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So the "insular community voluntarily drops out of space-time for assorted selfish reasons, domestic drama and other claustrophic hilarity ensues" idea has now become "demented TARDIS remnant attempts to swallow an entire planet, much to the alarm of nearby apocalypse cult (because they, y'know, didn't expect the world to ACTUALLY end)" idea.

I like the second one a LOT more. Just gotta take care that it doesn't become some boring, preachy thing about religion.
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Time Agency fanfic of doom has reached the highly annoying stage of 'ticking along nicely, while tearing itself apart'.

I really like the premise, and the characters and some of the plots I've jotted, but there's some gaping bloody great things wrong with it and I don't know if I'm smart enough to fix them.

Still, as mentioned before, I've got a great setup for a tabletop RPG, if nothing else - but I'd rather not settle for that.

Brain is fizzing on other ideas, but they're even more frivolous and wasteful of time. To hell with them.


I finished listening to Orbis - minor spoilers, ahoy! )


Speaking of twitchy, yes, I know that Torchwood's "third series" looms and, yes, I'm annoyed about BBCA playing silly buggers with the airing dates. But, honestly? I haven't finished watching S2, yet...

It started out as "I'll save those eps for an afternoon when I want a treat" and then became "I don't know if I really want to end this series yet, it's been such good fun" and finally "Oh, yeah. I'll get around to that one of these days..."

It's odd. I really liked Torchwood's second season and think it's an order of magnitude better than the previous one but... I can't seem to find the motivation to finish the bloody thing. Given how all my Torchwood fan friends have told me "OMG! You'll love the story!" (because of the historical costuming, I s'pose) my reluctance rather baffles me.
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The Time Agency Fanfic of Doooooom outlining continues.

I came up with a MUCH better hook (and, indeed, most of the plot to go with it) for eps 2. I'm feeling pretty pleased about that.

I've also decided to throw one of the main characters to the wolves, so to speak, for the sake of the story. I wasn't terribly fond of him to start off with, so at least I'm spared the "Oh gods, I'm killing one of my babies!" guilt, and it resolves an, erm, unresolved issue I had with something built into the finale.

Eps 4 remains stubbornly unrealized beyond a general urge to mix a sex farce with time travel - aka "What do you mean, I'm my own ancestor?" I'm not very worried, though, as that's going to be the light-and-fluffy (or, at least, lighter and fluffier) story. Having said that, watch it turn out to be the bear of the bunch - I've grumbled to Alex that I can't do comedy.

(Tangent! I've always loved the quote attributed to Mel Brooks: "Tragedy is when I stub my toe. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.")

The finale is still pretty much shrouded in the mists of Too Many Ideas, but I expect some of that to clear as I nail down the outlines leading up to it. As I've bitched before, the presence of time travel makes some things FAR too complicated...

Thank god I've got no deadline on this, huh? ;)
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I bounced some ideas off Alex, and his eyes didn't completely glaze over, so I guess I'm on the right track - or, at least, not the completely wrong one.

I'm trying to create some (ha!) internal consistencies re: time travel for the Time Agents to be lumped with follow - not that the Whoniverse has ever worried about such consistency, but I want a couple of boundaries in place, else I'll regret it in the long run. Besides, if there aren't rules, how can they be broken, later on? Heh.

Expanding on the Blinovitch Limitation Effect was great fun. I've come up with a few twists on the idea which are, I hope, somewhat plausible - in so far as such things can be.

And I created cute, mostly-harmless time-eating "canaries" (more like large, furry slugs), 'cos I've had enough of Vortisaurs, Reapers and creepy-freaking-statues. So what if they were probably created by the Daleks. No-one's really sure, you see... Heh.

I don't really expect to get anything substantial done until the weekend. But the ideas for the second eps are firming up, as are a few notions of what's to happen further down the line.

The placeholder names will continue to read like Seinfeld episodes - "In which things get better, for a certain value of better." - until further notice.
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*glares at fanfic outline*

Christ. I'm so fucking formulaic.

Then again, if it wasn't for my exceedingly pedestrian approach, I'd never get anything done.

As it is, I've the major themes identified, and very rough ideas as to how the stories are to unfold. Well, the first one is almost completely sketched out (just gotta figure out some niggling hows to go with the whats) and I've written a general outline for the second. Eps 3 - 6 remain very much at the "Our heroes learn that they have, with wanton if unintended stupidity, put most of the universe - past and present - in danger, and must now fix things while they're still fixable."

It's rather how I write LARPs, honestly. Thing is I'm a bit worried that this formulaic1 approach, whilst it has proven pretty successful for one-shot LARPs, might result in utterly boring drivel for a six-part audio miniseries.

It doesn't help that my little darlings characters still feel a bit on the flat-and-cardboard-y side. Maybe I should give up plotting to work on them some more. I dunno. I'm making up far too much of this as I go along. I think.


Days like this, I think us fanficcers should be chased offline until we learn how to write properly, or promise to give it up in favor of something more productive, like piranha herding...

1 - if I were feeling kinder, I'd say workmanlike, but I'm not.


