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If finances permit it...


If Alex's health, ditto...

Then I might consider ditching BayCon for NY TARDIS, next year.

It also depends on the guest list, naturally. Paul McGann will be at Chicago (OMGSQUEE - you understand why I frakkin' need to be there, right?) and Peter Davison will at Gallifrey One (my squee is almost as migihty for that) so that's two major sources of foolish fannishness covered. A third one within a 12 month period might be a bit much.

So, yeah, those are all very big if's. BayCon is local, affordable, a hell of a lot of fun, and attended by many of my pals. And I've mentally tagged the masquerade as one to enter - something I haven't done for two years. So anything I'd ditch it for would have to be pretty epic, and contingent on finding some amazing airfares. But I've not ruled it out, oh no. ;)
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In the spirit of sheerest optimism, I've thrown a few programming ideas at the ever-patient [ profile] renn for Chicago TARDIS.

Got any suggestions for me, kids?

(Not that I'm in a rush to repeat last year's Death March of Panels, mind you, but I feel like I'm falling into a rut, panel-wise. So I'm open to ideas - up to a point, you wise-asses)
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Outlining for Eps 2 of Time Agency Fanfic of Dooooom is going surprisingly well. Unexpected - and interesting - little nubbins are shaking out as I go along. The trick lies in making note of the useful nubbins, but not letting them derail me from the outlining, itself.

Thank God San Francisco has the street population it does. I can - and frequently do - walk the street between the train station and my office muttering ideas to myself. Not only does it keep the other street folk (and the community college punks) away from me, but it helps put my ducks in a row for when I have one damn minute to sit down with said outline. Lovely!
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Filter: minutia

Lungbarrow on e-bay

As I said to my Evil Twin, I'll be stunned if it goes for under fifty Pounds*.

If I ever have the dosh and want a copy that badly, I'll go the retail route and save myself the nailbiting of an auction.

(And, yes, I know about the e-edition on - thank you, luvs)

*Although, reviewing those retail prices, it might not break forty quid. Still. Ow.
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I'm trying very hard to not let my enthusiasm get ahead of me re: setting up The Gentlewomen's Science Fiction Society And Intemperance Union podcast. I have to find a balance between "Ayie! Must do everything right now" and a pace/approach that won't have the contributors throttling me. It's hard to produce a podcast when throttled.

The crew is a fantastic cross-section of fandom. Name a topic, I've got someone who can speak on it.

With luck, the first eps will be available at the very end of September. I'm currently up to my eyeballs trying to set up a forum for the crew and (hypothetical, as yet) listeners. Having never done anything with PhpBB before, the learning curve has proven annoyingly steep. Fortunately, I've a tech-savvy friend who has offered to help and he'll no-doubt figure it out in a trice.

Elsewise, I need to source various podcast directories, set up an RSS feed for the show and generally figure out how to get the word out about it as the end of September approaches. Not much point in doing this if no-one listens!


The Doctor Who costuming website has stalled, awaiting art from the webmeister and further contributions for the character pages. And, oh yeah, we have to migrate it over to the webmeister's domain. Eight months behind schedule and counting! (Typical fandom project, alas)


Very bummed to have my sewing stuff scattered across two storage units. Am wondering if I could make a kitchen-table project out of Romana I's The Power of Kroll costume - but it's very low priority as I'd need a Doctor to walk around with that one (it's not as distinctive as her Androids of Tara rig). Desperately wish I could afford the fabric from the Mercy Hartigan costume, of course...


I had intended to start writing for the Time Agency Fanfic of Dooooom, over the weekend, but lazing and loafing (and the podcast) took precedence. I'm thinking I can get started tonight, as I really am quite keen. The outline for the second half of the series still needs doing but I've got some pretty good ideas where it's going to go and how - fixing some serious issues with Eps 2 really helped in that regard...

Gosh. All this fandom-media stuff on my plate... I love it!

Oh, Yeah!

Aug. 19th, 2009 02:51 pm
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x-posted from my regular journal

Guess what I can spare brainspace for, now that the moving craziness is (mostly) over?


Namely the Female Fandom podcast.

