a conscience. Let's not make things any worse for either of us, 'kay?

Ask me on the 26th. :)

PS. Meanwhile, I've started flinging emails to a couple of dealers who are going to be at G1, asking after their interest in the B7 'zines. I figure that shipping 'em to Gally won't cost too much and if any sale falls through at the last minute, my loss will be the charity auction's gain.

1 - well, genfic in that only canonical naughtiness will be referred to...


Jan. 15th, 2008 06:22 pm
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It's moral quandary time!

Some of these B7 fanzines I've cheerfully taken off my friend's hands are, it seems, worth a few bucks to certain folks. Not gobs and gobs, mind you, but $10 - $30 each, depending on the title.

If money wasn't tight at Casa Cthulhu, I wouldn't give a damn. I'd gladly give them away for the cost of postage.

But money is tight. And, by my reckoning, I'm sitting on about $300 worth of 'zines - possibly more - if I can find a buyer.

That's the kicker. Finding a buyer. Well, that and wrestling my conscience to the ground that's saying I should give the things away, as initially planned, because that's the kind-and-nice thing to do - even if I suspect that some recipients would immediately turn around and sell the items on ebay, once read. After all, we might be fans, but we're also only human, right? Right. This moral quandary being a case in point, for instance.

Would it be horrible of me if I sold these 'zines, rather than giving them away?


Maybe if I offered them up at a bargain price - less than I'm seeing online? Maybe that would quiet my conscience but still satisfy the little black duck that sees small-but-significant piles of cash in fanzine form on the coffee table...

Blech. I wish I wasn't broke. The matter would be much easier to resolve, then...
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Well, blow me down if Powerplay wasn't a much better episode than I remember it being.

Admittedly, I last saw it twenty years ago, or so...

About the only part of it that seriously aggravated me was Steven Pacey's (Tarrant) delivery of his lines throughout his first couple of scenes with Avon and Dana. Every single line ended in a descending tone. I suppose he was trying to go for authoritative confidence, or something, but it played out as repetitive and a bit dull, really. I was dying for a bit of range. It manifested, eventually, but the wait wasn't easy.

But, yeah, aside from that, it's a damn good episode. Unfortunately, I think that might have been the best eps of the season but given how vague my memory is of that run, I'm just going to have to give it all another chance before pronouncing judgment. Granted, the fact that my memory of S3 is far fainter than that of the two seasons preceding it is not a good sign, but it's a risk I'll have to take. ;)
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This is where linkhopping at after midnight will get you:

Blakes 7 lego. It's all quite smashing.
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I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything about the episode Killer because I was too busy shrieking at the godawful costumes to pay attention.

I can't find a screengrab, so you just have to imagine 1" sheet foam, covered in brown - or sometimes white - squeaky plastic and then quilted and folded like origami around the hapless actor. Awful, awful, awful.

I really need and omg, my eyes!-type icon for this viewathon...

Edited to add: and oh dear god, it's a troop of Michelen Men in white vinyl gimp masks. I seriously doubt the costuming can get any worse.
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I think I've exceeded the FDA daily limit for campiness. Oh. My. God.

Cut for yet more manic giggling )
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Poo. Not only are they bootlegs, it looks like the source was VHS. Ugh. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to save a few bucks, I guess.

Inspired by an online-pal's recent marathon viewing, I'm getting re-aquainted with B7 (hence the purchase).

Of Limited Interest. Much Pointing and Laughing. )

Oh dear, such lovely silliness. This really requires sitting down with friends and giving it the MST3K treatment...
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Oh, this is fun!

A person on my f-list1 is watching Blakes 7 for the very first time. She's started posting her reactions to the early episodes, her thoughts about the characters, hopes for ditto and all that, and it's magic. I'm trying really hard not to jump all over her journal with "OMG! You're going to love it when this happens, but watch out for when that occurs and... and..." and be, probably, quite annoying.

Well, okay, I went a little bit crazy in her vicinity, but not too much, I hope.

Anyways, I'm quite keen to hear the reaction of a first-timer who'o already seen a lot of what came after B7 (not a little of it inspired by that show, consciously or otherwise2) and, of course, thirty years after it first hit the airwaves3. There was a lot to B7 that was quite ground-breaking at the time, but I suppose now it's going to come across as laughably dated - and derivative, too in the way that D&D players think that Tolkien was derivative of Gary Gygax - I've seen it happen. So, yeah, I'm wondering what her reaction will be, to various aspects - from the handling of female characters, to the occasional bouts of moral ambiguity and, of course, spaceships that are clearly made from detergent bottles with sparklers stuck on the back.

It should be interesting to compare her thoughts to my long-held notions, y'know? A bit of a refresher course, in it's way - I hope.

(and, er, if you're reading this, oh aforementioned LJer... no pressure. Really! Just keep blogging, 'kay?)

1 - who shall remain nameless as they might not approve of my talking about their TV habits on my journal

2 - *cough*Farscape*cough*

3 - Jesus Christ. Thirty years? Really? Ow...
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Did a bit more thinking about Liberator as I battled insomnia, last night.

Minor spoilers )
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Right then. I've listened to the third story in the new B7 audios - Liberator and the latest Doctor Who offering from BFA, 100

Liberator - some spoilers )


100 - again, spoilers )
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Well, the plot is starting to diverge from the original canon - finally.

