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I'm going to release a chunk of fanfic outline into the wild. It's intended as a followup to The Harkness Supremacy crackfic but I'm damned if I can remember where I was going with it. I vaguely remember some notion about the alien antagonist being addicted to snorting opals. Damned if I can remember why it's killing humans and what the tie-in with the bio-terror group was. I think the Big Bad was looking to have something nasty tailored to sell to a third (offworld) party, and was actually being somewhat smart about covering his tracks.

It goes to say that this was all jotted down long before Children of Earth...

Read on, if you dare )
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Time Agency fanfic of doom has reached the highly annoying stage of 'ticking along nicely, while tearing itself apart'.

I really like the premise, and the characters and some of the plots I've jotted, but there's some gaping bloody great things wrong with it and I don't know if I'm smart enough to fix them.

Still, as mentioned before, I've got a great setup for a tabletop RPG, if nothing else - but I'd rather not settle for that.

Brain is fizzing on other ideas, but they're even more frivolous and wasteful of time. To hell with them.


I finished listening to Orbis - minor spoilers, ahoy! )


Speaking of twitchy, yes, I know that Torchwood's "third series" looms and, yes, I'm annoyed about BBCA playing silly buggers with the airing dates. But, honestly? I haven't finished watching S2, yet...

It started out as "I'll save those eps for an afternoon when I want a treat" and then became "I don't know if I really want to end this series yet, it's been such good fun" and finally "Oh, yeah. I'll get around to that one of these days..."

It's odd. I really liked Torchwood's second season and think it's an order of magnitude better than the previous one but... I can't seem to find the motivation to finish the bloody thing. Given how all my Torchwood fan friends have told me "OMG! You'll love the story!" (because of the historical costuming, I s'pose) my reluctance rather baffles me.
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This post is to kick around some ideas for a new community and garner feedback, gauge interest, etc - so please don't hold back with thoughts, ideas, etc.

(I'm also going to make a point of plugging this to the [ profile] torchwood_three mods, as I'm sure I've dropped off their radar)

Over the course of the past weekend, myself and a couple of Torchwood-mad acquaintances kicked around the idea of a community for ideas sharing, meta-chat and (possibly) occasional RP for Torchwood creative projects and, to a lesser degree, of the show itself. It would be a place to share plot-bunnies, kick around thoughts for character motivations (help for that fic that's driving you up the wall!), compare interpretations of characters (hence the mention of possible RP), use-'em-if-you-want-'em fic prompts, even ask for betas for works in progress, perhaps. Y'know that sort of thing. Some discussion of the show's episodes would, I think, be inevitable, but it would not be the focus of the community, as it seems to be in [ profile] torchwood_meta which is a lovely community, btw, but not quite filling the niche that's being suggested, here.

What it wouldn't be is a place to mindlessly squee. There's lots of places for us to go squee about Torchwood already and, boyohboy, do we take advantage of them, already. Well, most of us do, I'm sure. There's a time and a place for squee, but this proposed community wouldn't be it - says the woman who oversees the 'ship-free fic archive...

There's also a question of how to determine membership. I've heard suggestions from "open membership, we'll risk the avalanche of squeeful fans who can't read a community profile" to "invite only" to "prospective members share a bit of their previous fic or meta (ideally the latter) with the mods and the mods decide" to "prospective members share a bit of their previous fic or meta (ideally the latter) with the members and the members decide".

I have my own thoughts on all of these options, but I'd like to hear from potential members - assuming there are any, of course.

EZ Questionnaire For LJers On The Go! (or something)

So, speak up. Would you want to join - and, more to the point participate in such a community?

What about the community would draw you to it?

What sort of things would you like to see in the community?

What would you not want to see in such a community?

What do you think you would contribute to it, and what would you want out of it?
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Found via [ profile] rm

NYT article on Russell T. Davies - and his impact on British telly and culture via Who and the spinoffs.

It's a good commentary piece, and an interesting read.

Favorite quotes: Behind the cut )
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As usual, spoilers abound.

Adrift )
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As usual, a gut-reaction post and spoilers abound.

From Out Of The Rain )
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I told myself I'd go to bed after A Day In The Death. Surely, three eps in one sitting is enough. But, noooo. The teaser for Something Borrowed was just too much to resist!

Besides, it'll leave me nicely situated to chew my way through the final four eps, tomorrow.

As ever, spoilers abound )
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Again, sheerly a reaction post and spoilers abound:

Day In The Death )

Yep, this is definitely the season full of bad emotional triggers for the fangrrl. This is both good and bad. I can't pick one over the other.

PS - you know you've been watching too much Torchwood when you start talking to yourself in a Welsh accent, although maybe that was the ohmigod Welsh cramming I was doing earlier today... I've been falling a bit behind, you see...
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More plain-and-simple reaction posting.

Dead Man Walking )
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Right, then.

*rolls up sleeves*

Sheerly gut reaction stuff only, I'm afraid. I'll think about it all, later.

Spoilers throughout, natch.

Reset )

Overall, I liked the plot, I liked the execution of it, and how the characters interacted. The general improvement of the show continues. Yay!
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Please to be killing whoever's responsible for the needless (and abundant) short zooms on Torchwood, now.

More when I've gotten more than three minutes in...
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Why do I have a sinking, horrible feeling that this might have at least a passing resemblance to a certain fanfic?

Again, cut despite the fact that I'm weeks behind everyone else )
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Liked the idea. Thought the last alien standing was a bit OTT.

Also thought the aliens were a bit too T-1000-ish in their choice of weaponry.

More thoughts when I'm not about to sit down and catch up with the other episodes I've missed.
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Okay, I've stopped giggling and caught my breath, now. On to Initial Thoughts - Spoilers Abound )
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Best goddamn laugh I've had in a couple of days: anti-fanfic bingo!

Coincidentally enough, I just found my long-lost jump drive with my notes for a moderately ambitious Torchwood fanfic. Yep, I'm going to do what many of my friends think I'm incapable of: write a genfic1. Worse yet, I'm still intending to tackle it as a screenplay. I'm mad, I tell you. Quite, quite mad.

And please, oh please, don't leave a comment asking me if I've seen Torchwood 2x01/telling me how awesome it is. I haven't seen it and I'm sure it is awesome, but my husband is already badly distracted by my sobbing into the keyboard and moaning that life was so much easier without a conscience. Let's not make things any worse for either of us, 'kay?

Ask me on the 26th. :)

PS. Meanwhile, I've started flinging emails to a couple of dealers who are going to be at G1, asking after their interest in the B7 'zines. I figure that shipping 'em to Gally won't cost too much and if any sale falls through at the last minute, my loss will be the charity auction's gain.

1 - well, genfic in that only canonical naughtiness will be referred to...
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Right then.

I need some good reference pix of the "risen mitten".

Meanwhile, would anyone else agree that we might not have seen the last of Suzie Costello?


Got game?

Sep. 16th, 2007 12:39 am
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I'm looking for online games for my two Torchwood darlings - [ profile] jack_harkness_ and [ profile] dr_owen_harper.

Honestly, I'd prefer to keep them in separate games, as trying to play them both in one event is piggy and would probably make my brain leak out of my ears. I'm more concerned about the latter, go figure.

I'm also cool with 1:1/email RP, but - as various folks will attest - I'm incredibly picky about my RP partners. So that might be more aggro than you're willing to deal with. I quite understand.

Referalls/examples of my style of RP cheerfully provided on request, or take a gander at my slew of RP character writing to get an idea of the sort of thing I dig. Yes, I know the Torchwood section is out of date...


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