It still lacks a name and little things such as planned structure and any technical knowledge beyond what I've read on the back of a cereal box (metaphorically) but I'm going to get back on the ball.

Further news as warranted. LMK if you're still interested in contributing. The intention - obviously - is to let folks record their bits, get them to me, and I'll take care of welding it all together. Intention is to start modest - 20 to 30 minutes per eps, put out monthly - and see where things go from there.

PS. Really, there's SO much in the way of potential topics/material that it's going to be a challenge to narrow things down, but I'll think of something! ;)
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So the "insular community voluntarily drops out of space-time for assorted selfish reasons, domestic drama and other claustrophic hilarity ensues" idea has now become "demented TARDIS remnant attempts to swallow an entire planet, much to the alarm of nearby apocalypse cult (because they, y'know, didn't expect the world to ACTUALLY end)" idea.

I like the second one a LOT more. Just gotta take care that it doesn't become some boring, preachy thing about religion.
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Okay, something that has been nagging me in a vague, unrealized way for a couple of years, has just come into sharp relief.

The advent of the BNF - "Big Name Fan"

I'm not sure I like it. I don't know why. The term, I mean, as well as the phenom.

I mean, I've never had an issue with the idea of Fan GoHs at convention who are, one must assume, BNFs by default.

But... things are getting weird and occasionally unpleasant, close to home, and I can't help attributing at least some of it to the BNF phenom.

Yep, I'm talking about Whovian fandom.

Whilst I joke about not really being an old-school fan - since I didn't start watching the show until at least 1976 - I consider myself more of an old-school fan than a new one. I've certainly have had my moments of grumbling about the whippersnappers who seem to think the show starts and ends with Ten/Rose. But I accept that that's just me being a bit curmudgeonly and I get over it. After all, all fandoms need new blood to survive and thrive, and so whilst I might occasionally indulge in a bit of old-fan mentality, I don't mean and I certainly try not to perpetuate any of the awful old-fan stereotypes out there, or try to drive new fans away.

But the BNF thing isn't an old-school vs. new-school schism. I think it's more of a perceived proximity to fame and/or the desire fannish entity. A little glamor by association, I suppose. We're all supposed to be smart and secure enough to not resent (perceived) BNF's but, god knows, I've fallen prey to a few damfool notions in my time. At least I recognize 'em as damfool.

But I digress. (Migrane + advil + 2 glasses of wine = wandering attention span).

I can't help wondering if we'd all have been a lot happier if the terms pro-fan and BNF had never been coined... I certainly think there'd be less drama rampaging around the place.

What do you think?
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Dear TAFoDooooooooom,

Episode Two? You seriously need to settle the fuck down. I'm not kidding.

If you rewrite yourself one more time in the next 24 hours, I'm putting the entire founding premise on time-out until you calm down.

Grudging, Bemused, Love,

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Not a lot going on at my end. Well, none of it terribly interesting.

- Starting to ramp up for Gallifrey One's masquerade. Yes, already. There'll be a short burst of activity, writing up the guidelines and putting them on the website, and then it'll go largely dormant again until the convention.

- About to start reading The Longest Day by Michael Collier. Yep, I'm finally back on the EDA Endurance March.

- Wondering if I'm going to find the means to attend Chicago TARDIS (anybody want to buy some fabric? Anybody want to buy a LOT of fabric? I swear, the airfares are taunting me...)

- Gently prodding the Time Agency Fanfic of Dooooooom with the proverbial long stick. Fixes for eps two are coming surprisingly easily. By "fixes" I mean "complete and utter rewrite of the entire bloody episode". The latter half of the series remains uncooperative. Oh well, it's not like I'm on a deadline.

- Ditto the "Opals are Forever" crackfic.

- Wishing I had both the means and ability to sew something costume-y. But as I'm living on instant noodles donated by friends at the moment, that's not going to happen for a while.


Aug. 8th, 2009 11:12 pm
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One happy fangirl. And I even found my second-gen DWFCA Dynamic Color Changing Badge! (as they called it). I wish I'd never tossed out the first-gen one, as I hear that's worth some serious money to collectors, for some reason...

