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I finished listening to the first box set of The Liberator Chronicles, this morning. Overall, jolly good fun. I'd give 'em 8 out of 10, overall. Totally worth the $20 for the download (wish I'd known about that before I plunked $40 on the CDs at Gally!)

Properly speaking, they're audiobooks, rather than plays. One or two actors, and the story is told from the first person POV and are all set during the first season of the show.

Once I got used to the character POV - it was a bit disconcerting at first, as I live on a steady diet of BFA's Doctor Who plays - I rapidly chewed through the set.

Further whitterings and very minor spoilery behind the cut-tag )
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Time Agency fanfic of doom has reached the highly annoying stage of 'ticking along nicely, while tearing itself apart'.

I really like the premise, and the characters and some of the plots I've jotted, but there's some gaping bloody great things wrong with it and I don't know if I'm smart enough to fix them.

Still, as mentioned before, I've got a great setup for a tabletop RPG, if nothing else - but I'd rather not settle for that.

Brain is fizzing on other ideas, but they're even more frivolous and wasteful of time. To hell with them.


I finished listening to Orbis - minor spoilers, ahoy! )


Speaking of twitchy, yes, I know that Torchwood's "third series" looms and, yes, I'm annoyed about BBCA playing silly buggers with the airing dates. But, honestly? I haven't finished watching S2, yet...

It started out as "I'll save those eps for an afternoon when I want a treat" and then became "I don't know if I really want to end this series yet, it's been such good fun" and finally "Oh, yeah. I'll get around to that one of these days..."

It's odd. I really liked Torchwood's second season and think it's an order of magnitude better than the previous one but... I can't seem to find the motivation to finish the bloody thing. Given how all my Torchwood fan friends have told me "OMG! You'll love the story!" (because of the historical costuming, I s'pose) my reluctance rather baffles me.
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Being broke and swearing off the pinching-of-content means I totally missed the release of this.

The mini series prior had its flaws (it quit just when I thought it was getting interesting) but I've enjoyed Colin Salmon as Avon and an Avon-Travis prequel sounds deeply nifty.

Anyone got a review to share?

And the follow-up looks fun, too. *shakes fist at the heavens*


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