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Title: One Week Later.
Rating: NC-17. Violence and sexual content (non-con).
Featured characters: Jack Harkness, Harry Saxon, Lucy Saxon.
Summary: A follow up to Emotional Politics... and my general rummaging through Jack's year in hell on the Valiant. One week after a failed escape attempt, Jack gives in to the temptation to do something very stupid during a conversation with Harry Saxon.
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Harry Saxon
Additional warning: This might hit some bad buttons for readers. If you couldn't sit through a certain scene in Marathon Man, you might want to give this a miss. And, again, it's unbeta'd.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the BBC. They're not mine, and they're probably quite relieved about it.

'The rational part of Jack's mind suggested that this probably wasn't a good idea... )
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Right, you lot. Here's the kickoff for rebooting the toppy!Ianto series. It's unbeta'd and definitely a bit rough, but it's done. I won't admit how long this idea has been in my head, because that would be a bit embarrassing.

Title: Starting Over
Summary: Now that Jack has returned from the Valiant - an experience about which he is uncharacteristically closed-mouthed - Ianto learns that what qualifies as that status quo must undergo some serious re-interpretation.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R, for not-very-specific violence and some slightly-explicit naughtiness, but it is a bit weird. Hence the R.

Follow the cut )
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Title: The Harkness Supremacy - Chapter 7 of 12
Overall Rating: 15 (some violence, a tiny bit of slash, strong language)
Total Length: 11,100 words - which is why it's been broken down into 12 parts!
Chapter Rating: R (a little bit of slash)
Disclaimer: This is an homage. The characters are not mine.
Summary: What happens when a member of MI6, an assassin and a former time agent run into each other in Hong Kong? Quite a lot.

Part 1 - James Bond hated Hong Kong...
Part 2 - 'You're not about to win any awards for safe driving.'
Part 3 - 'I must have *really* pissed M off.'
Part 4 - 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'
Part 5 - It was only human to have a few drinks after hearing bad news...
Part 6 - Dr. Stuart Bell seemed to be pushing research along some very specific paths

Part 7 - It didn’t help that whoever designed the place apparently didn’t like sports, or America – or possibly both )
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Alright, so lemme explain.

The story, below, was what I originally had in mind for Inversion (aka "The Switchy!Ianto story") but I decided that I didn't want to bring Owen into the dynamic. Not yet, at least. *ahem* And I thought the tone was a wee bit light, compared to the rest of the series.

But why should I let a perfectly fine bit of filth languish on my hard drive? So, if you like, treat this as an AU for Inversion - as it does make some passing references to that continuity. Or just enjoy it as is, whatever. ;)

Title: Turnabout
Pairing: Ianto/Owen (yes, really) and Ianto/Jack (implied)
Rating: NC-17, but it's not terribly explicit, but there is definitely some naughtiness going on.
Summary: Jack finds more than he expected when he goes looking for some long-lost reports.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns these characters. I'll put them back when I'm done playing with them, honest.

Warning: Unbeta'd.

Jack wondered if all of the storage areas scattered throughout the Hub were being used for one sort of illicit encounter or another )

Author's Afterword

For what it's worth, this was going to be followed up with Ianto, indeed, taking it out on Jack, although not too unpleasantly, because I've got dark!Ianto bound and gagged in the closet, ironically enough, so no non-con for him, the naughty lad.

Srsly, my outlines after this story were heading off into a direction that I'm not quite ready for - it would be too soon and quite probably a little too implausible, even within the giddy realms of cheerful slashfic - so I yanked the whole thing and started over with Inversion.

As ever, feedback is luv.
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This one's actually been written for a long while, and awaiting the right time to be throw into continuity. I've decided that, with one thing and another, this is the time, despite my earlier reservations. My reasons for putting this story at this point in the continuity will become apparent when I've finished the immediate followup (working title: Mis-direction) but you'll just have to wait until then. Unbeta'd and for that, I do apologize.

