Dec. 5th, 2008 01:41 pm
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...or I could just pillage Dior's so-called New Look.


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*rolls up sleeves, again*

This is partially about costuming, partially about gender and partially about fangrrl being the sort of person who overthinks things on a regular basis.

I've been muttering, off-and-on, about the Lucy Saxon As The Master costume for, oh gods, it must be over a year. But there are challenges. A lot of them. And not just ones like oh my god, that coat's going to require 7 yards of fine wool sort of challenges.

Further burblings. )


Mar. 6th, 2008 11:51 pm
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Proof that I am a complete and utter fangirl. Even more so than you might have anticipated.

Like proof was needed. ;)

For what it's worth, I really enjoyed the brunch and, damn, I wish I'd made the line for 2009. Oh well, maybe 2010. (I'll quit going to Gallifrey two years after the convention is over.)

I'm cheerfully full of gin and wine at the moment and, following a conversation with my dad regarding what's going right with New Who and why he should be watching it (he merely dipped his toes in during bits of S1, and managed to see Dalek, thank Whomever) I got into a big long discourse about why the fandom and the writers/crew are a big part of why I remain in the fandom and it was... well, it fun and cheerful and passionate - several things I've not been, recently... So passionate, in fact, that the waiter wondered what the hell I was going on about when he passed by the table. Granted, this was after the second martini and I can be passionate about a whole range of subjects at that point in an evening...

But, er, yes, more thoughts on that when cheerfully sober - whenever that happens to be.
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I've been falling down on the fannish front, lately. I ascribe this to several factors, not the least of which being:

- Still recovering from the massive fannish overdose that is Gallifrey One. It's my favorite convention of the year but, oh boy, does it take a while to dig out from under all the audios and books and toys one brings home. (Just completed the pile o'Prisoner reading. Am moving on to Sapphire & Steel, now)

- Was temporarily waylaid by Life on Mars. I haven't quite finished watching the second season yet, but it's inevitable that I'll do so by the end of the week. As usual, I'm sadly late coming to this fandom, but that's okay by me.

- Bad outbreak of Real-Life-itis at Casa Cthulhu. Those of you on my regular journal know most of the details.

So, in lieu of anything interesting to say, I'm going to comment on the massive DW S4 spoiler that we all know about: But in case you don't, here's a cut tag )
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I really want to know what Lucy's story is. Not really spoilery, but just in case... )
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I've got a whole slew of other meta sloshing around in my brain, but here's the bit I can type up before I rush off to work.

Come series 2, I think Captain Harkness is going to discover that his Regenerative Powerz of Dooooom are greatly reduced. Why? 'Cos an unkillable protaganist is only interesting for so long. One that doesn't know that he's suddenly become vulnerable? Way more nifty.

He'll probably still be tougher than the average bear, I'm sure, but I wouldn't go changing the fuse whilst standing in a puddle were I Captain Jack. Not just yet, at least.

Coming up when I have time: my noodlings on why Gwen is doomed (in the moral/ethical sense) and some further questions re: Jack's perception of the world at large.
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Alrighty kids, in twelve words or less, share with me what you think a and/or the theme of Torchwood is.

Bonus question: Feel free to mention what you think the producers intended for theme, and why they did/didn't succeed, in your humble opinion.

I'm a little bored at work today, and this one's been itching my brain. I've always maintained that a theme of the show is Working with this stuff will fuck you up - sort of an update on HP Lovecraft's There are things man was not meant to know. But it's by no means the major theme. That one, I'm still canoodling on, believe it or not.

All I ask is that you play nicely in the comments, kiddies, otherwise I'll get busy with the comment eraser of doooom.
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Hm, fangrrl has smut!meta on the brain. It must be a day with a "Y" in it.

Further musings about Jack/Ianto d/s, as per Negotiation, etc. Behind the curtain )

And, in what has to be one of my more ironic moments so far this year, since tapping the above out on the ol' LJ client at work, I've roughed out the next installment in the story. I might not be the first ficcer to put Jack Harkness in (spoiler removed - plus some people just don't want that sort of mental image) but it was a first for me. I'll post it after it's had a chance to sit for a few hours.

