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Silly fanscript idea is making noises like it definitely wants to be an Eight/Lucie story, but I'm trying really hard to not to get wedded to any ideas before the story is really done.

The usual final-third issues (which have killed 85% of my past ideas in development) are making manifest.

My husband is too tired - and not sufficiently into Who - to wield the pointed stick.

[ profile] brewsternorth? I don't suppose you have Skype?
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Found in a thread of comments on a friend's LJ...

One of those spoofy de-motivational posters.

Meanwhile, the Gallifrey-One-scramble continues. I'm having last-minute issues with the hall prizes, dammit.

EDIT: the link has been fixed.
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Before I divulge the reason for the giggles, allow me to introduce y'all to celtx - a freeware script formatting thingummy. Just as I thought I was going to have to resort to MS Word...

The program's not perfect but it's free and, by gum, I can overlook quite a lot in exchange for that. Honestly, my complaints are teeny-tiny and more a result of my being so rusty, rather than any lack within the software. Fangrrl says check it out!

On to the giggling )
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Those of you on the other creative bits filter on my regular journal know this already, but just in case...

I think the long-threatened Kaldor City fanfic has finally emerged from the primeval ooze that is my noggin.

I'm going to start outlining it on the train. I've got half of it pretty well sorted, but the other half is proving bitchy. Business as usual, in other words.

Mind you, given that I want to keep it short (I'm contemplating writing it as a fanscript, so assume a 'running time' of 45 - 55 minutes) that first half might be all I need... It'd be a bit simple, though.

A certain someone is to blame for setting this off. He knows who he is. ;)
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So... when are they going to rename it to The Moffat, then?

(this entry is also a nod to Chicago TARDIS, last year... Long story...)
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Okay, I know I'm being ridiculously vain with all these SDCC pictures, but [ profile] praedestinatio found this one and I love it to little pieces. As a friend of mine said, it's very sonic.

My fannish heart, she is full of squee.

And I like the fact that you can't see that I'd forgotten to put my bag down before going on stage. D'oh!

...Part 2

Jul. 11th, 2008 07:05 pm
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Oh... it's definitely the sugar (and caffeine).

Not only am I suggesting cosplaying Faction Paradox, but iTunes just brought up Voodoo Child and now I have vague notions of a truly terrible masquerade number.

*ducks and runs*
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The Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG - several orders of magnitude better than the godawful licensed product inflicted on us in the mid 1990s. I'm still puzzling out the rules but, damn, look at that art! The creator has put a lot of work into making a game that's not only (apparently) playable, but looks very nice, too! If you're a CCG-head, join the Yahoo-group discussion list, as they get into the nitty-gritty with each "release". I watch it with a distinctly baffled air, myself...

Once I have the ink to print and the dosh for lamination pouches, I'll give it a go with the suggested pre-fab deck lists - assuming I can convince the husband to play with me, that is.

Dude! Faction Paradox cosplay! Who's up for it? Wouldn't that be a hoot at Gallifrey One? I think it'd be awesome, myself, but that might be the quart of soda I just ingested speaking...
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Found via [ profile] qthewetsprocket

Star In A Reasonably Priced TARDIS.

I can't watch the vid, unfortunately. Methinks it's an non-UK-IP issue - that or their embedded video software ain't playing well with Mozilla, or possibly the server is overwhelmed.

I'll try later in IE but, for now, I had to share the link.
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I think I just maxed out my geekpoints for the day, if not the month.

I'm watching Curse of Fenric (which I've never stuck through to the end, i'm ashamed to admit) - on the iPod as it's propped up against the laptop computer (nicknamed Mr. Saxon), whilst browsing the Gallifrey One forums.

Tomorrow, I should probably make a point of going for a walk or something...
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There is a big, silly picture behind the cut-tag. Suffice it to say that it belongs here.

My Cybermat Has A Secret Life )
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(Cross-posted from my mundane journal)

If a thing is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.


Apr. 13th, 2008 11:48 am
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So what if one of the cats is on a vomiting binge and the other one bound and determined to follow in his footsteps? I've got my monthly box-o-love from Alien Entertainment - although it's a minor miracle it wasn't pinched, given that it's been sitting on my front doorstep since yesterday afternoon.

The latest BFA - The Dark Husband by David Quantick (7th Doctor, Ace & Hex), and the latest Doctor Who Magazine and shiny #1 of Torchwood ditto, and the DWM came with a bonus (and very silly, to judge by the sleeve) audio, featuring the 5th Doctor.