Title: Inversion
Length: 1,600 words
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Kink-factor: minor (mild bondage, cross-dressing (implied))
Description: Jack discovers that sometimes the biggest surprises occur between nine and five. Part 4 in my apparently unending (and still unnamed) toppy!Ianto series.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, otherwise we'd have a lot more of this sort of thing on Sunday nights, and less of most everything else... ;)

Prologue: Shouting Match
Part 1: Negotiation
Part 2: Incognito
Part 3: Exposure

There's a time and a place for everything... )
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This really belongs in my non-fannish journal, but I figure I've got better odds at finding some sympathy over here.

My evil twin is trying to kill me, bless her heart. Annoyingly enough it took a hair over 2,000 words of random thinking/freewriting to come up with something even remotely resembles a plot for the Jack Harkness/James Bond/Jason Bourne crossover1 I'd promised, and longer than that to shoehorn in the requisite smut, and it's still not not ideally situated - y'know how it is, sometimes... Never, ever commit to writing slashfic offhandedly, kids, it will haunt you.

However, I seem to be getting my revenge on said evil twin via [ profile] dr_owen_harper, so I think we're even on that score.

Andrea's still stalking around muttering Weevils? and pouting 'cause I won't let her within a country mile of Owen Bloody Harper again. One PWP with those two was plenty.

Thinking of PWP: [ profile] ladykoori, did you get the file I sent you this morning, or did my work servers eat it? The latter is quite possible, alas. I'm dead torn about doing an Owen/Ianto bit in a similar vein. I suspect I'll crack and start scribbling later this week, (edit: I cracked already. So much for that worry) but I really want to do Ianto's you just don't get it, yet talk with Jack, first. Then I'll write that story I told you about on Friday. Birthday surprise is still in the pipeline, but I'm feeling more abivalent about that one, as it's shaping up to be a bit too similar to the previous idea. Well, the plotbunnies have lots of time to graze before I get to them.

([ profile] ladykoori has, it seems, won the dubious distinction of being one of the very few folks I run my smutty story ideas past way before I write 'em. My evil twin's input is ever-valuable, natch, but her being eight time zones away makes some things tricky)

I've got a feeling that, in about 48 hours, I'm going to be bashing away at the keyboard a lot. My regular berth on Planet Pron has apparently been established... (ETA: Never mind the 48 hours bit. I did a serious rewrite on the switchy!Ianto bit on the way home, and bashed out a draft for the voyeurism story. I'm not entirely happy with it, but at least the plotbunnies have calmed down enough to let me, y'know, do other things...)

PS, [ profile] moviegrrl, my hubby had a rather nifty idea for [ profile] lola_in_tardis. Expect an email, shortly.

1 - Yes, you read that right. Blame the evil twin - I do!
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Does anyone know who made the icon that accompanies this post? I'd love to give them credit for it.

And, on that note. Minions! I need icons!

Wait... My minions didn't follow me over here from my non-fannish journal?


And thinking of buggery (betcha can't resist THAT segue!) )
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Title: Exposure
Pairing: Ianto/Jack
Rating: NC-17/Adult Slash, d/s, crossdressing. All that good stuff. Not terribly hardcore, but it is explicit.
Summary: After a rather uncomfortable day at the office, Jack looks forward to some relief - but is that what he's going to get?

Part 3 of ??? in my in-need-of-a-name Toppy!Ianto series. Prologue: Shouting Match. Part 1: Negotiation. Part 2: Incognito.

Mea culpa: I really didn't know that I had The Toppy Teaboy From Mossad Torchwood living in my head. It's as big a surprise to me as anyone. Fun, tho'.
Disclaimer: Characters and setting are property of Auntie Beeb and used without permission. It's all homage. Please don't sue.

Thanks to [ profile] gothmafia and [ profile] cyberamanda for the beta. You guys rawk.

Behind the cut tag )
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Y'know what's really sad? I still don't have HALF the plotbunnies sketched out, so I'm still being driven to distraction. As fast as I can write 'em down, the crew comes up with more.

Title: No-one Reads Memos
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: Hrm. R, I guess.
Summary: Jack has some interesting ideas about personnel managment.
Length: I have no idea. Short.

