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Apologies for the long silence to anyone still reading this journal. Long story short: husband dying + nervous breakdown = not much inclination for fannish blogging.

But I'm doing a lot better now, so am willing to fire this old gal up again. I will post more substantial material, later but here's a summary for now:

Chicago TARDIS - Oh. My. God. Best time at a convention ever - and I'm not just saying that 'cos of Paul McGann. (I was a complete and UTTER goober in his presence. Fortunately, he's used to dealing with fangirls melting into a puddle of goo in his vicinity). The masquerade went beautifully - I think it represented a wonderful cross section of everything that's fab within costumed fandom. I participated in some great panels, one of which - - caused me to a) admit being a kink person to a room of approximately 100 strangers (oops!) and b) laugh up a lung. I'm still going to create the Doctor/Master Angry Sex Facebook fan page, you know...

Gallifrey One - kicked much ass, even if the actors I wanted to see had to cancel (but have now been rescheduled for 2011, hooray!). The Masquerade came off with nary a hitch, mostly thanks to [ profile] iamradar's cool head and generally a lot of patience on [ profile] friendlypinet's and [ profile] strollerman's parts. Apparently the programming director got some good feedback from participants and the audience and I've agreed to do it again, next year. Even if I move to Blighty this summer, I'd make a point of attending Gallifrey One. Also met Louise Page who is an ABSOLUTE SAINT and I'm not saying that just 'cos she gave me swatches from the Mercy Hartigan dress (cue: squealing costumegasm...). She was generally lovely and made the weekend for a lot of us costume-wonks. More about that in a longer entry...

(Oh, yeah, am thinking about moving back to the UK. But it's all very amorphous right now. Suffice it to say that midsummer would be an ideal time, for a variety of reasons, so I need to get cracking on the whole career-changing thing, but that's fodder for the regular journal)

Chicks Dig Time Lords has been released, and I giggled like a schoolgirl every time I signed a copy at Gallifrey. I don't know what the sales have been like, but some very nice reviews have been popping up on the blogosphere and this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, inside. And wondering if I can get in on any follow-up volume... ;)

I attended Time Quest 2, a Tenth Planet event north of London, primarily because it was probably my only chance to see Tom Baker speak. It was awesome. It would have been more awesome if my goddamn IRS refund had posted 48 hours earlier so I could have afforded a photo/autograph (it was one of those events) but, oh well. There was some other awkwardness that occurred - like, my being included in the programming, but not actually scheduled to do anything - but it was nothing insurmountable. I met some really great people, cooed over Nick Briggs' baby (the resemblance is uncanny) and was not threatened with a restraining order by any of the folks I ran into at Gallifrey/Chicago TARDIS. Gotta admit, I'd be a little worried if the same fan popped up at three different conventions, in three very different time-zones, in the course of four months...

It's a bit disconcerting, really. November - March has been absolutely mad for Doctor Who conventioneering, and now I'm staring at a long dry spell until it picks up again, hopefully at the end of the year. (With the possibility of moving to the UK, the fall-season US cons could be out of reach). I feel like I'm suffering a sort of fandom equivalent of jet-lag.

CANNOT WAIT FOR EASTER. Mind you, I've already pre-ordered the first three eps of S5 (or S31, if you like) from the UK. The previews have me squealing in glee and, given my initial doubts about Matt Smith, that's no mean feat...

(And the fans who still can't accept the fact that Change Happens in Doctor Who? Need to get over it. Particularly if this isn't the first regeneration they've sat through. You're allowed to be awkward the first time you deal with it - I wasn't the only wee fan who was deeply dubious about Peter Davison, way back when - but after that, methinks folks should try a little harder to embrace the dynamic nature of the character, rather than whine and complain about wanting "their" Doctor back... But maybe I'm just being intolerant.)