May. 31st, 2009 04:47 pm
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Churned out about 3,500 words which isn't much but what really matters is that the huge mess of scattered bits of information has been retrieved from various sources - my paper journal, my memory and assorted bits of paper - organized and recorded in a much more sensible fashion, so now I can actually make use of those ideas without spending twenty minutes trying to find/remember them.

Characters, backstory and setting are now done-enough to make with the actual plotting. Naturally, I can feel myself getting the fanficcer's equivalent of drymouth at the very idea.

Although, as my husband has mentioned, if nothing else, I've got material for a dynamite tabletop RPG - just add players!
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Just caught myself massively copping out on something with the Time Agency fanfic of dooooom.

But, then again, I think it makes sense for them all to be single. Going at it like rabbits in the background, maybe, but deliberately avoidant of emotional entanglements.

I'm actually more worried about how all of the male characters seem to have the same overcame some bad decisions, but fundamentally alright, now background, whilst the women are showing a worrying streak of being "nice" girls and disempowered as all fuck. Fortunately, this is all fixable. Dreary, but fixable.

Also still tapdancing on the dreaded After School Special landmine. Sigh.
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Rather to my surprise, I find myself with more ideas to play with than I have time in which to play with them. This hasn't happened for quite a while, I assure you.

- Brainstorm ideas for individual segments and episode themes (I've got a lot. The challenge will be getting 'em all to quiet down long enough to be written down)
- Sort out the tech (probably not all that difficult, just time-consuming. Will probably set up a subdomain of for hosting, since I've got unlimited bandwidth through the host)
- Wheedle folks into contributing. Remote recording will be challenging, but not impossible, by any means.
- Think of a name for the bloody thing that is neither dull nor patronizing.

Still-unnamed Time Agency Audio Fanscript of Dooooom
- Finish outlining the last two characters
- Outline the Big Events which immediately precede the first story. Mostly done in my head already, phew.
- Brainstorm the episode story ideas (whimper) and summarize.
- (oh gods) Sketch out the overall season arc. Thank god I'm planning a short season.
- Writewritewritewrite until my fingers bleed. Treatments, then script.
- Declare that I'm crap, throw everything out, start over.
- Decide if I want to record the bloody thing as a fan project, or what. (no, I will not be buying large drinks for certain BFA people at certain conventions. That doesn't work outside the movies, anyways. ;))

The Locusts of Time
- If I can't get my bloody cast together for a read-through soon, I'm in trouble.
- I'm already in trouble as it seems one of my leads is working the local Renn Faire and that could sink plans to have footage in the can by mid-August. Must decide if I'm going to re-cast, or shoot something else to provide footage for the Final Cut Pro class - assuming I can afford to take it, this fall.
- GAH (translation: I will not think about this right now, because I'm not thinking clearly. Further bulletins after further cogitation has occurred)

I think, if nothing else, I've got the bones for a great one-shot tabletop RPG with the Time Agent stuff. I forgot how much I like doing character-crunchy things and world-building. I just wish creating actual plot wasn't like trying to perform dental surgery on myself. With stone tools. Without anesthetic.

I think I can manage all of this, simultaneously. I just can't take anything else on board, right now (cue: revival of the screenplay that wouldn't die)
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I've never tackled a project with an ensemble cast, before.

It's harder than it looks, ain't it?

There's definitely a fine line between individuality and coming across like an after-school special when it comes to differentiating the characters from each other.

Bleh. I'm going to do what I can, leave it alone for a couple of days and then review it. There's not much else I can do.

Still need to come up with a name for the project, too. Silly me.
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Did some more world-setting stuff for the unnamed Time Agency foolishness, today. Y'know, scrawled down a bit more about the setting, did some character outlining, dumped a couple of plot notes onto paper before they slipped my mind.

And then I determined the main characters' Myers Briggs types.


I don't know if I should be amused or ashamed.

It's something I always mean to do for the characters in the LARPs I write and run, but never get around to - or decide that it's unnecessary information overload and the player already has enough to deal with.

This only reinforces the feeling that what I'm really doing is writing an RPG. Still, there are worse things to spend one's time on...
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I finally quit dithering and sent Costuming: More Productive Than Drugs, But Just As Expensive off to the fabulous and ever-patient [ profile] rarelylynne. I had to let it go before I ruined it with the umpteenth tiny tweak. I'm still worried that a miniority of folks will take the conclusion in the worst way possible (I'll elaborate on that post-publication) but to hell with them. It's clearly intended as a light-hearted bit and if people don't see it that way, it's not my fault. I might have my rough spots, but I'm not that bad a writer.


Today, I'm going to work on something extraordinarily silly which might or might not become an audio fanscript, down the road. All this and I have a fresh cup of tea at my side. Bliss!
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I might... maybe... possibly have the premise for a series of stories.

I'm going to spend the weekend world-building (since I can't get into the sewing room) and see what I have at the end of it.

Again, not that I can do anything useful (ie, moneyearning) with it, but it might be fun. And fun is valuable too, in its own way.

