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Chicks Dig Time Lords is available for pre-order via Amazon.

(That's [ profile] jigglykat's awesome work on the cover, btw.)

It looks like it's going to be all sorts of awesome - I feel like my contribution is strictly incidental but, heck, who cares. I'm just glad it's got a publication date set, finally. :)

(...and ignore the foolishness on the about the authors section - Amazon has been told of the screwup and a fix is en-route.)

Once again, awesomemegathanks to [ profile] matociquala for shoving me in [ profile] rarelylynne's direction and convincing her (and me!) that I could contribute.
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Lock up your daughters, darlings. I've been listening to The Natural History of Fear, again. Yes, again.

Is it a bit much when a BFA turns up on one's most frequently played list on the iPod?

(For comparison's sake, that means I've listened to it at least, erm, eight times... Should I worry?)

On a completely unrelated note - honestly! - I just bought the 40th anniversary box-set of The Prisoner from Amazon...


Mar. 6th, 2008 11:51 pm
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Proof that I am a complete and utter fangirl. Even more so than you might have anticipated.

Like proof was needed. ;)

For what it's worth, I really enjoyed the brunch and, damn, I wish I'd made the line for 2009. Oh well, maybe 2010. (I'll quit going to Gallifrey two years after the convention is over.)

I'm cheerfully full of gin and wine at the moment and, following a conversation with my dad regarding what's going right with New Who and why he should be watching it (he merely dipped his toes in during bits of S1, and managed to see Dalek, thank Whomever) I got into a big long discourse about why the fandom and the writers/crew are a big part of why I remain in the fandom and it was... well, it fun and cheerful and passionate - several things I've not been, recently... So passionate, in fact, that the waiter wondered what the hell I was going on about when he passed by the table. Granted, this was after the second martini and I can be passionate about a whole range of subjects at that point in an evening...

But, er, yes, more thoughts on that when cheerfully sober - whenever that happens to be.
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Via [ profile] thunderwill

An entire page of pix of John Barrowman and a cute dog.

Pure. Unadulterated. Squee.

Have your insulin ready.

You have to register with the site to get past the preview pix, but the previews suffice for squee purposes.

ETA: A news story about same. It seems that Barrowman adopted the puppy... :)
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As usual, I collected autographs in my journal - when I didn't have books/CDs to be signed.

The writers, bless 'em, left some lovely sentiments, but my favorite has to be from Andy Lane who, upon hearing that amongst other things scrawled in the journal, there's not a little Torchwood fanfic, wrote:

Captain Jack stood on the edge of the building and... (continued on page 98)

As the journal has only 100 pages in it, I'd better make it a drabble...
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This is where linkhopping at after midnight will get you:

Blakes 7 lego. It's all quite smashing.


Nov. 28th, 2007 01:01 am
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Oh dear god, the fic ideas.... (Worksafe, extremely silly, will set off crazed ideas in fangrrly minds, although I don't know about the rest of you - uniforms of a sort, cute fellas on their knees but still entirely worksafe, I assure you)

Picture found via [ profile] qthewetsprocket who is clearly trying to ensure I get no sleep tonight, whatsoever. Original image credit to [ profile] lalign, who provides context - and some more pretty darn neat pix from an event in Birmingham - here

I'll pay someone a dollar if they write the fic. :)

EDIT: It seems I owe [ profile] crabby_lioness a dollar.
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In lieu of actual content, I offer you lots of pictures of David Tennant wearing glasses.

I need the pictures for, er, costume reference. Yeah, that's it...


Jan. 12th, 2007 10:38 am
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The word for today is guh! The post is [ profile] spaceygal64's, but I had to share.

The glasses caused some major wibble, I might add.

Like the icon says... Srsly.

(the link is worksafe, but not dial-up friendly - lots of backstage photos of John Barrowman, post-panto-performance)

And now, I must go mop up the drool off my keyboard.
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I'd give my left arm for a recording of this production of Rope.

John Barrowman, Alexis Denisof and Anthony Stewart Head. My mouth goes dry at the very thought of them on stage together in that play, never mind the pictures.

As my husband put it, throw in David Tennant as the body in the chest and I'd disappear in a puff of pure estrogen.


Dec. 5th, 2006 10:18 am
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...and, courtesy of [ profile] torch_wood

John Barrowman AND a puppy. Anything cuter than that probably exceeds EU limits on squee-inducing components.
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Y'all can club your funds and buy me this for Xmas.

For the hell of it, I made a bid at the theoretical max I could get away with, divided by two in the interest of not having my husband leave me over the credit card bill and was immediately creamed by the first bidder whom, I'm sure, has a ridiculously high bid.

I seriously considered going up to 100 Pounds for it, as it's the sorta squeeish thing I love (I like scripts. Big surprise) but, as I said, dropping the best part of $200 on such a thing would almost certainly lead to marital discord at the House of Fangrrl.

Unless, of course, I got my hands on a similar item off the set of BSG for the spouse. ;)
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I'm listening to the BFA Memory Lane as I'm catching up on a huge pile of filing at work and, oh, Paul McGann's voice is a blissful thing to listen to... And the way he delivered the line "The TARDIS has been stolen by an ice cream man?" is absolutely priceless.

Unfortunately, I'm still not buying into the whole C'rizz-as-stone-cold-killer bit, which is a shame as the writers have been trying so very, very hard...
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I just watched John Barrowman's appearance on Jonathon Ross (sp) on Friday night. Once I'd warmed up to the host - it took me a few minutes - it was a hoot. Fangrrl says check it out if you can get your hands on it. No spoilers unless you haven't seen Small Worlds yet.

Fangirls everywhere probably cheered up no end as JB refused to completely shoot their fantasies down. Hee!

Personal favorite quote: Cut for those who just don't want to hear it )


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