A friend of mine is prodding my brain re: fandom writing, whether I like it or not. Actually, I quite like it. I just hope I can keep up with him as he's a very, very smart dude and I'm slightly in awe. Indeed, I think that when I finally start bashing the keyboard again - in a fanficcy way, I mean - I'll feel like I've made a major step in recovering from Alex's death. Life-changing stress tends to kill the creative impulse, and I'm reaching the point where I'm starting to miss it - the creative impulse, I mean, not the life-changing stress. But enough of that. I save the morbid stuff for my personal journal.
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For the few of you who haven't heard already, Gallifrey One has been rescheduled to Feb 26 - 28, 2010, because the Marriott double-booked the space.

Peter Davison has confirmed that he can manage the date, phew!

(pause for fannish tangent: honestly, he's the only guest I'm notably excited about at the mo', cos I haven't seen him since a tiny little Creation event in Boston in '86 or so. Not that I'm not looking forward to everyone else, of course, but I've a soft spot for Peter...)

According to the mass email issued by con staff, they've managed to wring some concessions from the hotel - locked in the room rate through 2014 (which means they're planning to stay there, yes!), got some additional programming space, etc. So, really, when's all said and done, the only inconvenience is that it's not on a holiday weekend so one can't count on having Monday off for travelling home/recovering. Fortunately, my boss is cool with letting folks work on a holiday and then taking the day some other time. And, heck, airfares will probably be cheaper, it not being a holiday weekend...
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I've started to think about prepping for Gallifrey One's masquerade, already. For no reason whatsoever, I awoke from my morning doze on the commuter train with "Must remember to add some version of If your costume isn't complete, don't bring it on to the rules list".

(Srsly. At BayCon, Someone was finishing their kid's costume, which included sloshing bright red paint in the green room, in the vicinity of other participants' costumes. Jesus.)

But first, I need to find out who's, y'know, handling staff registration. It feels damned weird to be doing (relatively) sophisticated programming for a con that's far from home and not really given to in-person meetings, anyways.

Regardless, I still intend to have the masque guidelines finished by early Nov and available on the G1 website (which I see is moving servers) by Thanksgiving. Many Gally folks are at Chicago, too and it occurs to me to ask for a few mins at whatever masquerade-prep meeting they'll be having to plug the G1 event - and let 'em know what's ready for them and what isn't.

Otherwise... SO ready for a Who convention, now. It's a shame that TimeCon has long since gone the way of the Dodo. The stretch from February to November is just too darn long!
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Have been talking with Shaun, laying down the groundwork for next year's masquerade at Gallifrey while this year is still fresh in our minds.

Larger theater, deeper stage, adequate time for tech to set up and a promise to open the doors early enough so that the show will actually start at 8PM.

Cosplay hall will be coming back, although it'll be comandeered for masque green-room, once again.

Instead of a "Young Fans" category, the kids will have their own "Junior Masquerade" - run just like YF, mind you (they get on the stage first, before the grownups) but with separate judging, prizes to be given at half time. It seems that there are enough competetive parents out there grumbling about wanting some "proper" judging, so... ask and ye shall receive. BTW, if anyone wants to volunteer as the judge for that category, drop me a line explaining why you're particularly suited to judge kiddies in costumes (self made and/or made by their parents) and I'll be in touch.

Mandatory meeting for all masque entrants on Saturday morning, to collect entry forms, music, answer questions, etc.

Tech and performance guidelines will be settled by Thanksgiving and published in various venues - OG, [ profile] dw_cosplay, the G1 website, etc - at that time or shortly thereafter.

Let's see how that all plays out in actuality, shall we?


Meanwhile, I'm giving more thought to entering the masque at Chicago TARDIS, although I've no bloody idea with what - Mercy will probably be too expensive. But as the last masque I entered was BayCon '07, I feel the need to keep my hand in...
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For reasons sundry and various, I'd love to do a photo shoot with as many of the crossplayers at Gallifrey One as possible.

There's already talk of a meetup/photo fun for the members of [ profile] dw_cosplay (and anyone else who wants to join in) at 4PM on the Friday of the convention. How 'bout then?
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I am unsurprised to learn that the ribbons Chaz sent to me at Chicago have finally found their way back to him - dollars to donuts they were at the hotel when I was there, simply unfound. I'm just glad they sent them back!