A continuation of an earlier bit )

Y'know, I could try writing some madly filthy bit of pron to complete this, but it's late, I'm tired, and I'm a wank and a blow job behind on Exposure. I definitely need a pervy co-author for that one, I think. Anyone fancy helping me handle toppy!Ianto. Wait, let me rephrase that...

And, aside from work on the aforementioned Exposure, I'm hereby calling a moratorium on the slashfic for, oh, at least 48 hours. Preferably longer. It's getting a bit monotonous, imho - but most obessions are...
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This is All Ianto's Fault. Srsly.

Title: Incognito.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Whatever passes for 'adult' in your part of the world - slash, generally smutty, d/s (forced crossdressing)
Spoilers: none
Summary: a de-facto follow up to Negotiation, the BDSM-talk-fic of doooom. The time for talk is done - in a manner of speaking - as Jack starts to get an inkling of what he let himself in for.

Part 1 of god knows how many pieces as fangrrl has fun turning Jack into a subbie. A second part has been drafted (working title: Exposed), and toppy!Ianto is suggested a third. Did I mention that today was probably the least productive workday of my life, and that includes the day after the Webbys when everyone was so hungover, the boss closed the office down?

Disclaimer: The Torchwood characters and setting aren't mine and are used without permission. If they were mine, we'd have seen something like the below about two weeks into the show's run.

As ever, feedback is appreciated, but not expected.

Follow the cut tag )

I might be looking for a beta/collaborator for Exposed, which is a regular prose tale in this, er, continuity. Drop a line to fangrrl_squees(at)livejournal(dot)com if you're interested.
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Hm, fangrrl has smut!meta on the brain. It must be a day with a "Y" in it.

Further musings about Jack/Ianto d/s, as per Negotiation, etc. Behind the curtain )

And, in what has to be one of my more ironic moments so far this year, since tapping the above out on the ol' LJ client at work, I've roughed out the next installment in the story. I might not be the first ficcer to put Jack Harkness in (spoiler removed - plus some people just don't want that sort of mental image) but it was a first for me. I'll post it after it's had a chance to sit for a few hours.

EDIT: Sonofabitch! Ianto just blithely kept on going, and now I'm well into the *next* next bit of that particular torrid tale. However, I see a stumbling block coming up (I won't explain, it'll just ruin the story for the half a dozen folks who actually want to read this kind of thing) but dammit, now I'm all hot and bothered, have forgotten to eat lunch and I've got four hours of meetings about to commence. Damn you, Ianto!
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Title: Workplace Conversation
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: PG - mild cursing m/m implied.
Summary: Jack and Owen share a few words over Jack's desk...

This is an immediate sequel to the as-yet-untitled Jack/Owen PWP of the other day, which is in turn a sort-of sequel to User Friendly and Torn. Yes, I think I'll be making a web page/archive for them, at this rate.

Follow the cut tag )

[ profile] moviegrrl? Jack says he probably isn't quite done with the parcel yet, so if plot-bunnies start chewing on your brain, feel free to make bunny stew.
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Bloody hell, I hope this phase fizzles out soon, as I'm not sure how much of it I can take. [ profile] moviegrrl? You might not want to read this before work.

Title: None, unless you lot suggest one, because I'm so frackin' lazy.
Pairing: Jack/Owen
Rating: NC-17, I guess, although I think it's a rather mild NC-17
Summary: Jack/Owen PWP, discarded from the outline for the sequel to User Friendly because I'm trying to write a farce for that, goddamnit.

Follow the Cut Tag )

I'm giving some serious thought to making the above canon over on [ profile] jack_harkness_, btw. He's been so angsty in the Torchwood continuity, and the boy really needs to get laid. Although, if one were to go by the signs-so-far in canon, I should be readying the reams of Jack/Ianto stuff I've been scribbling. They've been verbally sparring for (looks at document) five pages now, and haven't gotten past one smooch and a fade to black. Geeze, guys, what's it going to take? Blood? *thinks* Ew...


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