However, when the ship's computer is the most interesting character on the cast, one can't be entirely optimistic about the future of the series.

Spoilers )
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I've just listened to the first Blakes 7 audio from B7 Media, Rebel, by Ben Aaronovitch, Marc Platt and Mark Swallow. So far, so good.

Slightly spoilery review )
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Ramblings about a fictional character that I didn't create, but insist upon trying to play nonetheless over in [ profile] b7_rpg. And therefore of limited interest. )


Sep. 26th, 2006 12:07 pm
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Someone out there, please please please talk me out of buying You're Him, Aren't You?

I don't suppose anyone in LJ-land would like to loan me their copy? I'd take care of postage both ways. I just can't quite bring myself to reward Darrow for writing what is, by all reports, a 200 page love letter to himself - but morbid curiosity can't stop me from wanting to read it, too. It's like looking at a car-wreck, I'm sure....
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Rather to my surprise, the outline for Descendant is done.

Kara's still a woman, but that's because I started the outline with her as a woman, and decided to keep on going as I had begun. The jury's still out on if I'll change Kara's gender or not. Re-reading my earlier entry, I'm worried that maybe I'm implying that a female character simply can't go toe-to-toe with a domineering personality like Avon's and, hell, I'd hate to imply that. Avoiding that sort of implication is certainly a reason to keep her female. But she does need something. There's a lack of oomph to her that I'm mentally associating with Mary Sue soppiness. Why she might have that oomph as a male character, I don't know. Oh no! I'm a victim of gender programming!


Regardless of Kara's gender, the name must change. Why? Kara. Kerr. Kara. Kerr. I didn't think things all the way through when I was doing my usual take a regular name and play with it tactic. I just can't have two names that similar in the same story. I'm so used to Avon's first name hardly ever being used that I completely forgot about it. D'oh!

I've rescued Tarrant and Soolin. We'll see if that survives to the final draft, or if the transport ship turns out to be a decoy. It's an idea I'm still kicking around but, for the moment, they're esconced aboard the Tenebras.

If someone out there on the 'net is really that bored, I've uploaded the outline here. Keep in mind that a) it's an outline and b) I could still change a lot of it. :)

PS. I'm on the verge of upgrading to a (shudder) "plus" account so I can get a few more userpix without having to shell out the dosh. As I think the only person annoyed by on-screen ads would be me, as my readers check this space out via their friends' page, it might not be all that bad...
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Descendant is still stalled, for several reasons.

1) I'm not quite sure if what I have in mind for What Happens Next (in the final half of the story) has sufficient oomph, so I'm spinning my wheels.

2) I've been distracted by a new shiny - [ profile] b7_soolin

3) I'm still unsettled by the Mary Sue factor.

No matter how I file the edges of Kara, the Sue-ness is still showing through. It might just be me. I might be too close to it and so paranoid of the factor that I've lost perspective. However, I don't think that's the case. I think my worry is still justified.

I already carved out all the really obvious MS-ness from the original version of the character (exit: tragic death of mother at hands of the Federation) and knocked the moral high ground out from under her - she chose to continue working for the Feds when her first chance to run came up. I won't remove her one kewl ability, especially as I've limited it to the point whereby if she uses it again after it's introduced, there's an excellent chance that she'll die. What else can I do?

I had an idea last night, as I was drifting off to sleep and battling the problem1, but I don't know if it's a good idea or a knee-jerk reaction to the lingering presence of Mary Sue.

Change Kara's gender.

-- Totally different chemistry between the characters. Rather than Kara and Andriss being girly chums together, there'd be an inevitable factor of "Are they or aren't they...?" going on. I'd tinkered with the idea of having a certain amount of ambiguity, relationship-wise, between the two women, but I decided it was borne of a need to be sensationalist, rather than from good character development. Meanwhile, luv Avon tho' I do, he's got just a wee streak of the misogynist bully in him and he wouldn't be able to use that against Kara-as-a-guy.

Hold on a sec, I seem to have had a sudden outbreak of slash pixies. Back! Back, you little devils! Right, where was I?

-- It'll certainly be a bit unusual, as there's a definite prevalance of "give the psi powers to the girls" in SF. Cally, Deanna Troi, every Anne McCaffrey character evar (okay, that last one is inaccurate, but you know what I mean. Her male characters are pretty dam' girly). A male character dealing with what I've created could be veeeery interesting. Hm. Hmm...

-- It means we're down to one woman on the crew (until/unless I get Dayna out of trouble) and I fear that smacks of tokenism, even tho' Andriss owns the blasted ship and is the holder of the piggybank. It'll be more challenging to write Andriss and "Kara" as an equal partnershp with the inevitable are-they-aren't-they? going on, but that much, I know I can deal with as long as I'm aware of it.
-- Is it perhaps a wee bit too much testosterone?

On the face of it, it might be a good idea - although it'll take me a while to let go of female-Kara2. She's been in my head off and on for, oh, 21 years or so. So I'll have a further think about it and see if it gels, or if this is identified as a panic-driven case of change-for-change's sake.

Meanwhile, [ profile] vilakins, I'd like to pick your brain for a moment, if I may? Come into my parlour... )


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