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Now that I've got the bloody reboot-prequel thing online, It's time for Torchwood-fic metasmut. )

Meanwhile, I finished listening to the BFA The Wishing Beast just in time for the arrival of the next one (whew!) and I've got to admit, I found it a bit grating. Gods, those dreary old ladies got right up my nose... When Mel isn't the most annoying character in the piece, you know something's wrong.

(I shouldn't be so hard on Mel, really. The character's had a lot more to do in the BFAs and isn't quite as irritating as I rememer her being on the TV show. Then again, that's not saying much.)

Anyway, I'm afraid the story didn't grab me, struck me as predictable, throughout, and most of the cast seemed to be going through the motions, rather than enjoying themselves. Yes, I know that acting is their job and everyone has a bad day at work, sometime, but there's usually a certain undercurrent of joie de vivre in the BFAs (I believe that if you listen really hard, you can hear cast and crew cackling that they're the luckiest SOBs on the planet, but maybe I imagined that) and it just didn't seem to be there for this story. So, yeah, a bit of a clanger on that one, alas. Ah well, they can't all be The Natural History of Fear. As long as they're not all Creed of the Kromon, I'm glad...

I'm seeeeriously eyeballing the box set for the BBC7 Eighth Doctor stories even though I already have them on my iPod (*whistles artlessly*) but I wonder if the subscriber discount mentioned in Big Finish's ad in DWM applies to those of us subscribing via Alien Entertainment? I think it might. I hope so, 'cos the exchange rate is a killer as it is. Regardless, I'm hoping I can stay my hand 'til either a) Alex's next bonus or b) tax refund time (assuming we get one, *mutter*).
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This is for the fans of the "Toppy!Ianto" series. Both of them.

No, it's not a fic. Not yet, at least )


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