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I wouldn't usually brag up this sort of thing, but I just had an awesome bit of RP with an awesome player who somehow managed to bully me into following her lead in terms of writing style - I don't usually go for that sort of "third person omniscent, share what's inside the characters head during the course of play" style of gaming, as I usually grumble about it sharing too much with the other player. Well, for whatever reason, it really clicked for me this time and the reason why I had a completely inefficient day at work is below. Call it collaborative fanfic, if you like.

An ex-time agent and a physician walk into a bar... - kinda long, I'll warn you.

The setting is about a week after Jack Harkness rather abruptly left the Torchwood team in the lurch. He's returned, having spent an indefinite amount of time god (or the Doctor) only knows where, and in need of an extensive chat with one Owen Bloody Harper who is, as usual, a bit narked about the whole thing.

It gets just a teeny bit slashy (okay, a lot slashy) at the very end, but I doubt anyone's surprised by that. This is what happens when you let fangirls loose around hawt characters.

And, incidentally, if you've got a Torchwood RP community looking for an Owen, I cheerfully recommend [ profile] genius_mind
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Long story short, would any of y'all with (generally) homeless Whovian RPG muses be interested in joining a free-form RPG community? We might as well pass some time with each other. Curious? Details beyond the cut )
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Ramblings about a fictional character that I didn't create, but insist upon trying to play nonetheless over in [ profile] b7_rpg. And therefore of limited interest. )


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