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(No, I haven't watched Combat or this week's eps, yet. I've been taking a break over vacation and will catch up tomorrow. I figure that Torchwood and a hangover might be a good match. Meanwhile...)

So, it's done. Not only is it done, but I made a second version of it, with some much thinner leather, carved out of a thrift-store jacket. As I suspected, the resultant item is thinner, more flexible and more in scale to my scrawny forearm. That's not to say I don't like the heft of the first version, it just doesn't suit me.

Photobucket album of all pix - larger than the ones behind the cut tag - if you fancy browsing them your own way

If you don't want to bother following the link and figuring out what's going on... Pix embedded in the entry. All are 500px wide, so it's very, very dial-up unfriendly... )

Both versions used magnets for the closure of the top flap. You can see the placement for them on the underside.

I used the same 'computer' for all photos. As you can see, it's different from the first one I made and, I think, it's better. I'm contemplating mounting it onto velcro and switching it out from band to band as necessary, as I'm not sure I could pull off making another one. It involved rolling Sculpey very thinly, more baking-over-sodacans and a lot of fiddly carving with an x-acto blade. How I didn't slice myself open, I don't know. Yes, I know I need to color the screen in, black. I'm contemplating my options...

What aggravated me, particularly about the whole project, was having to pay $9 for a pair of tiny buckles. Twice. The only way I could get them was to buy shoes, also from the thrift shop down the road and even used, they're not entirely cheap. Alex suggests that if I try a third version - unlikely - I visit the local watch shop, as they might have tiny little buckles for women's wristwatches. I doubt they'd be much cheaper, though.

I'm still working on the how-to journal for this one, so don't expect that before next weekend, at the earliest.

But anyways, there you have it. So, when I blithely said that I could knock one of these puppies out in a weekend, I was obviously thinking of the second one, which came together about six times faster, go figure. ;)

EDIT: It seems that my journal style cuts off any picture more than 500px wide. I'm going to see if I can't fix that right now, or else I'll just resize these particular pix...


Dec. 17th, 2006 09:08 pm
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I'm 90% done with the replica of Jack's wrist computer thing and a) the buckle I picked up for closure is too frackin' big and b) the whole item is quite significant. Even with the thin hide I'm using and having scaled down the design all 'round, I think it's going to look way misproportioned on my wrist.

Fortunately, I have a pal who's keen on possibly cosplaying Capt. Harkness and I think this thing would suit her perfectly, so - once I find a better buckle - I'll still finish it, even if I just end up loaning it to out her, instead.

As usual, making the thing has been a highly educational series of mistakes.

It's not really ready to show off yet, but I took some pix, anyway. Of course.


Open - you can see where I've placed the magnets that I'm using for a closure.

The underside which isn't nearly as pretty as the top, of course.

I need to find a better buckle, and add a placket to the underside of the cuff, and then it'll be done. If unwearable by me. *mutter*

The "computer" - which I'm not terribly happy with but it's the best I could do because I'm not a model-maker - is super sculpey rolled about 5mm thick and then baked on an empty soda can in order to give it this curve so it would lie flat against my scrawny wrist. My wrists about the only part of me left that are scrawny...

If by any chance, you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Oh yeah, I should mention that despite appearances otherwise, there was very little sewing done on this thing. I laid down lines of stitching and then turned edges and cemented them down (yay for spring clamps) all throughout to make it appear as if it had been stitched. I didn't want to try running multiple thicknesses of leather through my sewing machine, you see. Even Gertie (my gear-driven 1940s Singer) can only take so much. Said glueing and clamping is how I got those nice crisp corners and, imho, it was worth the time and braincells killed by adhesive fumes...


Dec. 11th, 2006 08:58 am
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Remember when I blithely said I could knock out a knockoff of Jack's wrist-computer thingy over a weekend?

I was mistaken. Very, very mistaken. Being a perfectionist hasnt helped any, especially as, overnight, I thought of how to re-do a major element that took me most of yesterday to create - and now I want to toss it out of the window. Darn my desire for crisp corners, anyways!

But, as I always say, I learn more from my mistakes than my successes.

More bulletins as events warrant.
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Dude, Super Sculpey is totally strong enough for the computer part of the wristband, as evinced by the fact that I dropped the damn thing on the kitchen floor twice after I pulled it out of the oven and no harm was done. Out of curiosity, I subjected it to a bit of abuse and it's clear the stuff will break, eventually, but it's much closer to a plastic in terms of tensile strength, than the clay it impersonates. The shape of the test bit isn't ideal and I don't know what would be more aggro - sanding it into an ideal shape, or ditto a poly resin casting of same...

*shrug* I'll try making a better version of the "lozenge" - as I have taken to calling it - in Sculpey and bake that up, as it'll be needed either way. Sculpey is sure to be a hell of a damn sight easier to paint, I suspect, so I'm inclined to try as hard as poss to make that work. I'd probably have an easier time shaping it if I had more than a craft knife and my fingers for shaping purposes. Today's discovery: a full soda can makes an excellent mini-rolling pin.
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Dear Diary,

Today, Fangrrl remembered why costumers and prop-builders often hate designers - because they sometimes forget that what looks good isn't always ideally functional. The concept drawing looks fabulous. However, unless one has a forearm of constant diameter from wrist to elbow (I certainly don't!) then a plain rectangle doesn't look so hot, particularly when the piece is so wide.

Granted, the above is a minor quibble but it led directly to fangrrl also remembering that she should have paid more attention in geometry class.

And finally, she realized that she was a fool to have not used Super Sculpey before now.

Further details for the curious )

In other news entirely, a completely pointless meeting ate 90 minutes of my life which I really needed for doing month-end on the books (did I mention that I'm not an accountant?) but, lo, the meeting produced one tangible result. I managed to smack the last bit of the Jack/Ianto d/s intro story into shape - managed to articulate what needs articulating and explained to Jack that, sorry, it's not going to be quite what he's hoping for. Furthermore, I think I've figured out the actual, y'know, smutty bits (so Jack won't be entirely disappointed, but I think he's going to be surprised). The current expectation is a three part story, with the second part written as an IM log, as is increasingly popular amongst TW fic circles these days.

Watch this space, etc, etc.
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(feel free to insert your own smutty follow-up to the subject line)

I think I'm going to have a go at making a repro of Jack Harkness' wristband/computer thingy. Clearly, a void has been left since I completed the MPWP. Going on about prop-making. Of limited interest. )
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I usually post costume ideas on my not-very-fannish journal, but this one had to be shared here.

Let's see. I know I've got a side of heavyweight distressed leather at home, and a sizable bit of more traditional mid-weight leather (shiny, water-resistant finish, unlike the distressed), quite a few smooth rivets from some damfool craft project, some sheet-plastic left from MPWP, and grey primer spray paint...

Son of a gun, as long as I could find a buckle and figure out how I'd want to do the detailing on that center, I could put that together in a weekend.

My only quibble, doesn't the dam' thing have a flap over it, now? Hm. I'd like a pic of that, too.

What would I do with it? I don't know. Give it to someone who wants to cosplay Jack, probably. Or keep it for a random SF-costume persona and only smile knowingly when someone asks about where I got it. :)

ETA: Other images of the prop itself - it's just to the upper right of the printed-out headshot of Jack - suggest something quite different, which is a bit of a shame, as I like the concept drawing, more. It'd be easier to make, too.

Then again, I might be looking at quite the wrong thing.


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