I think the biggest challenge will be stopping John Hart from hogging any limelight. ;)


Apr. 28th, 2009 11:19 am
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According to one of the ever-patient editors, I'm not barking up the wrong tree with the Chicks Dig Time Lords piece. Phew!

Revising tonight, 'cos if I don't, I'll never finish the bloody thing.

I'm ludicrously excited by the project, probably beyond all sensible proportions. ;)


Apr. 27th, 2009 09:12 pm
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(X-Posted from my regular journal, which some of you can't see...)

For good or ill, the first draft of the as-yet-unnamed1 Chicks Dig Time Lords bit has been flung editor-wards.

It needs a better conclusion and there's definitely still some bare patches, but as long as I'm not told that I've barked up an utterly incorrect tree, it's all fixable.

Now I'll get back to thinking about that TimeAgent!Jack meets Torchwood!Jack fic idea that occurred to me this afternoon. The Torchwood/Spooks slashfic idea is stalled for a lack of a not-too-implausible premise. Well, that and I can't quite decide whether to play it (ahem) straight or not.

1 - still tempted to go with something like Costuming Leads To A Crisis of Feminist Conscience: Details At 11 but I think that's a bit too silly. And definitely too long.
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I might as well bite the bullet whilst I'm still bubbling with enthusiasm and start the shot-breakdown for the fanscript.

Problem is, I keep getting the giggles whenever I pick up the hard copy and see the cover page. It's just your basic, bog-standard screenplay title page, but it still makes me giggle.

Clearly, I'm very easily pleased, these days.

I'm sure that the aggravation of re-learning narrative photography will bring me back down to earth with the proverbial thump.

I've gotten some v. helpful feedback from the betas - confirming certain thoughts I had about some things and forcing me to re-examine others. Excellent!

God help me if I actually get this to the point of being produce-able...
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Employed the Douglas Adams method of writing and took a shower whilst contemplating next steps.

Realized that the character Arthur was too aptly named, as he spent far too much time going "What?" and "I don't understand" although he doesn't ask about tea.

Took an axe to Arthur which, in turn, has fixed a lot of the Lucie doing nothing aside from standing around and being smart-assed issue I'd been having. Hooray!

This weekend goes down as a success!
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Lessons learned today:

- So what if someone has done it before? As long as you're not engaging in plagiarism, get on with it and have some fun.
- Sometimes, the characters insist on standing around and talking. Just frakkin' write it already, and worry about fixing it after you finish the first draft.
- I'm going to fan-writer hell for at least three reasons: the name of the antagonists, the manner of how the plot unfolds and how the Doctor saves the day.

But! The first draft is done. There are many things wrong with it, of course, but it's got a beginning, a middle and an end. That'll keep me going through the revision process.

Crikey. All this to produce footage for a class I might or might not take in the autumn...

And now I'm going to pour myself a small cold celebratory something. My first completed, if not finished, script in *mumblemumble* years!

PS - final page count: 30 (edit: 29, I just cut out a superfluous character and fixed a major problem w/Lucie in the process). Estimated running time 15 - 17 minutes, which is a bit longer than anticipated, but not by much.
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Oh, Christ. I'm realizing just how long it's been since I've written an honest-to-god televideo script.

Fifteen years, or so.

I've, er, forgotten quite a bit.

But, fuckit. I'll do what I can and worry about fixing infrastructure errors when the first draft is done.

Thank god for CeltX.


Mar. 25th, 2009 11:19 am
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Well, ain't that a turnup for the books?

I figured out an ending for the as-yet-untitled fanscript outline, so now I can get to work on the actual script part of it.

I'm too-often stymied by the final third of a story idea, so forgive me if I'm unreasonably chuffed about the situation.

It's not a great ending, granted, but, honestly, the point of writing the script isn't fanac, but a means of producing footage for the Final Cut Pro class in which I'm hoping to re-enroll, this autumn. So I shouldn't lie awake at night about it. It's got a beginning, a middle and an end, and there's every chance that I won't even film the entire thing, just enough of it to produce 2 - 4 minutes of finished footage. So I need to quit fussing and just bloody do it already. :)

Also, I received a rather nice compliment from someone I hold in high regard (something along the lines of having Stephen Hawking asking you to help him with his maths, although I am exaggerating just a tad) and so that's made me feel happier than I've any right to feel at the moment. I'd explain further but, er, I can't. Ask me in six months, as it could all fall apart in the meantime (although I hope it doesn't!).

So, from a fannish point of view, today is a surprisingly good day!

This weekend, I've nothing significant planned, so I think I'll sit down, re-watch a few fanvids and write some proper reviews. I might as well take advantage of all these writer gluons (or whatever you fancy calling them) while they're whizzing around the atmosphere.
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Silly fanscript idea is making noises like it definitely wants to be an Eight/Lucie story, but I'm trying really hard to not to get wedded to any ideas before the story is really done.

The usual final-third issues (which have killed 85% of my past ideas in development) are making manifest.

My husband is too tired - and not sufficiently into Who - to wield the pointed stick.

[ profile] brewsternorth? I don't suppose you have Skype?


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