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As promised, progress on the Lucy!Master costume. Apologies if you have a dial-up connection. Two big-ish pix behind the cut )

I've any number of personal in-jokes/little homages to various incarnations of the Master, going on with this rig. The palette, the chosen fabrics, the buttons and even the cut of the shirt are all nods, in one way or another, to the character. And yes, I've even included Roberts!Master in the collective wink-and-nudge, despite the fact that I prefer to deny vast swathes of the TVM from my personal fanon.

And, oh yes, I will be buying some nce leather gloves to go with the ensemble - but I have to wait a couple of paychecks to save the pennies for the pair I've been lusting after...

Alex immediately suggested some sort of necklace/pendant to go with the shirt and that is, indeed, pretty much a given with a neckline like that. But short of borrowing the *ahemunlicensedknockoff* Saxon signet ring from a pal and wearing it on a chain like a bobbysoxer with her boyfriend's class ring, I'm not sure what to use. Any suggestions?


Aug. 27th, 2007 12:25 pm
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I've been working on another 'torture Jack' fic (I told you, it's this month's theme) and I've kinda run into a wall on the home stretch. Ow.

The obvious solution involves Jack being torn up into bits - literally - but dammit that's obvious. And a bit boring - I just did that, albeit in another fic that y'all haven't seen yet.

My original ending for the bit got punted out the window, this morning, as being a bit too implausible, even for fanfic - although I'm tempted to keep trying to make it work, as fanficcers will when reluctant to kill a darling.

I think the root of a lot of this headdesking is because my meager skillz aren't up to conveying what I want to convey whilst not slapping the readers with the Wet Haddock of Foreshadowing (closely related to Red Herrings, donchaknow) that Things Are Not As They Seem. Subtle hints seem to be beyond me. If I could pull that off, I could probably go with the original, massively angsty ending. Mmm, angst...

This entry makes it sound like I'm taking the piece far more seriously than it deserves. I'm not, but I want to finish the bloody thing and, at the moment, it's proving more difficult than anticipated. Grr.

ETA: Never mind. I bit the bullet and posted the damn thing.)


On another note entirely, the room block for Gallifrey One is open. The con rate is $115, or so. The G1 website says $105, the reservation clerk told me $115, either way, it's a break over the regular rate of $160. With taxes and surcharges and such, consider it about $140/night and you won't be far off.

I've booked a room and am willing to act as liasion if various assorted maniac friends of mine want to arrange for us to end up, if not adjacent to each other, then in the same corridor - which can be done, as long as there's at least three rooms participating (ie, enough incoming money for it to be worth the hotel's time) and I nag the manager about it, mercilessly. My gaming friends can share some horror stories about getting room blocks arranged, confirmed, re-confirmed and then some, and then showing up at the hotel to be told "What room block?" - and said incidents were also with the Marriott, I might add...
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I swear, I'll get past this in twenty four hours or so. I'm just on a bit of a kick at the moment and I'm being more honest that usual about it.

Not particularly smutty. It's just *about* smut )
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Alright. Hands up who wants a preview of some of the pervy shit I wrote down in lieu of meeting notes this afternoon?

It's not completely coherent at the moment - more like a sequence of moments waiting to be connected - and, in one case, I've got some seriously bad grammar going on. You have been warned.

You get your choice of Jack/Ianto talking-but-not-doing-anything-dammit (but I think talking about sex is hawt in and of itself, which probably explains why I have three pages of it already) or toppy!Jack/Owen, as per earlier today. Leave your email address in comment (all comments screened, for modesty's sake - stop laughing!) and I'll send you a paragraph of my choice via my gmail account.

Readers are free to comment/beta/make suggestions/point and laugh. I'll gladly steal ideas from y'all, you freaky little darlings.

If I have to have an unproductive day, so do you!


Nov. 20th, 2006 10:13 pm
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Blimey. This PWP thing is tougher than it looks, isn't it? And why'd Owen have to go admit a hitherto unsuspected romantic streak on the second page, huh?

I don't know if I'll ever share this online - honestly, I stink at the smut - but I'm glad I got this particular bit out of my system, as I could tell that Gwen and Owen weren't going to give me any piece until I gave them some time. I guess they got jealous of Jack and Ianto, earlier.

A tiny, PG - well PG-13 - excerpt: )


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