That's a full day's worth of squee, right there! More, if I pace myself!

(Yes, I'm unemployed. Yes, I'm still buying the Monthly Box-o-Love. Take away my fannish stuff and I really will wither - more so than already noted in the other journal)

Furthermore, now that I'm over Friday evening's drunk and Saturday's hangover, I'm prepared to hunker down and finish watching S2 of Torchwood - just as soon as I've laid in a few vital supplies. My husband gets surly if he doesn't eat twice a day...

PS. Once I'm caught up with Torchwood, I'm going to go a-hunting for some new icons for [ profile] jack_harkness_. I've been avoiding the icon communities for fear of spoilers, you see...

And I really want to get some new icons for this journal, too, but I think that'll have to wait 'til at least DW starts showing over here. Weirdly enough, I don't mind DW spoilery nearly as much...
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I've placed my order for con ribbons for Gally.

Sneak Peek )
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I'm unable to resist it any longer. I mean, it's been almost two weeks. I'm amazed I lasted this long, given what a glutton for punishment I am.

Yes, dear reader, I'm dropping Kaldor City: Taren Capel into the CD player. I've got Checkmate ready to go, too - both madcap purchases from Chicago. Admittedly, it took over a year for me to feel ready to tackle the second half of the series.

Ignore any howls of anguish/hoots of laughter you might happen to hear from my ZIP code, today. I'm fine. Really. I've been enjoying the audios (hell, I was even kicking around some fanfic ideas, a while back) but it's definitely been a rather masochistic sort of enjoyment. Camp doesn't even begin to cover some moments. Granted, the rest of them are pretty nifty, which is why I've stuck with the series, for all my teasing of it, but listening to 'em has occasionally been a case of hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Still, I doubt the Magic Bullet folks are lying awake at night worrying about that sort of reaction, as long as I keep shelling out the dosh.

And, if that wasn't enough, I've just succumbed to temptation and purchased not only the final installment (what the hell, I'm too close to the end to give up on it, now1) but also a recording that promises to be sheer godawful delight when it shows up. No, not the Faction Paradox audios...

Incidentally, did any of the discs in the production run get by without being signed by some cast member or other? I'm not complaining, mind you - it's a rather pleasant surprise - it's just, well, a surprise. I've had great fun trying to decipher the latest additions to the collection. Yep, I'm easy to please.

1 - I know, I know, this is one of the reasons that marketing departments love SF/F fandom. We're a stubborn bunch, for good and ill.


Nov. 28th, 2007 01:01 am
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Oh dear god, the fic ideas.... (Worksafe, extremely silly, will set off crazed ideas in fangrrly minds, although I don't know about the rest of you - uniforms of a sort, cute fellas on their knees but still entirely worksafe, I assure you)

Picture found via [ profile] qthewetsprocket who is clearly trying to ensure I get no sleep tonight, whatsoever. Original image credit to [ profile] lalign, who provides context - and some more pretty darn neat pix from an event in Birmingham - here

I'll pay someone a dollar if they write the fic. :)

EDIT: It seems I owe [ profile] crabby_lioness a dollar.


Aug. 27th, 2007 11:10 am
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I have a bit of fanfic which is that close to being done. But I'm waiting to hear back from a beta, 'cause I'm sure they'll have some valuable input (I'm far too good at missing the obvious mistakes) but, ooooh, I'm so eager to get this online so I can seriously creep out my half a dozen loyal readers!

Er, wait, that didn't come out quite right...

(ETA: this is not referring to Politics...Bedfellows, which I posted about five hours after making this post)
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Remember the unspeakably awesome Doctor's Girls by [ profile] mimisgrotto?

(If you haven't seen it, follow the link and clicky on the tiny image. I'll wait)

She's done The Boys.

K-9 flat on his back, and Turlough's look of disgust at what I must assume is a drink bought for him by Jack (take a look at his glass) are particularly priceless.

ETA: Oops, how could I forget about another bit by the same artist: omg Doctorz?
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I still need to do some tiny tweaks to the Stunt Tongue tee-shirt (I need to adjust the font size just a touch) but working on something new was far more appealing. So...

Queer as Time Lords shirt. I did the best I could to match the font of the UK logo - in so far as it is a logo - given my meager skillz.

Sgloomi Po as Space Hopper 'Is maximum English muffin!' shirt.

As usual, Good Storm doesn't give one a very good view of the graphics so, peer behind the cut for low-rez, but legible, versions.

Somewhat dial-up unfriendly )

As usual, the shirts are offered at cost. Enjoy.


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