Chaz, bless him, has allowed me to shift the dosh already paid to him for another batch of the lost-and-found ribbons to allow a run of the Summerfield U. Alumni Association, at the very last minute. I wish I could be getting the Welsh ribbon re-done but, oh well. Maybe I'll retool it as a sticker. I've got some sticker blanks lying around...

What's Welsh for sticker? Or is it one of those words that no-one's bothered to translate?
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Final panel count for Gallifrey One: four.

- Masquerade 101 (Friday)
- Notes from the Virtual Trenches (Saturday)
- Doctor Who & Torchwood Costuming: A Pre-Masquerade Workshop (whatever the hell THAT means) (Saturday)
- No-Sew Costuming (plus Masquerade Roundup) (Sunday)

I think combining post-Masque roundup with another panel is a bit of a mystery but if they want to do it that way *shrug*. It's as good a time as any to collect feedback once the participants have recovered, I suppose. Howver, I intend to stick with my usual habit of being available after Masquerade on Saturday tp talk with any entrants about my judging decisions.

Even with handling the pre-Masque Green Room/check-in (which I will limit to no more than one hour, so help me god) I think this is a bearable schedule. In fact, this "pre Masque workshop" might allow me to give certain participants the okay to stay out of the Green Room until half an hour prior - if they trust the tech and don't want any kind of rehearsal time or workmanship judging, that is. In my experience, Green Room is hell and the less time spent cooling one's heels there, the better.
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The Kaldor City fanwriting idea isn't giving up without a fight, bless its little cotton socks. It's still fanwanky crap, but it's not as bad as it was. I'm still not writing it down until the "And then something occurs!" bit in the middle of the first act resolves itself.

This hobby can be a bit of a bloody millstone about the neck, can't it?


In the meantime, I've added another costume on to the someday list, although I will admit that if I happen to find ideal fabric for it, it might be moved up the schedule, as I know of at least two events at Gally for which it would be suitable. Sybilline Sister.

What's driving me bonkers - more so than usual, I mean - is that I'm ready to swear that I had some fabric that would be a great match for the original in my hot little hands at *some* point. Unfortunately, that covers everything from "It's buried in my sewing room" to "I saw it in the fabric store three years ago."



On a related note, I'm waiting to hear back from the organizer of the Gally masquerade. God knows what I'm letting myself in for...
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Hmm, the con-chair of Gallifrey One is promising further guest announcements in the next day or two.


I've got my preferences, naturally, but I rather seriously doubt they'll come to be...

Meanwhile, I'm still thinking (and thinking and thinking) about con ribbons. I think the "econo" Cult of Johanna will occur, for sure. I'm strongly inclined to the Summerfield U. Alumni Association one, too. All else? No idea. I agree with whoever pointed out that there should be a Torchwood gag on the list, but my inspiration is non-existent...

EDIT: I crunched the numbers and here's what I'm going with.

Paul Cornell Cuddle Puddle (the originals are lost in the bowels of the USPS, alas)

Cult of Johanna - econo model

Summerfield University Alumni Association - Cogito sumere potum alterum - never mind, I forgot to account for setup fees for new ribbons, so I've had to drop this one. Sigh.
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More costume-wonkery, I'm afraid...

In between working on the *mumblemumble* late comission for a friend, I'm hoping to finally finish the Lucy!Master shirt this weekend. I had to fudge a fix with the shoulder width, but I think it looks alright, in that it looks like a princess seam unless you follow the line of the dart all the way and realize that it doesn't re-emerge from under the "lapel" of the "vest". I'm going to fiddle with the paper pattern as I think I can adjust it so that the de-facto dart is, indeed, moved so that it's 'hidden' in a seam. Now, if I can just figure out how to alter for the bust, I'd be golden... Anything else, I'd just cut a bust dart in at the side, but that really doesn't work for this pattern, so - given my lack of expertise - I think I'm going to have to cut the bust dart into the paper pattern and then figure out how to 'rotate' it out to a seam, the side seam, for preference.

