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Bloody hell, I hope this phase fizzles out soon, as I'm not sure how much of it I can take. [ profile] moviegrrl? You might not want to read this before work.

Title: None, unless you lot suggest one, because I'm so frackin' lazy.
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: NC-17, I guess, although I think it's a rather mild NC-17
Summary: Jack/Owen PWP, discarded from the outline for the sequel to User Friendly because I'm trying to write a farce for that, goddamnit.

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I'm giving some serious thought to making the above canon over on [ profile] jack_harkness_, btw. He's been so angsty in the Torchwood continuity, and the boy really needs to get laid. Although, if one were to go by the signs-so-far in canon, I should be readying the reams of Jack/Ianto stuff I've been scribbling. They've been verbally sparring for (looks at document) five pages now, and haven't gotten past one smooch and a fade to black. Geeze, guys, what's it going to take? Blood? *thinks* Ew...
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I swear, I'll get past this in twenty four hours or so. I'm just on a bit of a kick at the moment and I'm being more honest that usual about it.

Not particularly smutty. It's just *about* smut )


Nov. 27th, 2006 11:53 am
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[ profile] moviegrrl? I think I jinxed us (well, me) with that ticking time-bomb comment of mine, elsewhere.

I've got tons of work on my desk. I've got other, better, fics to think about. So what the hell has been eating my brain since about 11PM last night? Jack/Owen PWP. So very, very NSFW - NC17ish but only because slash doesn't play in Peoria )
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Right then.

The Gwen/Owen PWP is as done as it's going to get because, frankly, I'm tired of staring at it and porn really isn't my thing, writing-wise. I'm big on the fade-to-black approach. But I had to write this down, otherwise I was going to keep walking into walls at the office.

Owen Bloody Harper (thank you for that nickname, [ profile] moviegrrl) can pout all he likes about it not being smutty enough. See above re: me and the porn.

I probably shouldn't inflict it on y'all but, to hell with it. I'll never learn anything if I avoid criticism. Peer behind the cut tag for the awfulness that is the fangrrl's first attempt at PWP in about sixteen years. Srsly, the last bit I wrote was some torrid Riker/Wesley slash shortly after I finished high school.

NC-17 for naughty words and actions. There's probably some godawful formatting errors in there, too, as I've pasted it from Word, but I think I caught them all.

It only has a title because LJer seamstrix suggested one... )


Nov. 20th, 2006 10:13 pm
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Blimey. This PWP thing is tougher than it looks, isn't it? And why'd Owen have to go admit a hitherto unsuspected romantic streak on the second page, huh?

I don't know if I'll ever share this online - honestly, I stink at the smut - but I'm glad I got this particular bit out of my system, as I could tell that Gwen and Owen weren't going to give me any piece until I gave them some time. I guess they got jealous of Jack and Ianto, earlier.

A tiny, PG - well PG-13 - excerpt: )


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