EDIT: Sonofabitch! Ianto just blithely kept on going, and now I'm well into the *next* next bit of that particular torrid tale. However, I see a stumbling block coming up (I won't explain, it'll just ruin the story for the half a dozen folks who actually want to read this kind of thing) but dammit, now I'm all hot and bothered, have forgotten to eat lunch and I've got four hours of meetings about to commence. Damn you, Ianto!
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Man, this is going to be tough to focus on with the James Bond theme bouncing around inside my skull... Spoilers follow, of course.

Torchwood: Countrycide - Further Thoughts )
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So, Owen Harper: adrenaline-addicted hedonist, or what? Minor spoilers for Eps 1 - 4 )
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This has been inspired by talk over on the Torchwood communities, but really applies to any new SF show and please forgive me if this descends into a rant, as I'm having that sort of day.

Stipulated: production values are higher than even five years ago, let alone ten or twenty. This is a good thing.

Stipulated: Sci-fi fans have become much more demanding when it comes to their entertainment. Shows like Babylon 5 and (on it's good days) ST: DS9 have acclimatized us to drama, tight storytelling and ongoing continuity lasting multiple episodes, or even longer.

So, yes, our standards for passable entertainment have improved and not without some justification. The genre has proven that it can turn out some amazing stuff - just take a look at the new Battlestar Galactica.

However, I think we - as in SF fandom - are starting to show signs of being a little spoiled. I'm reading TW fans stating that they're giving up on the show - or are close to it - after the fourth episode as it was a bit disappointing1.

Four. Episodes.

Granted, the old motto of "Every SF show stinks in the first season" need no longer apply and, in many ways, it shouldn't. The producers shouldn't be wasting our time or their money, taking 13 - 20 episodes to find their feet. But, for whatever reason, SF TV generally takes a while to figure out what it's about and how to present it. It's probably to do with the difficulties of trying to create sci-fi that appeals to a broad enough audience to get in the serious advertising revenue and thus ensure that the show will last for more than a season.

Condemning a show on the basis of their first clanger that comes up is, in my opinion, narrow-minded and foolish. If I'd followed that policy, I'd have given up on Chris Ecclestone's Doctor after The Restless Dead (sorry, fans, it just didn't work for me at all) and David Tennant after New Earth. (Please spare me comments along the lines of "You should have!" save it for your journal, 'kay? This entry ain't a treatise about the quality of the new Doctor Who.)

I've heard similar mutterings about other new shows but, go figure, SF is the only genre I'm paying much attention to at the moment, so I can't address said mutterings.

To expect a show to be completely satisfying, 100% of the time during their first season? It's unreasonable. I'll settle for an average of 70% satisifaction and, in the case of TW, I think that's what they're batting right now. Two pretty-good episodes, one surprisingly good one and one oh dear, that could have been a lot better.

My speculation is that fans who grumble about packing a new show in at the first bump in the road are either

a) Older fans - say my age and up - who have an entrenched belief that this new-school stuff will never, ever compare to the old school. They often "Prove" their point by comparing the best of the old with the worst of the new, but that is fodder for another rant2.

b) Younger fans - by which I mean maybe 22, tops - who have little to no knowledge of the SF that came before. Yep, these young uns don't know how good they've got it. In my day, we spray-painted hairdryers for rayguns, built our spaceships from detergent bottles and looted our costumes off the set next door and we liked it. Well, actually, we didn't always like it, but at least we were able to look past it.

So, yeah, to be blunt, I think that maybe some fans are being a wee bit bratty and need to, y'know, be a little more patient.

Discuss - but keep it polite.

1 - Your mileage may vary, of course. My journal, my opinion. Neener.

2 - I've got one word for you lot: NIIIIIIIIIMOOOOOON!
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OMG, an entry that's not about B7! I told you they'd happen, eventually.

I've been chewing through a lot of Big Finish audios, recently, focusing on the 8th Doctor stories. In general, I've enjoyed them a lot. I've run into a couple of obvious clangers - I couldn't get past the first fifteen minutes of Minuet in Hell or Creed of the Kromon - but there's been some brilliant ones, too - such as The Natural History of Fear1, Scherzo and Caerdroia.

And then there's the ones that I think of as "bearable, but could have been so much better". Case in point: Zagreus, and the whole concept of "anti-time". Thoughts, comment, ill-disguised ranting all follow )


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