I wish I never had to drop out of that pattern drafting class, dammit. *mutter*

The trousers, even I should be able to whip out in an afternoon between now and Feb 15.

I've got an idea for cufflinks - something very simple involving paint and stickers, really. I'm trying to rein in my tendency to, oh, completely overdo things. But I must have my Ouroboros cufflinks, oh yes.


But, speaking of overdoing things, the number of folks popping up and saying that they'll be in costume at Gallifrey One has me thinking that whatever I decide to make as a hall-favor this year, I'll need to make a lot of.

I was originally planning to do some cabochon pins/brooches with resin and watch parts (thanks, in no small part, to a timely - ahem - gift from my roomie) but I'm now thinking that I'm going to need at least two-dozen prizes and I don't have the materials for that. I could get convention ribbons, I suppose - Unofficial Hall Costume Award - but, I dunno... I like making something for the hall costumers, as it matches the spirit of what they've done in making/putting together a costume.

It's a shame the Drinks Coaster of Rassilon project proved far too labor intensive for the final result, as that one coaster I turned out does look rather nifty, even with a bit of a fubar regarding the coloring of the leather...

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Right on!

Toby Hadoke will be performing Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf at Gallifrey One!

I've been watching my Whovian pals on the other side of the Atlantic happily whittering on about this, so 'tis lovely to find out I'll be seeing it for myself, next year!

(Okay, okay, the rest of the guest-list-so-far ain't chopped liver, either, but I was particularly surprised by the addition of Mr. Hadoke)


Mar. 6th, 2008 11:51 pm
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Proof that I am a complete and utter fangirl. Even more so than you might have anticipated.

Like proof was needed. ;)

For what it's worth, I really enjoyed the brunch and, damn, I wish I'd made the line for 2009. Oh well, maybe 2010. (I'll quit going to Gallifrey two years after the convention is over.)

I'm cheerfully full of gin and wine at the moment and, following a conversation with my dad regarding what's going right with New Who and why he should be watching it (he merely dipped his toes in during bits of S1, and managed to see Dalek, thank Whomever) I got into a big long discourse about why the fandom and the writers/crew are a big part of why I remain in the fandom and it was... well, it fun and cheerful and passionate - several things I've not been, recently... So passionate, in fact, that the waiter wondered what the hell I was going on about when he passed by the table. Granted, this was after the second martini and I can be passionate about a whole range of subjects at that point in an evening...

But, er, yes, more thoughts on that when cheerfully sober - whenever that happens to be.
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And for those of you who haven't seen it on my regular journal, yet.

The aforementioned fanboy appreciation outfit of Gallifrey 2008.

The image is, er, technically worksafe, but you might want to exercise some caution.

Thanks to Mette for the pic!
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As usual, I collected autographs in my journal - when I didn't have books/CDs to be signed.

The writers, bless 'em, left some lovely sentiments, but my favorite has to be from Andy Lane who, upon hearing that amongst other things scrawled in the journal, there's not a little Torchwood fanfic, wrote:

Captain Jack stood on the edge of the building and... (continued on page 98)

As the journal has only 100 pages in it, I'd better make it a drabble...
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Could I just get away with saying that the convention was really, really fabulous and I'm, as usual, pissed that I have to wait a whole year for the next one?

No? Damn. Okay, here's the rest of it. Cut for major squee )

I had a great time. I can't wait for next year and, by god, I'm resolved to go to Chicago TARDIS if I can possibly manage it. Whovians are the nicest, most amenable fans out there - why should I limit myself to hanging out with them only once a year?
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I've placed my order for con ribbons for Gally.

Sneak Peek )
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I'd forgotten how much I love slightly-crazy/disassociated seventh Doctor. He's rife with fabulousness, in that way that sorta-broken characters are appealing to us occasionally-overwrought fangirls. (Trust me, that makes sense to that particular demographic. Both of us.)