Alex didn't understand why I had a serious gigglefit at one point. Just as I was thinking of the Mark Gatiss-hosted Radio 4 bit on the Target novelizations and his mentioning to Terrance Dicks his love of the chapter-header It was a graveyard of spaceships - what did I happen to pick up? The Target PB of The Brain of Morbius, of course! Take a look at the first page, I dare you... V. gigglesome.

DW Books For Trade

Meanwhile, I have a few dupe EDAs and Target PBs that I would like to offer up for trade before they go to Goodwill. Click on the cut-tag to see what I have, and what I'm looking for. I acknowledge that some of what I'm looking for is pretty freakin' rare and will happily haggle with you re: six-of-mine-to-one-of-yours or whatever...

the list )


Aug. 7th, 2009 09:08 pm
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Johanna Mead has been a science-fiction fan for over thirty years and a costumer for almost as long. She's is a bit surprised to hear that she's considered an "old school" fan of Doctor Who, because she didn't start watching the show until at least 1976. She lives near San Francisco with her husband, Alex, her cats, Tigger and Jack, and her sewing machines, Gertie, Romeo, Cohen, Wally and Behemoth.

(The bio I've submitted for Chicks Dig Time Lords)
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Because a little amusement is needed, I'm wearing my Sgloomi Po tee-shirt. The one with a blue space hopper saying Is maximum English muffin, oh yes!

Blame [ profile] paulcornell2, he wrote it. :)
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1) Alex convinced me to get my head out of my behind, and I'm watching Planet of the Dead now.

2) I know that her jacket costs something like $600 (I'd look FANTASTIC in that!) but, oh gods, even tho' I've got ten years on her, I'd love to cosplay Christina DeSouza... Although it would mean cutting bangs in my hair. I might even be willing to do that.

The fact that the actress has curves cheers me no end.


PS - dammit, Karen Millen no longer offers the jacket. Time to dig out the how-to-sew-leather books. I've got good reference pix, I could probably pull it off. Eventually.
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Planet of the Dead is on BBCA, but I feel like I haven't done enough this weekend (house-moving) to deserve watching it.

My head, she is broken.
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...All over LJ today, I might as well post 'em here and be done with it.

In some photos, the TARDIS is looking a bit... bright. Yep. Very bright. )

More about Smith's costume )
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My window-shopping took me to the Big Finish audio site and I happened to hear the trailer for Curse of the Daleks. Jaysis, it gave me a chill.

So I bought it.

I blame Nick Briggs, entirely. ;)

Have I mentioned, recently, how bloody glad I am that BFA offers downloads? Sure, it was fun to get the CD in the mail but I can't afford that any more - but I could justify the on-sale price for a single download...

When finances are back where they should be, I'm signing on for the monthly (download) subscription asap! I've missed my monthly fix, I have. And Company of Friends (Eight and various) looks like such a hoot! Anybody got a review of that one to share?
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Torchwood Children of Earth starts on BBC America, tomorrow. Thank God.
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I've been amusing myself by looking for harder-to-find Na's on and ebay.

(You window shop your way, I'll do it mine. Heh.)

Prices for the Timewyrm series seem to have dropped slightly, even for the hardest-to-find title, Timewyrm: Revelation, which I found for under $30 for once.

GodEngine still stuck in the night-stratosphere. For $80+, I'd want that to be a hell of a book!

So Vile A Sin continues to average $70 with the occasional optimist asking for $160. Um, yeah. Good luck with that, dude.

The Dying Days has taken a jump. Last time I jotted down prices1, it hovered around $60 - $100. No-one's asking under $80 for it, now. Dark Path has taken a jump, too.

Asking prices for Device of Death are varying wildly - from $30 to $100+. Odd, that. The Well-Mannered War is another one - I found prices from $45 - $130.

Twilight of the Gods has come down a bit - worth keeping in mind, I suppose.

Rather to my surprise, the selling price for Lungbarrow has dropped from $200+ to $80 - $100. I wonder if the Beeb's decision to release the text online had anything to do with that..?

1 - um, of course I track the prices on these things. Furthermore, I keep a list of what I'm looking for and average prices on my iPod, in case I find a book in an unexpected place. What do you mean, obsessive?


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