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I'm going to release a chunk of fanfic outline into the wild. It's intended as a followup to The Harkness Supremacy crackfic but I'm damned if I can remember where I was going with it. I vaguely remember some notion about the alien antagonist being addicted to snorting opals. Damned if I can remember why it's killing humans and what the tie-in with the bio-terror group was. I think the Big Bad was looking to have something nasty tailored to sell to a third (offworld) party, and was actually being somewhat smart about covering his tracks.

It goes to say that this was all jotted down long before Children of Earth...


Bond/Harkness Outline

(Set early in S2 - before Owen's death...)

Bond is in the big-for-a-mining-town establishment of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Aus. He has broken into the field offices (the HQ is in Sydney - by reasons of narrative necessity) of Jones Mining looking for evidence of financial shenanigans.

Jones Mining is a medium-sized, moderately successful operation, specializing in opals, particularly the black opals that are most abundantly found in this area. Moreover, there are rumors that someone in the senior hierarchy at Jones will gladly clean money for anyone who wants it, no questions asked. MI6's concern is that the organization is laundering funds for a terrorist organization that has shown far too much interest in bio-weapons in general, and a couple of British scientists, in particular (who are also under investigation and, coincidentally enough, attending a conference in Sydney at the moment).

It is the middle of the night and a thunderstorm of the type that can only be produced in the outback rolls in, cutting out the power. This is to Bond's advantage, in several ways - except when it comes to accessing computers, of course. What isn't to his advantage is that Mr. Jones himself - actually Lewis Jones IV - comes into the office, ostensibly to make sure that everything is all right, despite the power outage. Unable to exit the building, Bond simply hides and waits Jones out.

Jones is apparently concerned about something other than the security of the joint. He searches frantically through his office for something, muttering imprecations as he does so. Lightening flickers, illuminating the scene in micro-second bursts and Bond isn't quite sure of what he's seeing. With each flash, Jones' appearance - classic older-white-male-businessman - seems to fuzz and flicker. Jones' form apparently shifts between homo sapiens and something other. Very dark skin (could be brown, black, blue or green, Bond can't tell), no visible hair, overly long arms, big, apparently lidless, eyes, no nose and knees that are - to Bond's perception - 'backwards'. Definitely not human.

Jones' speech also flicker and fuzzes with the storm's activity, but Bond is able to hear a word or two - most often: battery. Finally, Jones finds what he's looking for - something small and black - snaps it only a belt around what is presumably his waist and his visage now stabilizes into the human guise. It seems that the storm had played merry hell with whatever this Jones-creature used to disguise himself as a human. Bond remains in hiding until long after Jones leaves.

Upon returning to his hotel, Bond calls Jack Harkness.

Jack's in the doldrums. He's more depressed than he cares to admit about Gwen's engagement. The Rift is refusing to provide any distractions. Even the budget got through without the usual fight - the government becoming more and more accepting of the need for a group such as Torchwood. Owen returns from dealing with the latest additions to the 'crank' file - the team checks out local incidents if there's a reasonable-enough chance that it's alien/rift related but, 98% of the time, it's unmedicated schizophrenics and attention-seekers. Owen is mightily put out, commenting on the apparent increase of cranks, lately. Jack says it's linked with sunspot activity. Owen doesn't know whether or not to take Jack seriously.

The call from Bond comes in. The team is surprised that Jack's willing to go to Australia - isn't there anyone local who can deal with it, Ianto asks. Jack says that such things are a lower priority for the Australians as with such a vast bloody country, it's simply impossible to keep tabs on who's moving around. Compounded with the fact that Australia's two-man ET monitoring team consists of an aging hippie more interested in his truly significant marijuana crop outside of Alice Springs and an amateur astronomer who can't do much fieldwork as his mum expects him home by 11 every night and, well, it's not unreasonable for Torchwood to offer an assist. Besides, it's a dreary autumn in England and spring in Australia, no contest.

Jack hits the road.

((Big question: is Jack going to go alone. It might not bugger things up too much to send Ianto with and the needling between him and Bond would be epic. Probably better to create a compelling reason for the others to stay behind))

Before Jack's arrival - even with his advantages, the trip will take over 24 hours - Bond keeps tabs on Jones. He follows Jones, watching him pick up some transient who's passing through town, and bringing him back to his place. Bond assumes some tacky perversion is at hand, but his hackles go up when Jones leaves his house, three hours later - no transient in tow. Picking up a bit of the rough is one thing, but a rich businessman like Jones wouldn't be so daft as to leave him unattended in his own home, would he? Bond investigates.

After a careful search of Jones' home, Bond is concerned. No transient, and a smell of blood in the air - Bond's familiar enough with it, after all. He eventually finds the transient's clothes, bloody and almost entirely shredded, shoved deep into a compost heap (safer than a garbage can, in many ways). Heeding his experience with the unpleasant, Bond looks for the sewer line exiting the house. A bit of fishing around (ew!) pulls up a nasty handful of shredded flesh, including most of a human hand. Dennis Nilsen, eat your heart out (so to speak).


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