Frozen Time is another Nicholas Briggs story that I've rather enjoyed. Methinks I need to pay more attention to the chap as a writer.

And, on another note entirely, the pre-Gallifrey squee has reached a new level. Hee!
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Gallifrey One is a little over a month away. How'd that happen?

I've not done any costuming or crafting for the convention, because of a combination of poverty, holiday-craziness, failure of certain ideas in terms of practicality and what-have-you. Oh well, the sky won't fall, right? I'm bummed about not having the dosh to do convention ribbons but that's about all. It's all gravy, really. I'm sure if I say that enough times, I'll believe it.

I'm looking at the tentative event schedule, and thinking "Wait a minute, the GOH brunch clashes with the Liars' Panel? Damn." I laughed so bloody hard at the Liars' Panel at Chicago TARDIS that I'm half inclined to cut out of the brunch an hour early in order to attend. Yes, really. A good laugh is worth more than a plate full of steam-table food and being within 200 feet of the con's GOHs. I bought the brunch ticket in a moment of madness, you see...

I'm also just a tiny bit narked to find out - at this late date - that there's going to be a Masquerade, after all. It's not clear if it's going to be on Friday or Saturday night, because of some "special event" that the staff are supposedly working on, which would bump the masq from Saturday to Friday. No details as to what the special event might be. [ profile] kproche, if you receive an email from A Certain Convention Chair saying "So, what do you need for Springtime...? I'm going to laugh up my goddamn lungs, shortly before going after said Convention Chair with a rusty spoon. Just so you know... As it is, I don't have a costume/stunningly witty skit idea, nor do I have the money or brainjuice to create same so... I'll pack a good camera and enjoy everyone else's efforts, instead!

I'm excited about the convention - despite the minor bummers listed above - and, I must admit, hoping for a last minute inspiration for some easy costuming. I could finish the Harriet Jones rig, but that's not a costume that can stand alone - ditto Suzie Costello and, oh damn, I still haven't finished the Risen Mitten prop. Gah! Ah, well, it won't really matter unless I find a Torchwood cosplay group in need of a Suzie. Given how costuming-light G1 was last year... Granted, most of the costuming I saw was Torchwood-related, but it was mostly one cadre of folks who seem to have all they need...

I've never seen Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred at a convention, so that should be a hoot. As usual, I'm glad that Jason Haigh Ellery will be carrying the banner for Big Finish. By the time the con rolls around, The Girl Who Never Was should be in the hot little hands of BFA subscribers, and that will generate some interesting chat, I hope! I've made a point of chewing through half a dozen of Paul Cornell's DW titles in the past year (I wanted to read more, honestly I did, but, er, I get distracted easily) so I'll have a much better idea of what he's talking about, this time around. I'll be making a point of attending Andrew Sewell's panel, as I'm hoping for some juicy hints about what's next for the B7 audio series and, yeah, lots of fannish fun, all the way around, it seems. Basically, I'm planning to spend more time at the panels, and less time in the bar and/or clutching my head and wondering why the hell I did that to myself, last night. I think this is a good plan. :)

And, might I add, I'm so bloody glad I booked my air ticket back when I had the dosh for it. Paying for the hotel room might be a challenge (Hello, credit card!) unless my tax refund comes through but, I'll make it down there, even if I have to live on granola bars and string cheese the whole time. God knows, I'm not paying the hotel's prices for food again, hell no.

Which of you lovely folks will I be seeing there?
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Some piccies from Gallifrey One

I have discovered that my latest camera (old, but free) also hates hotel lighting, so a lot of the pics I took were pretty much unusable. Next year, I pack the D70, as it won't be that much more aggro to use, and will cope much better with craptastic florescent lights...


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:11 am
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Presenting the St. George's Spirits Tactical Alcohol Consumption Team at the 18th Amendment of Gallifrey One.

Unofficial motto: We take our drinking so seriously, we have a uniform for it!

However, I had forgotten that trying to keep up drink-for-drink with a bunch of British folk - especially a gang of actors and writers - is pretty much deadly. Ow...


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