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Pinched from [ profile] brewsternorth. For some of these questions, I'm going to split my answers into multiple parts. I'm sure you'll cope.

1. When did you start watching?
As soon as my eyes could focus. No, really - Doctor Who was my first memory of TV and, god help me, watching it is one of my earliest memories, full stop.

1a. Why?
'Cos it was shiny and strange and definitely not "Playschool". Also, it was one of the few programs I'd watch with my mother. Ironically, she went right off the show, in the end...

2. What was your first episode?
The first eps that I really, clearly remember was Genesis of the Daleks part one, although that very-first memory was a re-run of some late Jon Pertwee story. I can't remember which one, but I do remember Bessie being in it.

3. Which episodes have you seen?
Oh gods, how am I supposed to remember? Pretty much everything from Robot through The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and almost all of the new series, but my memory is erratic, to say the least. I'm slowly acquiring DVDs and patching the holes, but that's going to be a long-term project.

3a. Favourite?
Classic: City of Death. New: The Impossible Planet (but not necessarily The Satan Pit and oh gods, that was not an easy choice, btw)

4. Are your friends/family interested in the show?
Some are, many aren't.

5. Which Doctor is your favourite?
Argh! Why must I choose? I'll have to say the Eighth Doctor, but the Fifth is close behind.

A LOT more behind the cut )
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As I'm making my evil twin go through this, I think I should put myself up for sacrifice, too.

Besides, I'm curious what you evil bunch will come up with - although you'll notice I'm doing this on my fannish journal, and not my regular one. Some of my regular-journal readers have exceedingly cruel (but funny, I can't deny that) imaginations. ;)

Name three fics you think I will never ever write, and I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

Notice the word attempt - not promise :)
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This was too funny not to share, actually )

I particularly liked #10, but #5 had me laughing out loud. So apt! And three Jacks? My cup runneth over! Maybe it's a hint for me to write the multiple-Jack fic I've been considering...


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